Mobile apps are the new technological industry. There is not a single person who owns a mobile phone and does not use a single app. One does not need to be addicted to their phone t0 enjoy these apps. But one way or another, one ends up using mobile apps. As an affiliate for mobile apps, you will be able to guide people better about which apps to use for various reasons. The following are some of the top 10 mobile app affiliates in the market.

Cash App

cash app affiliate program

Cash App is a convenient and free money app that allows users to send and receive money instantly. With Cash App, one can receive balance notifications and also make use of a free debit card to cover expenses. It does not charge any fee to send money using the app. In fact, users can also directly deposit their paychecks into their accounts using Cash App. Users can also avail of a variety of discounts at different merchants who have a tie-up with the service.

To begin your affiliate journey with Cash App, you will begin by going to the referral section of the app. You can invite friends from this app and get $5 in return for when a friend accepts the invitation and joins the platform on your behest. You only have to share your unique code with your friends thereafter and wait for cashback.



With Dosh, users can earn up to 10% cashback simply from linking their debit or credit card to the app. As a user, one can find plenty of offers and cashback opportunities on a daily basis. One only needs to use the app as a regular mobile payment app and the offers will be sent to their account automatically. 

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As an affiliate with Dosh, you can send your referral link through a variety of ways, including through text messages, social media platforms and even emails. The link will be provided once you click the ‘Offers’ tab at the bottom of the app. Once your friend signs up and links their credit or debit card to the app, it will earn you a $10 referral bonus. The referral bonuses are automatically added to the Dosh wallet.


shopkick affiliate program

Shopkick is a great app for somebody who loves to shop. As a user of the app, one can enjoy free gift cards and rewards. It is an exciting app to use where users can earn points from scanning products at select stores and purchasing them. The rewards are denoted as ‘kicks’ and they get added to the account automatically. The referral link is provided on the ‘Invite’ tab of the Shopkick app. You can share the invite code with friends and win credit. You can earn as many as 25,000 kicks for the invites you send out, meaning there is credit to be earned for the first 100 friends who receive and accept your invitation. 


inboxdollars affiliate program

InboxDollars is a great mobile app to be associated with. It is an app that gives you cash for the daily activities you conduct online. These include watching videos, taking surveys, playing games, shopping, etc. This is an easy and convenient way of earning some extra cash. What’s more, the cash is absolutely real! There are no mobile wallet points that restrict you from using the money wherever you would like to.

The platform also provides affiliates with a calendar that allows them to keep track of how much money they have earned and how much more they could potentially earn. The member dashboard also allows members to see how much their referrals are earning and how much commission they would be entitled to from their referral’s earnings.

Ebates Affiliate Program

ebates affiliate program

Ebates is one of the biggest and most popular cash back sites and mobile apps in the world. The app has a tie up with over 2,000 stores online so there are plenty of opportunities to save money and win cash backs from shopping sprees. With an Ebates account, the pattern of everyday spending can become more profitable and the user will be able to cultivate a culture of saving despite spending money every day.

You can earn a $25 referral fee by inviting a friend to join Ebates. Every time you have a successful referral, you will earn $25 and there is no limit to how much you can earn from referrals. The referral links can be shared through email or even through social media platforms.

Personal Capital

personal capital affiliate program

Personal Capital is a great platform for building financial health and ensuring one has enough reserves for a good retirement. They have a convenient and user-friendly mobile app that allows users to link all their accounts. There is also access provided to free online money tools and expert advice. 

The referral program is available on HasOffers and can be signed up for easily. As an affiliate with Personal Capital, you will get access to efficient tracking tools, marketing materials, banners and customized graphics for your website or platform. There are also bonus offers such as $50 for every three users that join the platform from your reference.



Chime is the new way of banking in the contemporary world. This is a great way to ensure that people have healthier finances and spending habits. The app has no hidden fees, service fees or transfer fees, nor does it require any minimum balance. It also has an automatic savings feature that encourages you to reach your financial goal quicker and meticulously. As a user, one can also get benefits like receiving their paycheck two days before their colleagues, by signing up for the direct deposit feature.

As an affiliate, you can invite friends to join Chime through the online account or even through the mobile app. Through the ‘Invite Friends’ section in the settings, you can send a link to the friends in your contacts. Alternately, you can also share a customized invitation through Facebook or Twitter.


groupon affiliate program

Groupon is a mobile marketplace that allows people to keep track of things to do around them, places to eat, goods to buy, etc. This is a great and different new service that changes how people experience their surroundings and choose activities of recreation. The app also throws up frequent sales so you can find ways to save money on all the things that you purchase.

As an affiliate, you will be eligible for a handsome referral bonus if you are able to invite people and have them come on board the platform. The bonus is in the form of Groupon Bucks, which can be used during any Groupon transaction. The referral link can be emailed, texted or even shared on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


zanox affiliate programs

Zanox is a performance advertising network based out of Europe. The platform prefers those who use the mobile site or app, as it allows you to choose the Zanox suite of tools and also earn a considerable sum of money using these tools. This is a platform that provides services and tools that help businesses promote their products and publishers market the products for the business. There are several perks of joining the Zanox affiliate program, flexibility and great freedom to choose from a suite of tools being only some of them.


mobyaffiliates affiliate program

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MobyAffiliates functions as a mobile ad network and is a great space to be a part of if you are looking for any opportunities related to mobile apps. While MobyAffiliates acts as an affiliate network more than an affiliate program in itself, it could be the one-stop-shop for all your mobile app affiliate needs. If you are a mobile app developer or know somebody who is looking to market their app, MobyAffiliates is the place to be.

As an affiliate, you will get access to a variety of different perks, including exclusive sneak peeks of different apps on the market. In many cases, you will be the first to know about any app and can use them before they become too popular.

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The names that have been mentioned above are some of the easiest, most convenient mobile app affiliates in the market. Some of them are for everyday shopping while others focus more on financial health and responsible banking. Either way, the referral programs of each of these apps are flexible and provide several perks to affiliates who are bringing new customers to the platform.