About Marketing Logiq


There is so much bullsh*t out there.

Formulaic bullsh*t.

Unsubstantiated bullsh*t.

Rehashed bullsh*t.

Rehashed, rehashed bullsh*t.

I had to say it…

We’ve grown complacent.

We’d rather digest a listicle that validates our current behaviors and promotes rapid results than swallow the truth and accept that the fast lane to success has exponentially fewer openings than the route paved by hard work and tenacity.

If I have to read another article on ““X Things” Every [TYPE OF PERSON] Should Do if they want to [ACHIEVE SPECIFIC GOAL],” I’m going to lose my mind.

“Yeah, dude, #7 is totally me – I’m basically guaranteed to be a millionaire.”

Furthermore, everyone became an expert overnight.

The gym rat is now the fitness guru.

The shopaholic is now a fashion blogger.

The dude who’s seen every TED Talk is now an Entrepreneur columnist.

Content creation shifted from being the result of acquired experience to a standalone gig.

While I tip my metaphorical hat to those who have built brands for themselves, I can’t help but mourn the loss of higher standards.

Content creators are certainly thriving, but thirsty knowledge-seekers remain parched as they wade through the sea of sub-par content designed to attract fleeting eyeballs and precious ad impressions.

Who’s This Ranting Cynic?

I want to hurt your brain.

I want to make you work.

I want you to know that success is achievable but dedication is mandatory.

We eat, sleep, and breathe in the era of the digital entrepreneur and the number of opportunities at our fingertips is electrifying.

I see this world’s opportunities through the lens of an entrepreneurial digital marketer.

I’ve spent 1000’s of hours behind a computer screen honing an ever-growing skillset that has the potential to pay dividends for a lifetime.

My foundation in affiliate marketing taught me that mastering the “4 P’s of marketing” may help you graduate Summa Cum Laude with a marketing degree, but means very little when your income is dependent on traffic generation.

My business school education highlighted a blatant disparity between a formal “education” and a skillset.

My experience as the owner of a digital marketing agency reinforced the concept that results speak louder than any sales pitch.

Most importantly, my relentless pursuit of an unorthodox lifestyle allowed me to watch $50 months evolve into paychecks beyond my imagination.

I dabble in nothing and dive head first into everything. I welcome you to do the same.

Is this guy starting to get a little bit dramatic, or is it just me?

By no means do I want to prop myself up as a guru.

I am not infallible, nor would I claim mastery.

I’m simply trying to set the tone of what’s to come.

I created Marketing LogiQ to stray from the “bullshit” I elegantly addressed in my introduction, and I wish to be held accountable.

Marketing LogiQ Manifesto

The name “Marketing LogiQ” is an avant garde fusion of marketing and intelligence, as represented by the delicate synthesis of the words “logic” and “iQ.”

…Either that or the other domain was taken.

Regardless, this publication was built with purpose.

I want to share ideas, I want to challenge norms, and I want to start discussions.

Together, we will explore ideas within the scope of marketing, psychology, business, entrepreneurialism, and design.

If you agree with me, great.

If you disagree with me, great.

Bring your ideas to the table and an engaging conversation is inevitable.