For golf enthusiasts, finding the right equipment and the right apparel is of the most importance. However, this is not always possible as these things do not come by so easily. Once golf enthusiasts find a brand they like, they tend to stick with the brand as it seems to be the most reliable. As a golf affiliate, you will be in a position to guide them and help them find a brand that is a good fit for them. The following are some of the best golf affiliates in the market that you can consider.

Austad’s Golf

austad's golf affiliate program

Austad’s Golf is a golf retail brand that is run by a dedicated family. It has been in the business since 1963 and has made a respectable name for itself. The brand promises competitive pricing and attempts to offer the best deals to its customers. It also has a 20/20 Playability Guarantee, which allows customers to return an item even if it has been used.

As an affiliate, one can receive commissions starting at 7.5%, which can go up to 9% for the sales that are over $5,000. An average order amount is $145 and the commission one could earn from it is considerable. As an affiliate, one can also enjoy the benefits of periodic offers, sales, promotional tools, banners and text links. 



Putterball is the company behind the Putterball backyard golf game. This game is designed to be the perfect addition to parties or for anyone who simply wants to putt around in their own backyard. It includes a portable turf board, two mini golf putters, two performance golf balls, and 12 turf hole covers.

The Putterball affiliate program is run through FlexOffers, making it simple and easy to sign up and start earning commission.



Callaway is a well-known golf company that sells a variety of golf products. Their product lines include clubs, golf balls, gear, and custom items. Known for their high-quality golf products, Callaway has an excellent reputation and has become a popular choice for many fans and players of this sport.

The Callaway affiliate program runs through FlexOffers, allowing you to sign up and start earning quickly and easily. In addition to commissions, Callaway also includes third-party tracking to help you optimize your commissions.



Titleist a popular golf company that started with its very first golf ball all the way back in 1935. This company is known for its commitment to research and development and aims to be an innovative force within the golf industry. Titleist currently has over 1,600 golf ball intellectual property patents and their product lines also include clubs, gear, balls, and more.

FlexOffers hosts the Titleist affiliate program, so you would simply sign up through them to begin advertising and earning. In addition to commission and innovative products to advertise, Titleist also offers a solid 30-day cookie period.

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Golf Warehouse

golf warehouse affiliate program

The Golf Warehouse has been in the business since April 1998. It is one of the first online golf retailers in the world. The company can keep a vast inventory of products as they have more than 230,000 square feet of warehouse space. The website has more than 40,000 items on sale and also boasts of great customer service. 

As an affiliate, one can receive a commission of 6.5% on all sales. You will also have access to a daily product catalog and various marketing materials that will help you succeed as an affiliate in the program. The affiliate program is hosted on both Commission Junction and Viglink. If you apply for the program through Commission Junction, however, you would only be eligible for a commission of 3%.

Golf Shoes Plus

golf shoes plus affiliate program
  • Sign Up:
  • Commission:  5%
  • Cookie: 10 days

Golf Shoes Plus is a unique platform that offers customers a detailed view of the catalog provided by different manufacturers. These catalogs have golf shoes as well as other golf accessories. At their warehouse and retail store combined, there is an inventory of more than 12,000 pairs of golf shoes. There are also frequent sales and the retail store can offer clearance discounts as high as 70%. 

As an affiliate, one can receive 5% of the sales. The affiliate program is hosted on Commission Junction and upon signing up, one can have access to all the marketing materials, tracking tools and affiliate management staff.

Swing Man Golf

swing man golf affiliate program

Swing Man Golf is a company that patronizes golf lovers. There is a Swing Speed Training Program that the company organizes, which is one of the most promising programs in the industry. The program is extremely popular with customers and has a conversion rate of more than 5%. 

As an affiliate, one can earn a commission as high as 75% while associated with the Swing Speed Program. This is a very high commission rate and is one of the best and highest in the market. With the other products, the commission rate is variable. The affiliate program is hosted on Infusionsoft. As an affiliate, you can receive the commission you have earned through direct deposit, real-time reporting, affiliate payouts, etc.

Golf Outlets USA

golf outlets usa affiliate programs

Golf Outlets USA is one of the most popular golf equipment sellers in the United States. It offers some of the best competitive pricing and has great customer service as well. The company also has a great conversion rate, thanks to how well its pricing is positioned and the dedication with which the company takes care of its customers. 

As an affiliate with Golf Outlets USA, one can receive a commission of 10% on all sales that have been made through your referral. An average order value is $100 so there is a considerable amount of commission to be earned from being associated with this brand. You can pick up the links from Golf Outlets USA to cut and paste on your blog or website. The affiliate program is hosted on Commission Junction or Affiliate Future.

Rain or Shine Golf

rain or shine golf affiliate program

Rain or Shine Golf is a company that lives by its name. Whether it is rain or shine, there is an opportunity to play golf at all times. This is one of the best indoor golf stores in the world. The store offers indoor putting greens, golf nets, golf simulators, hitting mats, etc. They offer competitive pricing and have some of the best and most reasonable prices in the market. 

As an affiliate, you will be able to earn a commission of 5-10% based on how many sales you manage to make through your referrals and published posts. This is a great affiliate program for YouTubers, bloggers, website owners, etc. The payment is made every month and affiliates are made through PayPal at the beginning of each month.


taylormade affiliate program

TaylorMade is one of the best brands in the United States for golf. The company has been in the business since 1979, and create some of the best and most exciting golf products. TaylorMade has products for players at every skill level and they can rise through the levels to improve their skill level.

As an affiliate with TaylorMade, one would be able to make commissions starting at 6%. The company hosts its affiliate program on Commission Junction and once you sign up, you will also get immediate access to their Canadian program. There are also affiliate programs hosted by the company’s sister brands, such as Adidas Golf, Ashworth and Adams. These are all programs that you could consider joining.


trendygolf affiliate program

TrendyGolf is a great sports apparel brand that carries golf fashion clothing. They are associated with trusted and reputed brands like Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren RLX, Polo Golf, Lacoste, etc. There are brands from around the world that fall under the TrendyGolf retail store umbrella.

As an affiliate, you can receive a commission of 6% on the sales that are completed from your referral. The average value of an order is $250 and the company has an average conversion rate of 2%. The company hosts its affiliate program on Commission Junction, where affiliates will be provided with their marketing materials, tracking tools, etc.

Adams Golf

adams golf affiliate program

Adams Golf is a company that has been in the business since 1979. It was founded by Gary Adams who endeavored to create a platform that would offer golfing products at reasonable rates online. They have a variety of different golfing products, ranging from complete sets to individual kits and equipment. The motto of the company is to ensure that customers have a good and comfortable time while enjoying a game of golf. 

The company has an affiliate program that has proven to be beneficial for many. One can earn a passive income as an affiliate with Adams Golf. The commission one can earn from the program is variable but there is certainly a fair amount of money to be made from the program. The affiliate program is hosted on FlexOffers.

Global Golf

global golf affiliate program

Global Golf is one of the most trusted online retailers for golf products. It has a wide collection of used and new golf clubs, as well as other equipment from major manufacturers. The affiliate program does not have any starting charges and anybody can join for free. 

As an affiliate, you will be expected to place text links and banners on your website. Each time someone clicks on your link and proceeds to make a purchase, you are eligible for a commission. The commission the company offers is variable, depending on the number of sales you have managed to complete. There are also new promotions that are featured on the program every week. You will also have access to an affiliate management team. 

Conclusion: Best Golf Affiliate Programs

The names that have been mentioned above are some of the best in the market. If you are a golf enthusiast yourself that would make being an affiliate in one of these programs even more profitable. There are plenty of sales, coupons, and discounts that you can avail. It is certainly a niche you will benefit from if you are a lover of the sport yourself.

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