Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and successful ways for bloggers to make money online. But even if you are not a professional blogger or do not have a website, there are ways for you to make money and earn a commission through affiliate marketing. With the turn of the millennium, online retail stores have become the predominant way for people to shop and peruse fashion. There are brands and styles of all kinds and for all demographics that are available online. Naturally, then, if you pick fashion as your affiliate marketing niche, you are bound to get several opportunities to earn a commission.

There are also several other benefits of this niche, the least which are that you get very attractive discounts on fashion products! The following are some of the best fashion affiliate programs in the market that you can consider joining.

Each affiliate program has been described along with a link for signing up, the average commission you can expect and the cookie days. The cookie days are the number of days from when a user has clicked on an affiliate link on your website that a conversion is deemed to be valid.

Best Fashion Affiliate Programs For Fashion Brands and Bloggers


RewardStyle Affiliate Program

RewardStyle is an affiliate network that can put you in touch with all the important people and brands in the business. As an influencer with RewardStyle, you will have access to a global network of over 4,500 retail partners and monetization tools that allow you to curate content in the most effective way. The great thing about being a part of this network is that you can tap into the programs for a variety of fashion brands, including Bloomingdales, Urban Outfitters, Reebok, etc. You can become a member of the network only through invitation. But once you’re in, it is one of the most coveted networks to be a part of.

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Dresslily is a popular clothing company and website that includes a variety of fashion products for women and men. Their product lines also include swimwear, plus size clothing, accessories, and home items. Dresslily’s affiliate program includes three choices: for agencies, for influencers, and for individuals that allows you to find the option that best fits. You will get a custom link that you can promote in a variety of ways including through social media or on a website.

In addition to commission, you can also get exclusive coupons and apply for free clothing. Dresslily’s affiliate program is run through ShareASale, making it simple to sign up and begin promoting and earning.



DSW, also known as Designer Shoe Warehouse, is a well-known and popular shoe company. They sell an extensive variety of shoes including women’s, men’s, and kids’, formal, sneakers, and many more. DSW’s affiliate program is run through FlexOffers and includes the ability to choose from a large pool of offers that are regularly updated, as well as get offers that are unique and specific to your core audience.



Jane is one of our top fashion affiliate programs. Jane is an online boutique that offers deals on women’s clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, home goods, and kids/baby items. They are known for offering high end products from trusted companies for the latest in fashion.

The Jane affiliate program is run through ShareASale and, in addition to commission, also includes contests, shopping sprees, the use of deep linking, and hundreds of products to promote daily.



Who hasn’t heard of Etsy?! Etsy is an extremely well-known and popular selling and buying website for creative products. This site is designed for independent sellers to create a store where they can sell their handmade and unique items. Etsy fashion products include anything from custom t-shirts to jewelry to shoes and more.

The Etsy affiliate program is run through ShareASale, making it easy to sign up and get started. In addition to commissions, this affiliate program also includes access to exclusive content, competitions, trend reports and data, rewards, and a cookie period of 30 days.



Bellelily is an online fashion and clothing website. Their products include clothing, swimwear, shoes, accessories, and other fashion items. They aim to be the one-stop-shop for for the latest fashion needs and wants. With a commitment to customer service and high-quality items at affordable prices, Bellelily has become quite popular.

The Bellelily affiliate program is run through ShareASale. Simply create a ShareaSale account, sign up with Bellelily, and start earning commission!


Nordstrom Affiliate Program

Nordstrom is a known and respected brand in the fashion world. Its affiliate network presents affiliates with the opportunity to earn variable commissions. All products that are available on — except gift cards — are available for you to make a commission on. Apart from that, you can also avail the benefits of Nordstrom rewards, free shipping, personal stylists and fresh creatives for multiple categories of products. If you have accumulated a commission over $25 you will be paid every month. If your total commission is less than $25 for a certain month, it will carry forward to your next commission cheque.


Zaful Affiliate Program

Zaful has a very flexible affiliate program and has room for agencies, influencers as well as individuals. Regardless of the platform you have, if you are willing to promote the brand and Zaful decrees that the partnership will be a beneficial one, you can sign up for the affiliate program. As an affiliate, you can avail free clothes, get exclusive coupons, etc. You can earn a commission by creating a promotion link and display on your platform, by sharing Zaful’s products on social media channels, or by directly sharing affiliate links for potential clients to click on. Zaful also has one of the highest commission rates that an affiliate program offers.


Harrods Affiliate Program

Harrods is a very reputed brand that has stood the test of time. It has established its presence around the world so this is certainly a very profitable affiliate program. The original store in Knightsbridge, London, boasts of a collection of brands from around the world. You can peruse accessories, jewelry, clothes, etc. all in one place. replicates the same spirit of the store in the online market. As a Harrods affiliate, you will be able to earn a variable commission, get collaboration opportunities, and access to exclusive content. It is certainly a brand worth being attached to.


Modcloth Affiliate Program

ModCloth is a popular and successful online retailer that has established a name for itself in the world of fast fashion. To become an affiliate with ModCloth, you simply need to fill out an application. Once your application is accepted, you only need to promote ModCloth on your blog or website, using a link, banner ads, text, etc. For every customer that you bring to the company, you get to earn a commission. You can also avail handsome discounts for yourself! You can sign up for the program completely free and any interaction you have with the program from then on will only be profitable.


Newchic Affiliate Program

Newchic is an international site that houses a range of products in the category of bags, accessories, clothing, and shoes, for both men, women and kids. If you want to diversify, there are also products for home and garden furnishings. You do not even require a website to become an affiliate with Newchic. Even if you are an individual with a social media presence, you are eligible to become an affiliate with the site. Depending on your membership level, you can also earn different amounts of commissions — the higher your level, the greater the commission you earn.

Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer Affiliate Program

Eddie Bauer has been a reputed name since 1920. The brand is known for quality clothing and still has a massive following in the market. As an affiliate with Eddie Bauer, you would have the backing of a top-quality product that you would never feel unsure about promoting. This is one of the best names in the market for outdoor fashion, whether for men, women or children. You can apply for the company’s affiliate program through their affiliated partner, Impact Radius. You can earn a commission while also having an association with a respected name like Eddie Bauer.


Reebok Affiliate Program

There is nobody born in the last 50 years who has not heard of Reebok. The brand is possibly the biggest names in sports fashion and apparel and is certainly here to stay. With fitness becoming a growing trend, the fashion surrounding fitness has also become important and Reebok is on the top of this trend. The company boasts of some of the best and most fashionable sports apparel in the market. As an affiliate with Reebok, the quality of the products you are promoting is guaranteed. It is also one of the best names in the business so if you can attain some discounts by virtue of being an affiliate with Reebok, that’s a plus!

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Affiliate Program

Urban Outfitters is a leader in hip, millennial fashion. As an affiliate with Urban Outfitters, you will get exclusive and first access to all the latest trends and styles. You can also get paid in cash, which is not something many affiliate programs offer. You can be on top of how much traffic you are bringing to the site and how much commission you are owed through a third-party tracking and reporting system. The brand is also associated with popular contemporary fashion labels like Free People and Anthropologie, so these are certainly favorable associations.

Old Navy/Gap

Old Navy Affiliate Program

If there is one fast-fashion label that all of America identifies with, Old Navy and Gap would definitely be among the top contenders. As an affiliate with Old Navy, you can receive a commission on products purchased from any of the Gap Inc brands (Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, Athleta, Hill City), regardless of whether you have signed up for the individual affiliate programs. It is also a very trusted brand so no matter what product you promote, you can be assured of quality and style.

Final Thoughts on Choosing Fashion Affiliate Program

The affiliate programs that have been mentioned above are some of the best fashion affiliate programs in the market. This is a very popular and competitive niche so it is important that you find an affiliate program that presents you with the best opportunities and sets you apart from the rest of the competition. Affiliate marketing can also be a tricky space to navigate as the virtual world is fast changing and a trend that is popular today may be less so in the following year. In that situation, it is better to have the support of a network and to be able to rely on the knowledge of fellow professionals. These fashion affiliate programs are sure to provide you with the kind of support you would require as an affiliate.

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