It is no secret that dedicated pet owners take their jobs very seriously. If they are using a certain brand to feed their pets, they want to ensure it is the best quality. Similarly, for pet grooming products, clothes, accessories, etc., pet owners would want nothing but the best for their pets. There are many companies and brands that provide these high-quality products and experiences, and not necessarily at a very steep price. As a pet affiliate for any one of the companies or brands, you will be in the position of guiding pet owners to the right brand. The following are some of the to pet affiliate programs that you can consider joining.


trudog affiliate program

TruDog is a family-owned pet food company that understands the value of quality food for pets. The company has food products, supplements, treats and other supplies for pets. All meat products are freeze dried so customers can preserve them for a long time. The products are all natural and are excellent for providing pets with a nutrient-rich diet. The company’s motto is to produce a complete nutritious diet for pets. 

As an affiliate, you can earn a commission of up to 10% and you can also avail VIP rates for products yourself. An average sales order is $47 and a commission on that would be about $5. The affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale. As an affiliate, you would also have access to their promotions, data feeds and monthly newsletters.

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cherrybrook affiliate program

Cherrybrook is a name that has been around in the industry for a very long time. The company began its journey as a brand that sold combs and brushes at dog shows. Gradually, they progressed to having retail stores. The company sells high-quality products and also boasts of great customer service (the customer, in this case, being the pets themselves!).

As an affiliate, you can earn a commission as high as 12%. You will also have access to text links, tracking tools, banners, apart from special offers and sales. The program is hosted on both ShareASale and AvantLink.

Pet Care Supplies

pet care supplies affiliate program

Pet Care Supplies is an online seller that deals with leading pet healthcare brands. Some of the popular products include nutritional supplements, flea and tick treatments, dewormers, joint care treatment, etc. In other words, there is a whole range of products that any pet owner would find extremely beneficial. Pet care products can be expensive. However, Pet Care Supplies tries to ensure customers get the best price. Since it buys products in bulk, it is in a position to offer big discounts on the products when they are sold. 

Affiliates can receive a base commission of 10% and can also make up to 13% in commission. An average sales order value is $120 so the commission one would make on the sale is quite considerable. The affiliate program is hosted on Commission Junction. There are weekly sales, as well as promotions, product links, text links and banners.


fitbark affiliate program

FitBark offers one of the highest-rated dog health monitors in the market. Known as FitBark Dog Activity Monitor, the product helps to ensure that the customer’s dog has a healthy heart and checks for any irregularities. FitBark is also responsible for publishing the first live, interactive and public dog health database in the world.

As an affiliate, one can make a minimum commission of 12%. If you move above in the ranks and become a higher volume affiliate, you would be eligible for an even higher commission. An average sales order is $100 and an average commission is about $12. The affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale. 


petco affiliate program

Petco is one of the most known pet care companies in the market. It has been in the service of pet owners and partners for over half a century. Petco has a large team of over 25,000 people that are spread across 1,500 locations, including the United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

The pet supplies that one might find on Petco is unique and you are unlikely to find it elsewhere. As an affiliate, you can earn a commission of 8% on all sales except Litter, Flick & Tea, Bedding, Food and Catnip. The affiliate program is hosted on Commission Junction. There is also an affiliate management team that will help you navigate the program.

Pets Warehouse

pets warehouse affiliate program

Pets Warehouse is a company that has been around since 1974. The company began with the business of breeding birds and there is still a storefront in Copiague, New York. As of today, they are one of the biggest pet retailers in the United States. There are over 50,000 products on the company’s website. The website is also constantly being updated and adding new products. 

As an affiliate, one can earn a commission of 8%. The company hosts its affiliate program on ShareASale. If you are a blogger and would like to become an affiliate with Pets Warehouse, your blog needs to be related to pets. 

King Kanine

king kanine affiliate program

King Kanine is a brand that is devoted to creating easy-to-use and innovative products for dogs, cats and horses. The company has also attempted to make headway in alternative treatments of pet ailments. KING KOMB™, their first product, made dealing with Great Dane shedding issues much easier. Today, it is a popular self-cleaning tool that has a market in over 26 countries. 

As an affiliate, you can receive a base commission of 20%, which is a fairly high cut. The affiliate program is hosted on Refersion and the commissions are paid on a bi-monthly basis. The links and banners related to the program can be shared on your social media pages, blogs, etc.

Animal Den

animal den affiliate program

Animal Den is one of the best gift sites for pet and animal enthusiasts. One can find a wide range of products here, from mugs to customized T-shirts. There is also a 60-day window in which you can apply for a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

As an affiliate, one can earn 12-13% commissions. If you have gross sales up to $1,000 per month, you can earn a commission of 12%. If the gross sales are over $1,000 a month, you can earn a commission of 13%. The Animal Den affiliate program is hosted on Commission Junction. As an affiliate, you will also have access to banners, tracking tools, links, etc. You will also have access to their Instant Page Creator which allows you to create your own Animal Den store within minutes.


petcube affiliate program

Petcube is a company that specializes in making interactive pet products. The products that the company manufactures and sells are a pet’s dream. There are treat dispensers that fling treats at the pup when you are not at home and cannot feed your pup. There are also products that allow you to monitor your dog when you are not at home through a built-in camera.

This is a difficult affiliate program to succeed in as some of the products may be too niche and may have a hyper-specific clientele. However, with the right kind of keywords and marketing, you can certainly draw an audience. An affiliate can earn a commission of 10% with every sale. The affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale.

PupJoy Affiliate Program

pupjoy affiliate program

Pupjoy is an organic dog food supplier. Customers can avail a variety of dog snacks and toys and also sign up for subscription boxes. There are also pet clothes and grooming items. There are several travel-related items that make it easy to take pets along on vacations and holidays. There are attractive gift cards and boxes that one can promote on their blog or website. 

It also has a business-to-business (B2B) section on its storefront. The affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale and can offer commissions as high as 30%.

Start Promoting Pet Affiliate Programs

Pets and pet products make a very lucrative and interesting niche to be in if you are an affiliate marketer. There are plenty of dedicated pet parents that would serve as your clients in this niche and the products you will be dealing with will also be exciting (provided you are also an animal lover yourself). The names of pet affiliate programs that have been mentioned above are some of the best in the business. While some deal with pet food, others deal with pet clothes, accessories, supplements, etc. Either way, they are all good programs for you to consider.

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