Photography is a skill that one can take up at any point in life. It is not like ballet where once you have surpassed a certain age, the skill cannot be learned. For an amateur photographer, the access to knowledge and equipment that will not be too big a commitment or investment is important. However, this is not always possible. Forget amateur photographers, often even experienced photographers do not know where to go for these things. A photography affiliate, however, will be able to tell people where to look for these things and can also make a commission from doing so. The following are some of the best photography affiliate programs in the market.

KEH Camera

keh camera affiliate program

KEH Camera has been around for a long time and has served photography enthusiasts faithfully for a while. It is one of the world’s largest pre-owned photography and camera equipment stores. They have a vast inventory of gear and equipment that makes it a very versatile service. 

As an affiliate, one can make a commission of up to 4% on all sales. An average order value is approximately $375, so the commission one can draw from it is considerable. There is also money to be earned from promoting their Sell Program which photographers turn to sell their old equipment and cameras for resale. The affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale. As an affiliate, you would have access to their newsletter, promotions, sales opportunities, etc.


cannon affiliate program

Canon is one of the biggest names in the world of photography and technology. It is one of the most reputed brands for photographers and is one of the best cameras for beginners and amateurs alike to pick up. Canon has a presence around the world and earns a handsome revenue from worldwide earnings. The online store has also been revamped so customers can find products with greater ease.

As an affiliate, one would be able to earn commissions based on their performance. There is a tiered structure and affiliates earn commissions accordingly. The affiliate program is hosted on Commission Junction where affiliates get access to daily product feeds, updated text links and banners, promotions and special offers. 

MCP Actions

mcp actions affiliate program

MCP Actions is a platform that deals in photo editing and learning tools that photographers of all levels can enjoy. Their products typically deal with Photoshop Action and Lightroom Presets that helps photographers enhance their editing skills and make their photographs look better. 

The main source of revenue for the platform is through affiliates who promote the tools on their blogs and websites. Therefore, the platform invests in their affiliates and creates conditions for them where they can prosper and bring good business. While the average order value of an object is $75, one can make a considerable commission as the rates are as high as 20%. The affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale where affiliates get access to program statistics, high-quality banners, etc. 


incase affiliate program

Incase has been in the business since 1997 and has dedicated itself to creating products that make the quality of technology better and last a long time. They deal in products like luggage, bags, cases, accessories, etc. In other words, they create all kinds of products that would ensure your camera and other important technical equipment are preserved, protected and taken care of. 

As an affiliate, you will be able to provide your audience, readers, and viewers exclusive discounts. There is also a one-year limited warranty that customers can enjoy. There is also free shipping and return on all orders. The company uses Pepperjam to host their affiliate program. The program provides affiliates access to tracking, reporting, marketing materials, issue payouts, etc. 


kelbyone affiliate program

KelbyOne is an easy-to-use and accessible online learning website for photography. The platform is suitable for hobbyists, amateurs as well as professionals. There are more than 40 learning hacks on the website and 750 online courses that customers can pick from. They also have partnerships with relevant companies that allows them to offer special discounts to members. 

The average order value at KelbyOne is $36. With a commission rate of 20%, one can make a decent commission if there are enough sales that can be completed through their referral. The affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale and the program offers tracking tools and creatives, and also issues commission payouts.

B&H Photo and Video

b&h affiliate program

B&H is possibly the number one name in the business for photography enthusiasts and professionals looking for a platform that will serve their audio, imaging and technology needs. They have a massive store in New York City and have over 10,000 demo products in their Manhattan store. The store has a huge footfall and their online presence is well established as well.

As an affiliate, one can earn a variety of different commissions based on performance. They have their own affiliate management program which has a low minimum payout of $80. This ensures that affiliates are paid more often. Affiliates will also be provided access to links, customizable tools and access to all the deals the platform has to offer. The affiliate program is open to all, except for residents of Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Louisiana.


andorama affiliate program

Adorama is a full-service photo, video and electronics store that also has an in-house lab, pro equipment for rent and also a learning center that provides free education to photographers.  The store has more than 250,000 products in its catalog and has been labeled as the “Best of the Web” by

As an affiliate, there will be no cap on how much you can earn from commissions. The average order value is $400 and the affiliate program uses Impact Radius to host its affiliate program. The program offers affiliates text links, banner ads, tracking technology and advanced reporting. There will also be frequent updates on the promotions taking place currently, deals, closeouts, overstock items, etc.


jet affiliate program

Jet is an e-commerce site that has not been around for too long but has managed to carve a niche for itself in the market. The site has been around only since 2015 but has become popular with customers because of its competitive pricing and the fact that it boasts of a product range that can match the quality of Amazon. As an e-commerce site, it also has a large inventory of cameras and other equipment, both preloved and new.

As an affiliate, one would be able to earn a commission of 2.5% on average. The good thing about becoming a member of this affiliate program is that it would give you access to not only camera and other equipment, but also to a variety of other kinds of products. This keeps your options wide open. 


snappa affiliate program

Snappa is an online design and graphics software. The software is meant especially for photographers who want to play around with editing and want to give their photographs more character. Photographers who are looking to use their photographs for commercial ends, like use it for social media banners, pictures for a blog, etc, can rely on this software to make their job easier. 

As an affiliate with Snappa, one can earn a recurring commission of 30% over the life of the customer. The cookie window also lasts a healthy 30 days so there are certainly a lot of perks of joining this affiliate program. If somebody signs up for an annual plan from your referral, you would get an entire year’s worth of commission upfront.


Etsy Affiliate Program

Etsy is one of the best known online marketplaces in the world. It is the ideal place for somebody who has a creative bent of mind. This is the place one would find vintage items and hand-crafted treasures. Etsy is one of the likeliest placed in which one might find a preloved camera. Apart from that, if a photographer is interested in staging a shoot and requires material for art decoration, this would be the place to look.

As an affiliate with Etsy, one can enjoy a commission of 4 to 8%, depending on their performance. The commission is provided on all completed sales. The cookie life is also a healthy 30 days so this is a fairly flexible affiliate program.


The names that have been mentioned above are some of the best in the market. While some of them sell equipment and cameras, others deal with other photography-related products like online classes, editing tools, software, etc. As an affiliate with any one of the programs, one would not only be able to guide enthusiasts to the right place, they will also be able to avail the benefit of discounts for themselves. If you are a photography enthusiast yourself, this is an especially good position to occupy.