The music industry is a vast and dynamic industry that has seen a vibrant set of changes over the years. The industry is constantly evolving and transforming, making way for new talents, genres of music and variety to come in. However, the process is not fast enough. To democratize the industry more, music affiliates can offer aspiring musicians with a chance to better their craft and access the tools they require to hone their craft more easily. The following are some of the best music affiliate programs that the industry has to offer.

American Musical Supply

american musical supply affiliate program

American Musical Supply is a great affiliate program for anybody interested in music. It is a platform that has a wide and vibrant selection of musical instruments, recording equipment, accessories, live sound, etc. It is a reputed name in the music industry and is known to offer great customer service, free shipping and excellent warranty on its products. As an affiliate with American Musical Supply, you will be able to receive 6% of the purchase price. You will also be provided with creative banner ads and text links that can be conveniently placed on your website.



Muziker is a musical instrument company with a large product offering. Their products include guitars, basses, drums, keys, lighting, microphones, and anything else customers may need to fit their music needs. Muziker offers high quality products at affordable prices as well as exclusive sales and deals. They also deliver, include a price guarantee, and provide access to professional support.

As a Muziker affiliate promoter you would be able to provide your audience with access to one of the largest music stores with a variety of products for every genre of music lover. Their affiliate program is run by FlexOffers, simply sign up or log in to your existing account to join Muziker’s program and start earning.



VNYL is a record subscription company that delivers 3 personally selected records to customers’ doors every month. With VNYL, customers create a profile and provide details about their favorite artists, song choices, whether or not they like new songs, and more which VNYL then uses to select curated records chosen specifically for that customer. Customers can choose a “#vibe” each month for different record selections at a starting cost of $39 per month with free US shipping. The best part for customers of VNYL? They get to keep their curated records, forever!

Any old fashioned music lovers will drool at what VNYL has to offer, making it a solid affiliate program candidate for anyone who’s audience can jam to some records. VNYL’s affiliate program is run through ShareASale, meaning it’s simple to sign up or login and join the VNYL affiliate program.

Guitar Center Affiliate Program

guitar center affiliate program

While the company is known as Guitar Center, it is not just a platform that deals with guitars. There are a variety of other musical instruments and gears that musicians of all kinds can avail from Guitar Center. There are more than 40,000 products on the Guitar Center website and more products are added every day. As an affiliate with Guitar Center, you will have exclusive offers and promos for the items that are sold on the company’s website. The affiliate program is fairly simple to join and navigate. Once you are a member, you will get all the required access to promos and offers which can be displayed on your website or blog.

Virtual Sheet Music

virtual sheet music affiliate program

Virtual Sheet Music is a popular site for downloading sheet music which most musicians will be familiar with. People who are new to the field will find it especially useful and as an affiliate, that is the target audience you may find useful to work towards. The site reportedly gets 20,000 unique users every day. The website has certainly established itself well because it is one of the first results whenever you enter the keywords on a search engine like Google. The website has also been reviewed and featured in some big classical music magazines like Music Teacher, Classical Music, and International Musician. As an affiliate, you can receive 30% of the sales they make on their instant downloads or through membership fees. At 30 years, their cookie life is also one of the longest in the industry! If somebody clicks on a cookie with your name on it, they automatically become your referred customers for life.

Rocket Piano

rocket piano affiliate program

Rocket Piano is a play on the term ‘rocket science’, except it is easy to learn the piano — it is no rocket science! It offers step-by-step instructions and videos which anybody can follow and pick up. The company has been around since 2005 and has only been growing from strength to strength. They also offer one of the highest commission rates of 75% on their digital product and 25% on their physical product. The relatively long cookie window also allows for better conversion rates. The affiliate program also sends follow-up emails to potential customers on behalf of the affiliate to encourage the deal to close.

Sam Ash Affiliate Program

Sam Ash affiliate program

Sam Ash is one of the largest family-owned musical instrument retailers in the United States. The family began the company in 1924 and today the company boasts of more than 50,000 products on their website. The website is also an especially helpful platform as it has a live support chat that tackles any questions potential customers may have. As an affiliate with Sam Ash, you can make a commission of 7 to 10% on each sale. The sales you make and referrals you try to court can all be tracked using LinkShare. The same platform is also used for reporting and paying out affiliates.

Musician’s Friend

Musician's Friend Affiliate Program
  • Sign Up:
  • Commission: 6% on every sale directed from your website
  • Cookie: 14 Days

Musician’s Friend is one of the largest music gear companies in the world. They have more than 40,000 products in their inventory and more are added practically every month. The company has been in the music industry for more than three decades and has helped many musicians realize their dreams. The website is extremely user friendly and allows users to make informed choices. As an affiliate with Musician’s Friend, you will get a true opportunity to be a friend to musicians. You can earn 6% of the commission on every sale you manage to make. There are also deals and promotions that run throughout the month so you can attract more customers. As an affiliate, you will have access to the complete library of banners, links and interactive material that you can use on your website.


singorama affiliate program

Singorama is a great program for those who are looking to become better singers. In the program, aspiring singers can go through 28 audio lessons as well as a mini recording studio software which allows you to record your voice and then play it back. You can also play your voice back with the virtual piano or with pre-recorded scales to get a better idea of what your voice sounds like with instruments. While the regular Singorama program costs $299.95, there are often offers that sell the program at a much subsidized rate. In that case, as an affiliate, you may make a lesser commission, but there is a chance that you will make more sales.


jamplay affiliate program

JamPlay is one of the best in the business for online guitar and bass lessons. The platform has incredible reviews from trusted sources like Better Business Bureau and also has managed to get some of the best teachers on board to deliver the lessons. As of now, there are more than 5,800 lessons that the platform hosts and more are being added. These lessons vary from genre to skill level. They also have a first-to-send policy which means that the affiliate who was first to introduce the customer to the program gets the credit. There are several other perks to being an affiliate for JamPlay.


pianoforall affiliate program

Pianoforall is an incredible piano program that is a great way for someone to pick up piano skills. There are 10 ebooks in the program (600 pages in all), 200 videos (10 hours) and 500 audio lessons. This is a flexible program that can be run on types of devices, whether iOS or Android, phone or tablet. The platform has been around since 2006 and has made a respected name for itself. There is also a way to be in touch with former students to get a sense of why they enjoyed the program and what aspects of it made it so enjoyable. All affiliates get an affiliate ID. The minute somebody uses the affiliate ID, the affiliate gets 60% of the sale. This is a fairly straightforward affiliate program to be a part of.


ditto affiliate program

Ditto is a great platform for independent musicians to preserve their rights. It is an endeavor to make the independent music industry fairer and more democratic. It is an unlimited distribution service, allowing independent musicians to release their music on all major platforms around the world while retaining 100% of the rights. Musicians can request payments to be made directly into their accounts. As an affiliate with Ditto, you can earn £20 on every sale that is made through your website, blog or email. Each affiliate is provided with a unique ID. If the platform records that your cookie is what led to an order being placed, you will be eligible for the commission. It is a simple quid pro quo arrangement that can prove to be extremely beneficial for all parties involved.

Start Promoting Music Affiliate Programs!

The affiliate lists that have been mentioned above are some of the best in the business. As an affiliate with any of these programs, you will be exposed to different aspects of the music industry. While some of the platforms mentioned above are retailers of musical instruments, others offer lessons in certain musical instruments and some others deal with the intellectual property rights and copyrights of musicians. From the diversity of this list alone, one can estimate how vibrant the industry is. It would certainly pay to be an affiliate in this industry.

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