The supplement industry is growing rapidly.

To be fair, supplements have been popular for years, but there’s never been a better time to jump into affiliate marketing in the supplement niche. Time has proven that they’re not a fad; the demand for supplements will always be there, and it’s only increasing as more and more brands realize this.

It’s estimated that by 2025, the global dietary supplements market will be nearing $195 billion. With that statistic alone, we think it’s safe to say that the demand for supplements is going nowhere but up, which makes this niche a fantastic one to start cashing in on through affiliate marketing.

There are thousands of supplement companies and products out there, some of them leagues better than others. We’ve cut through the noise to find you the best supplement affiliate programs out there.


FanFuel Supplement Affiliate Program

FanFuel offers one of the most compelling supplement affiliate programs that we’ve tested to date. The program gives affiliates access to a range of supplement offers, including workout supplements, weight loss supplements, keto supplements, and more.

While many supplement affiliate programs are created as an afterthought, it is clear that FanFuel is built specifically for affiliate marketers.

The program offers commission rates of 40-60% per sale, a 90-day cookie window, payments for recurring sales, and an advanced tracking system. Once you refer a customer, you get commissions for life.

The program uses Everflow’s affiliate tracking software, which gives affiliates access to advanced tracking, in-depth reports, and a user-friendly dashboard.

  • Sign Up: Click here to sign up for the FanFuel affiliate program
  • Commission: 40-60%
  • Cookie: 90 Days
  • New Vitality

    New Vitality Affiliate Programs

    The core brand message of New Vitality is one that resonates with a lot of people. Their motto of “Be Healthy, Live Better” is carried out through all of their immensely popular products. From women’s health, men’s health, and general nutrition, they have a broad arsenal of supplements that caters to just about everyone.

    If you’re an affiliate marketer, you want to look for brands that sell well and have a quality product. New Vitality has both, and what’s more, their affiliate program offers some great returns and commissions.

    One of the reasons the supplement market is so profitable for affiliate marketing is that supplements are expensive. New Vitality boasts an average of $98 per sale, and with a 10% commission rate, that’s nearly ten dollars for each successful referral–in the world of affiliate marketing, that is a ton of money for a single referral.

    • Sign Up:
    • Commission: 10%
    • Cookie: 15 days



    Seed is a popular health and wellness company that offers one supplement, their Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic for gut health. This supplement is combination 24-strain broad spectrum probiotic and prebiotic that includes 53.6 billion AFU. Seed is popular for their high standards, adhering to global regulatory standards and conducting extensive testing on their product to make sure it provides optimal benefits. Seed’s affiliate program is run through ShareASale and offers a whopping 100% commission, making it one of our top choices for supplement affiliate programs.



    Ritual is a vitamin and supplement company that offers a variety of products for all ages and genders. Their product line includes supplements for men, women, and children including Essential For Women multivitamins, Essential for men multivitamins, and Essential For Kids And Teens multivitamins. Ritual is known for using simple, clean, and scientifically-backed ingredients as well as their transparency following their Made Traceable standards. This affiliate program is run through ShareASale making it simple to register and begin promoting. Additionally, this program offers a 75% commission making it possible for you to earn some real money.



    HealthTrader is a health and wellness affiliate network that includes a wide variety of supplement affiliate programs available to choose from. This affiliate network provides high-paying, quality offers as well as advertising widgets, resources, analytics, and tracking to help you gain as much revenue as possible. HealthTrader provides a variety of affiliate offers including immune support supplement affiliates, joint supplement affiliates, liver supplement affiliates, eye supplement affiliates, and more.



    MarketHealth is another affiliate network focused on health and beauty. This affiliate network aims to bring you the highest payouts and conversions and includes exclusive offers as well as advanced tracking and some free resources to help you advertise to the best of your ability. Offers include a wide variety of supplement affiliates such as colon health supplements, sports nutrition supplements, skin care supplements, and women’s health and beauty supplements.

    EZC Pak

    EZC Pak Affiliate Programs

    Affiliate marketing for a brand that’s well-known for a single niche or product can be extremely effective. That’s exactly what you’ll be doing if you join EZC Pak’s affiliate program. They’re a very well-known and popular company that strictly sells immune support supplement packs, and they sell quite well.

    The product is meant to tackle antibiotic overuse and resistance, and works to give your immune system a hand. It is award-winning and has been featured on all sorts of websites and news outlets–exactly the kind of exposure that affiliate marketers love to see in potential products.

    Their program offers a generous commission rate, and an average purchase of around $55 is impressive considering the low cost of the product.

    • Sign Up:
    • Commission: 25%
    • Cookie: 365 days

    Stack Labs

    Stack Labs Affiliate Programs

    Though a bit more niche than a mass-appeal supplement brand like New Vitality, Stack Labs is helping pioneer a new wave of healthy bodybuilding supplements. They have an average purchase of $112, and a commission rate of 45%, which is ridiculously high. In exchange for lesser popularity and market reach than a mass-appeal brand, you get a great commission rate and average purchase.

    Stack Labs is a smaller company and there isn’t a ton of information about them online. This means that it will be more difficult to refer customers to them that it would be to refer customers to a more reputable brand. That said, one successful referral could be upwards of fifty dollars, which is unbeatable.

    The Vitamin Shoppe

    The Vitamin Shoppe Affiliate Programs

    A massive company with retail spots all over the country, The Vitamin Shoppe is one of the most reputable supplements vendors on the planet. With reputability comes easier successful referrals and conversions, as customers are almost always more eager to buy if it’s a popular brand or one they’re familiar with.

    The brand name alone should be highly attractive to affiliate marketers, and referring customers to a brand like this is something you can be proud of. The commission rate isn’t quite as high as some of the more niche, smaller supplement brands, but it’s with a company that customers already know and love.

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    In any case, it’s a higher commission than you’d see on a platform like Amazon.

    Life Extension

    Life Extension Affiliate Programs

    Life Extension is a magazine and supplement vendor rolled into one, and its affiliate program is one of the best options out there for affiliate marketers. They offer vitamin and anti-aging supplements, and have definitely established themselves as a solid business model.

    Life Extension’s affiliate program is top-notch, and the commission rates are great for a company of its size. Coupled with a 120-day cookie duration, Life Extension certainly has an affiliate program worth considering. Not to mention, the average Life Extension order is over $170, so with the high commission rates, the profits can stack up fast.

    Bodybuilding Affiliate Programs

    The supplement niche is filled with plenty of sub-niches, bodybuilding being one of the biggest. One of the most popular bodybuilding websites and supplement providers is

    The good news for affiliate marketers?

    They have a fantastic affiliate program to participate in. The commission rates for first-time buyers are solid, sitting at 15 percent. Though you’ll receive less if the customers are already existing shoppers at the website, a commission is a commission, and it won’t be too difficult to convert sales with this platform.


    Persona Affiliate Programs

    Formerly Vitamin Packs, Persona is yet another supplement giant that offers a stellar program for affiliate marketers. It’s a well-known company, and it can reap you a very solid commission, assuming your link was the most recent affiliate link the customer clicked before buying the product.

    Because of that small caveat above, and because the cookie duration is only a month, it would be tough to say that Persona offers the very best supplement program out there. However, if everything lines up just right, affiliate marketers can rake in a ton of money from this one, and it is absolutely a program worth pondering.

    A1 Supplements

    A1 Supplements Affiliate Programs

    In the ever-changing supplement marketplace, A1 have established themselves as true leaders of industry. They offer a variety of supplements in all different types of categories, and they have the mass appeal that many affiliate marketers look for.

    It’ll be pretty easy to market A1 on your platform due to their diversity of supplements, and the terms of their affiliate program are solid as well.

    The A1 Supplements affiliate program is definitely worth a look, especially for affiliate marketers who like being able to market hundreds of different products from the same program and source. You can apply with CJ or ShareASale, both incredibly popular affiliate marketing platforms.

    Vitamin World

    Vitamin World Affiliate Programs

    Vitamin World offers a host of supplements, ranging from personal care products, weight loss supplements, and a whole lot more. Their average purchases are solid, and can exceed $100 depending on what promotions and sales they have going on at the time. What does this all mean for affiliate marketers?

    Demand for products, a great commission rate, and expensive sales mean a lot of money for affiliate marketers. Vitamin World has all three key of these key components, which are what make it such a compelling program to consider.

    • Sign Up: To sign up, you’ll need to email
    • Commission: Vitamin World commissions may vary, but many affiliates end up making at least 8%
    • Cookie: 45 days


    HerbsPro Affiliate Programs

    Though most of the affiliate programs discussed here are with mainstream, traditional medicine type of supplement companies, HerbsPro offers customers (and subsequently affiliate marketers) a different take on the supplement genre.

    Claiming to be the world’s largest Alternative Medicine Community, HerbsPro has an immensely strong niche appeal, and affiliate marketers with the right audience could find themselves in for a treat with this program.

    The commission and cookie duration are both pretty standard, and this is overall a robust affiliate program

    Selecting The Best Supplement Affiliate Programs For Your Business

    The selection of affiliate programs in the supplement space is vast. Smaller, lesser-known companies offer fantastic terms, commissions, and cookie durations, but it often comes at the price of lower conversion rates.

    More popular, well-known brands offer slightly lower commission rates and cookie durations, but can be a boon for affiliate marketers with audiences ready to buy from brands they know and love.

    Regardless, each affiliate program on this list is absolutely worth your time. The demand for supplements isn’t going anywhere, and there’s no better time than now to start taking advantage of it.

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