If earning a decent income by sitting at home and promoting products online has always been your dream career, affiliate marketing is for you! Getting paid while you promote other merchants’ products from the comfort of your home in your jammies? Who wouldn’t want that? Whether her you’re looking for extra income while working another job or want to be a full-time affiliate, you’re bound to find an affiliate network that’s ideal for you, just the way you’re bound to find the ideal niche of products to promote no matter what your product preference.

Impact Radius Affiliate Program

Impact Radius is one of the many affiliatenetworks that changed the way advertisers handled their product sales and performance marketing. In this Impact Radius review, we give you the A to Z of the site, including its offer types, range of offers, commission rates, payout terms and stand out features.

About Impact Radius

Impact Radius Review

Founded in the year 2008 by the same team of internet marketing experts who founded Commission Junction (now CJ), Savings.com and LeadPoint, Impact Radius is the first digital marketing technology company that provided a full suite of digital marketing products. Unlike most networks that you see, they do not act as the middlemen but instead, go ahead and provide a direct platform where the advertiser and the media partner can communicate.

From its inception, Impact has focused on dissociating from the traditional affiliate network model of using loyalty programs and blog affiliates, evolving to become a SaaS technology platform that includes business development partners, paid media partners and even social media influencers. The company provides streamlined workflows and instant access to performance metrics, as well as a state-of-the-art unique fraud detection tool. Its major focus is on enterprise management, for which it launched “Partnership Cloud” in 2019, its trademark integrated end-to-end solution that has helped in the enterprise management of various client companies.

Network Type and Offers

Impact Network Type and Offers

As mentioned earlier, Impact Radius provides a platform for the advertiser and the media partner to communicate. So, they don’t exactly have what you might call a network type; instead, what they offer is a live marketplace where you can go ahead and connect with advertisers and media partners and a platform where you can manage all your partnerships with ease. To manage partnerships with efficiency, they provide various products such as Radius, Forensiq (fraud protection), Mediarails (for recruitment), and Altitude (for continuous partner optimization). Impact’s 3 main products are:

  • Partner Manager: Performance-marketing solution for tracking and growing partner relationships
  • Media Manager: Intelligence platform that offers an investigation into online and offline marketing expenses and their impacts
  • Forensiq: A fraud detection and verification platform

Impact Radius also offers products in the following categories:

  • Computers, electronics and technology
  • Travel and tourism
  • Arts and entertainment
  • Lifestyle
  • Food and drinks

The network offers over 500 offers, with cost per acquisition/action (CPA), cost per lead (CPL) and cost per sale (CPS) commission types. This kind of a platform is usually best used for non-profit online stores and traders of such kind as it helps find new marketing partners which suit their needs and are the perfect fit. Using Radius’s comprehensive tracking they can track, scale and easily attribute sales to each partner.

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Impact Radius Offers

Impact Radius Offers

In Impact Radius, you can go ahead and set a deal scope for the entire store or a specific category or an individual product. The media partners in this platform often go ahead and promote the deals to get the higher conversion deals. The media partners can also subscribe to an advertiser deal feed to get notified of any promotions as they are made available on the platform.

It is usually the limited time offers that are effective because it is usually them that create an incentive for the customers. You can also offer exclusives by restricting a deal to certain media partners or partner groups. These are a great way to increase conversions and it is a win-win situation for both affiliates and vendors.

Quality of Impact Radius Offers

As mentioned earlier, Impact Radius offers over 500 offers that affiliates can choose from. As the site mainly lists digital products that are aimed at making the various stages of enterprise management much easier, it may help to only sign up for their affiliate program if that’s your thing.

There are also four types of solutions which Impact provides as part of its affiliate management to ease the process:

  • Cross-Device Solutions: To track and analyze customer interactions across every device.
  • Branded Interface: The ability to link up with an exclusive partner who will not be listed in the public marketplace.
  • Fraud Protection: Protects against malicious factors online who stuff cookies and use fake app installs and injecting clicks.
  • Comprehensive tracking: This combats cookie blocking, thereby helping affiliates and merchants connect all the dots across all types of channels and devices.

Like other affiliate sites, the commission earned varies according to the product or niche promoted. For example, promoting NordVPN provides high conversion rates with 100% commission for monthly plans and 40% for other plans (with 30% for renewals or recurring subscriptions).

Impact Radius Offers

Promoting Adidas, on the other hand, pays only 7% commission, but affiliates get exclusive offers and lots of marketing material, along with a high AOV. Similarly, Hostgator provides tier-based commissions, coupon codes, referrals, banners and other visuals along with fixed commission rates (ranging from $50-$125). Envato, on the other hand, provides texts, banners, email templates and other marketing material and pays a fixed commission ($120 for a yearly plan and $60 for a monthly plan). Given all of this, Impact Radius’ offers seem of pretty decent quality.

Impact Radius Payout Terms and Options

Impact Radius provides affiliates with the option of ACH (free), cheques (with a $5 processing fee) and international bank transfer (charges vary depending on the bank and location).

Impact Radius Payouts

Payments are done either when the threshold of the affiliate is reached or on the day specified by the affiliate (either the 1st or the 15th of the month). Affiliates are free to choose their own threshold limits ranging anywhere between $25 to $5,000. The minimum threshold amount also varies based on the payment option chosen ($25 for ACH, $50 for checks and $100 for an international bank transfer). Additionally, signing up on Impact Radius is free of charge.

Can You Trust Impact Radius?

Impact Radius seems to have a pretty great following on the internet, with hardly any negative feedback, especially when compared to other affiliate networks such as ClickBank, ShareASale and Commission Junction. Despite the strict application process and limited customer care service, users have praised it for its modern and up-to-date user interface and innovative marketing tools. Its site is neat and easy-to-navigate, providing transparency between affiliates and publishers. It also provides relevant statistical reports and enables tracking based on customer acquisition stages. Impact also provides a super flexible platform for contract management that lets partners set commission structures with more ease. Additionally, Impact Radius provides a host of different advertising formats that suit different vendors’ needs.

What Stands Out

Impact Radius stands out

Apart from its great credentials and backing on the internet that few other affiliate programs have earned, Impact Radius stands out for the following reasons:

  • Easy to use and easy to navigate the site
  • User-friendly interface that is neat
  • Lots of resources and education tools available to affiliates such as webinars, whitepapers and case studies
  • Access to built-in reports that can be accessed any time you wish (you can schedule them to be emailed to you)
  • Global marketplace of over 500 offers with niches and affiliate programs

Impact Radius Application Process

Impact Radius Application Process

Signing up for Impact Radius’ affiliate program is not only easy but also free. All you have to do is fill in a form on the site with the required information. However, the process is easy only in terms of the work that it entails; Impact Radius follows a strict selection process with its applicants and their applications, unlike most other networks. They take their time to review your application and once you’ve filed your application and they’ve had the chance to go through it, the company will call you for verification. On this phone call, the Impact Radius representative will glean information about you as well as your plans for working with the company.

Once you’re in their network, you can easily apply to merchant programs based on the niche of your choice. You just have to browse their “Marketplace” and apply to the merchants or advertisers of your choice. Some merchants offer the option of direct sign-up while certain programs are private; in the case of the latter, you’ll find a separate application link provided.

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As mentioned earlier, few affiliate programs seem to be as popular as Impact Radius. The site has been praised for its clean and neat display of information, extremely appealing user interface, ease of use and extremely helpful tools. However, not all affiliates get accepted on the site, due to their rigorous selection process. Additionally, merchants have their own rules and regulations, so ensure you read the “Insertion Order” of each merchant carefully. In case you’re rejected, there is the option to contact your affiliate manager and find out what went wrong and where; you may even be allowed to reapply!

Thus, read the fine print very finely; having said that, Impact Radius seems like a worthy affiliate to affiliate yourself with.

What do you think? Do you agree with our assessment of Impact Radius? Would you recommend this affiliate program? Let us know!

Impact Radius Review


Impact Radius is an affiliate network that was founded in 2008. The network has high quality offers from well-known brands in a variety of verticals. Should you sign up? Read our review to find out.

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