According to the American Pet Association, pet industry expenditures in the US have grown from $45.53 billion in 2009 to a projected 75.38 billion in 2019. That is an increase in spending of nearly $30 billion dollars—in just 10 years! As millenials increase their earning power and compose a larger segment of the market, the trend of growth in the pet industry is sure to continue. 

The pet industry is booming, with niche services like dog concierges and designer dogwear companies popping up everywhere. Better still, this segment of the market is filled with passionate dog owners and relatively low competition long tail keywords. There has never been a better time to become an affiliate marketer in the dog niche!


Ruffwear Affiliate Program

Ruffwear makes high-end performance dog clothing, and as American families increasingly replace human children with furry children,Ruffwear is becoming more and more ubiquitous. The company makes things like anatomically designed dog backpacks, dog life vests, and dog jackets. Unlike high-end outdoors performance wear for humans, though, which is difficult to break into as an affiliate, jumping on the dog gear train is relatively easy.

Why You Should Promote This: Ruffwear orders average $85, so although this commission isn’t the highest on this list, the high average sale price more than makes up for it. If you are well positioned in the outdoor oriented dog market, Ruffwear’s high end products will be sure to delight your audience and sell effortlessly.



PetPlate is a service that delivers personalized meal plans for dogs. They offer fresh-cooked, healthy dog food including beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb. In addition to dog food, PetPlate’s products also include treats.

All PetPlate products are designed to better dogs’ health with benefits including healthier weight, shinier coats, allergy relief, and more.

Why You Should Promote This: PetPlate is a popular doggie meal plan provider. Their meals include human-grade, high quality ingredients and they make delivery simple and easy. Additionally, PetPlate’s affiliate program is run through ShareASale and they offer $25 per sale as well as a 30-day cookie period. This is a solid affiliate option for anyone working within the animal industry.

Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance is insurance for just that, pets! It is designed by real pet parents who aim to understand exactly what customers are looking for. Their insurance plans include accident & illness plans and there are no specific networks so customers are able to use any vet of their choosing. They also offer optional wellness rewards such as training, grooming, wellness exams, and more.

Why You Should Promote This: Pet insurance is becoming more and more popular. If you’re someone who works within an animal focused industry, you likely know the amount of love and care people have for their pets, and that’s where pet insurance comes in. Embrace Pet Insurance’s affiliate program is run by FlexOffers. Sign up or login with your FlexOffers account to join the Embrace Pet Insurance affiliate program and start earning commission!



Pawp is a monthly subscription digital clinic for pets. They offer 24/7 virtual vet service, an emergency fund for unplanned situations, and the ability to protect and insure up to 6 pets at $19/month. Additionally, Pawp offers articles and resources, personalized vet recommendations, and unlimited video chats with vets.

Why You Should Promote This: Pawp offers a lot of great pet needs at a low monthly subscription fee which makes it a popular choice for anyone in the pet affiliate field. Pawp is run through FlexOffers, making it easy to sign up or login and begin promoting. They also offer a 30-day cookie period.


Doggiemerch Affiliate Program

Unlike many of the other companies on this list, Doggiemerch doesn’t make products directly for dogs to use. Instead, this company creates customized keepsakes—think pillows, puzzles, and mugs—of dogs.

Why You Should Promote This: This is an excellent product to promote to an audience whose passion for their pet simply cannot be contained. And with the long cookie window and generous commission, it is sure to be a profitable product to promote, too.

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FitBark Affiliate Program

FitBark is just what it sounds like—essentially, a FitBit for dogs. The devices track activity levels and sleep times and can be useful for dog owners who want to get serious about their dog’s health. The FitBark itself is a small and discrete device your dog wears that syncs with a smart phone. If a dog falls ill, veterinarians will be thrilled about the troves of valuable information about your dog’s behavior and the FitBark’s ability to track changes in it.

Why You Should Promote This:Fitbark’s average sale is $100, which means that you won’t have to drive too many clicks to start earning money in this pet industry affiliate program. That, combined with the long cookie window, make this an excellent product to promote if your audience is serious about the health and wellness of their pet.

Train Pet Dog

Train Pet Dog Affiliate Program

Train Pet Dog is an e-learning site dedicated to digitizeing courses on all things dog. The site offers instructional ebooks on a wide range of topics, from grooming and general obedience to more specialized topics like biting and housebreaking.

Why You Should Promote This: This product might not sell well to digital natives—the website is too old fashioned for that—but if your audience is primarily older adults who value quality information over web savvy design, you can’t beat this affiliate program. The extremely long cookie length, paired with the ability to earn a recurring commission on subscription customers, make this program hard to beat. The incentives make Train Pet Dog one of the best pet affiliate programs. 


Rover Affiliate Program

You probably already know about Rover, but if not, it’s an online listing service where dog owners can go to find dog walkers and sitters. The site provides protections for both pet owners and pet sitters by offering to cover expenses that may arise such as injury to a pet or damage to property caused by a pet and uses reviews to help dog owners identify experienced sitters.

Why You Should Promote This: The 15% commission affiliates earn for first time sign ups may not seem like much at first, but when you consider the ubiquity of the problem Rover solves—dog owners are always looking for dog sitters and walkers—and when you consider that most dog sitters are charging $25-$40 per a night, that 15% affiliate commission starts to look pretty darn good.


Petco Affiliate Program

If you’ve spent any amount of time in your life thinking about dogs, you’ve already heard of Petco. In case you’re new to the niche, though, Petco is a nationwide pet retailer that carries everything from grain-free dog food to stylish dog clothes.

Why You Should Promote This: Petco isn’t on this list because of their staggeringly high commission. They’re on this list because regardless of your niche within the larger dog space, it is virtually guaranteed that Petco has something that your audience will feel was made just for them. That, combined with a robust set of tools to help you succeed as an affiliate marketer, makes this an excellent affiliate marketing opportunity.

Pets Best Insurance

Pets Best Insurance Affiliate Program

Pets Best is a pet insurance company that offers insurance to dog owners. The company offers comprehensive plans that include preventative care, as well as illness and accident protection plans.

Why You Should Promote This: Pets Best is another service that will appeal to just about every pet owner out there. A quick peek at the demographics most likely to purchase pet insurance reveals that this product will sell best to home owning women with disposable income who view their pet as a member of the family. With its generous cookie window, Pets Best is an excellent option for people who want to join a pet insurance affiliate program. 


Muttropolis Affiliate Program

Muttropolis is a high-end dog retailer. The company was started in California, and you can tell. From chi-chi little dog bow ties to stylish dog beds, this website offers a broad range of products—from personalized collars to special dog car seats.

Why You Should Promote This: With its broad range of niche products—stylish dog bowls and leashes, along with a broad range of dapper doggie clothing—this site have broad appeal. Add that to the extra long cookie window and you have a sure recipe for success within the dog niche affiliate marketing space!


PetCube Affiliate Program

PetCube is sort of like a nanny cam, but for pets. The company sells cameras, through which absentee pet owners can watch their pets. Unlike nanny cams, though, PetCube cameras allow pet owners to interact with their pets. Owners can talk to their pets and the device even includes a built in laser toy that pet owners can control via an app on their phone to entertain bored and lonely pets.

Why You Should Promote This: PetCube is the category leader for connected pets. As the world becomes increasingly digitized, and as pets work their way deeper into the fabric of our families, this business is sure to grow, and your affiliate commissions are sure to grow with it!

CBD Essence

CBD Essence Affiliate Program

CBD has taken the world of pet owners by storm, with dog moms across America rushing to assuage their dog’s anxiety, cancer symptoms, and arthritis with this legal and THC-free marijuana product.

Why You Should Promote This: With the generous commission and lengthy cookie window, CBD Essence is an excellent product to promote for influencers who are well positioned within the market of senior dog owners.

The Dog Solution

The Dog Solution Affiliate Program

The Dog Solution’s primary product is a comprehensive book about dog ownership—thinkJoy of Cooking, but for dog owners. The book covers not just obedience training, but also information about dog health and care more broadly.

Why You Should Promote This: With a 75% commission, it’s hard to say no to this offer. What’s more, the site provides prefab email marketing templates as well as banners and other marketing materials, so earning your first commission should be easy!  

Best Dog Affiliate Programs Conclusion

Dogs are working themselves deeper and deeper into the fabric of the American family. The pet sector of the economy is booming, and affiliate marketers in the dog niche who jump on the opportunity to earn commissions selling pet products are sure to earn money online. With a plethora of boutique doggie wear companies and products offering commissions on niche products, this list of the top 11 dog product affiliate marketing programs is an excellent way for marketers to break into the dog niche!

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