Have you ever opened your ad account to see a report that looks like this….

Facebook Engagement Report

…only to find out that the post looks like this:

Facebook Post Engagement

“Where are my 65 engagements?!?!”

Many marketers recommend PPE (page post engagement) campaigns and video ad campaigns. What do these both have in common?

They utilize metrics that ONLY Facebook can truly analyze. If Facebook says you received 10,000 video views, do you really have any way of confirming that?

Unlike PPC (pay-per-click), certain Facebook Ads objectives rely on internal metrics that only Facebook can truly measure. You’ll have to take their word on it.

For example, Post Engagements include people who clicked on your ad or engaged with it in some form or another. You have no way of confirming this data.

From a marketing perspective, this is pretty risky.

Today’s post is more of a rant/topic for discussion, so I can’t present a viable solution to this problem.

Personally, I’ve shifted away from PPE campaigns for the most part. I prefer relying on metrics that I can verify on my end (i.e. clicks and conversions).