Today’s lesson – don’t underestimate the impact of your campaign objectives.

Facebook Ads is relatively efficient at achieving your campaign objectives. If you select “link clicks”, ads will be shown to people likely to click your link. If you select “add to carts”, ads will be shown to people likely to add your products to their carts.

That said, you may be overpaying, particularly in cases where you have a really good ad and product/audience match.

Facebook Ads: 63% CPL Decrease

Here’s a recent example. This campaign was for a simple name/email lead submit. Naturally, I started the campaign with a conversion objective. Here were the results:

Facebook - Conversion Campaign

149 leads at $3.77 per lead.

I noticed a particularly high conversion rate and decided to test out a different campaign objective. I didn’t really need Facebook to optimize for conversions because the page was already converting so well.

I created a published post on the Facebook page (the same content as the ad) and used a boost post campaign. I used the same exact targeting as the conversion-focused campaign. Here were the results:

Facebook - Boost Post

321 leads at $1.40 per lead

The ONLY thing that changed was the campaign objective. The ad copy was the same and the targeting was the same. The results? A 63% decrease in the cost per lead.

2 Main Takeaways From This

  1. Always test different campaign objectives – I do this whenever I have the time & budget. Test video views, post engagement, clicks, add to carts, purchases, etc.
  2. Avoid “Marketer’s Tunnel Vision” – Marketers get into the routine of testing the same elements over and over. We tend to focus on our targeting and our ads. Test everything.