The credit economy is a difficult and nerve-wracking market to navigate but it is also exciting and fast-paced in the way that modern life is expected to be. An adult belonging to the workforce has at least two or three credit cards on an average. While on the one hand, this might be a marker of financial wealth and security, on the other hand, it could also mean financial frivolity. Being able to own a credit card is not the same as being able to pay the debt categorically every month. However, this is the prerequisite of having a credit card. If you fault on the payments, there are a variety of other penalties you will have to face up to.

While all of this sounds extremely discouraging, the world still continues to use credit cards and plastic money by the billions. The fear of not being able to pay it back has not stopped people from borrowing from the market. The key to good financial wealth is not to have fewer credit cards, but to know which ones to invest in and how to use them well. Most credit card dealers will line up at your doorstep and give you reasons to buy their credit card. But it is important to do your research and go only with a trusted name. The following is a brief list of the top 10 credit card affiliate programs. 

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FlexOffers Credit Card Affiliate Program

FlexOffers is a popular affiliate network with thousands of offers. They are one of my favorite networks to work with and they happen to specialize in credit card affiliate programs.

FlexOffers gives you access to multiple credit card affiliate programs and they often work with advertisers you won’t find anywhere else. The payments are generous and you may be able to organize a custom deal if you have the traffic.

Additionally, they offer a handful of tools to help you promote. You will have access to a credit card widget, a credit card API, and more.

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  • Commission: Varies ($16-$400+ per conversion)
  • Cookie Duration: Varies affiliate program is a platform that was set up precisely to guide people through their financial decisions. The platform, as part of its service and expertise, offers tools, free education and resources and also comparisons with other financial services and products. As an affiliate with, you will be able to enjoy high conversion rates and payouts. You will also have access to exclusive offers, creatives and other kinds of custom branding. There is also live online reporting that affiliates can enjoy so any trouble can be flagged off immediately, without any time being wasted. After all, it is always good to be able to deliver and get live feedback. 

Capital Bank

capital bank affiliate program

Capital Bank is a reputed bank that is known for its consumer and user-friendly approach to banking. It offers a secure credit card known as OpenSky, which is a secured Visa credit card that does not ask for any credit check to get started. The Capital Bank affiliate program is available on Commission Junction. As an affiliate with Capital Bank, you can access a variety of marketing materials like text links, banners, etc. You will also be provided with constant guidance so you can make the most of the affiliate program. 


experian affiliate program

Experian is one of the biggest and most popular providers of consumer credit scores, reports, credit monitoring, etc. They have a reputation of having delivered over 20 million credit reports. The affiliate program is hosted on Commission Junction, which offers affiliates with a variety of different perks and benefits. The affiliate program also offers fairly attractive commission rates and is dedicated to ensuring that affiliates have a pleasant experience doing business with them.


transunion affiliate program

TransUnion is an agency that helps members monitor their credit and protect it. As a member of TransUnion, customers get unlimited store access, instant credit alerts and a feature known as Credit Lock Plus which enables members to protect their TransUnion and Equifax reports. The TransUnion affiliate program is also available on Commission Junction. As an affiliate with TransUnion, you would get access to all kinds of marketing material that you would require to start promoting the platform. You will also be given access to tracking tools so you can keep an eye on your progress, which is, of course, of the utmost importance.

Credit Karma

credit karma affiliate program

Credit Karma is a great platform where customers can avail credit reports, scores, insights, etc. This is an honest platform that does not have any hidden fees, upsells or subscriptions that the customer is not already informed about. The platform also offers personalized recommendations and credit monitoring, along with advice on how to use credit more wisely. This affiliate program is also available on Commission Junction and can be found easily on the advertiser page of the network. Credit Karma also has a monthly newsletter that affiliates can access, along with a dedicated affiliate management team. The guidance of the affiliate management team can truly change the game for new affiliates. 


commissionsoup affiliate program

CommissionSoup is an affiliate marketing network that has a range of offers from the best credit cards associated with the most reputed banks in the market. This is an affiliate network that offers an extremely wide variety for affiliates to choose from. The network has been in the business for more than 18 years and has created several opportunities for affiliates to generate revenue. As an affiliate associated with CommissionSoup, you would have access to proprietary technology as well as marketing materials that are optimized to help promotion. 


bankrate credit cards affiliate program

Bankrate Credit Card Network is a platform that is dedicated to helping website owners and bloggers generate more traffic and in return more revenue. As an affiliate with Bankrate, you would be provided with all the necessary tools for maintaining a good conversion rate. You will have access to dedicated account representatives, fast commission payouts as well as automated technology solutions. Affiliates are also provided with user-friendly in-site tools and data feeds for better business experience.


barclaycard affiliate program
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  • Commission: Variable

The Barclaycard affiliate program is an extremely vibrant and successful one. As an affiliate with Barclaycard, you will be promoting two of the company’s outstanding card offers — CashForward World Mastercard and Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard. There will also be several opportunities to earn a handsome commission. As an affiliate with Barclaycard, you will also be provided with effective text links and banner ads. You can earn as much as $500-$1,000 each month, just on commission. Besides, this is a reputed name to associate yourself with and will certainly elevate the reliability of your website or blog.

American Express Referral Program

american express affiliate program

The American Express Referral Program allows you to earn a commission each time your lead enrolls with the company. As an affiliate with American Express, you will have access to all kinds of marketing material and technical assistance. It is also easy to integrate the tools the program provides with your platform. This credit card allows customers to conduct business internationally and since the payment structure also offers a variety of different currencies, this program is naturally not limited by borders.

Credit Repair

credit repair affiliate program

Credit Repair is one of the top providers of credit repair services in the United States. The platform has experts that are extremely helpful and know what they are doing. The affiliate program of the platform has been running for a decade now. The program is hosted on Commission Junction, providing the affiliates with all the possible tools and resources they could require for successful promotions. There are great opportunities to earn hefty commissions with Credit Repair. But not only that, as an affiliate, you will be helping customers handle their expenses better and responsibly. 


The names that have been mentioned above are some of the best credit card affiliate lists. Credit cards are a fairly lucrative niche to take up as an affiliate marketer. Practically every member of the workforce either has a credit card or is looking for a credit card that has a manageable borrowing limit. As an affiliate for credit cards, you will be in a position to help people find the right card for them. This is not a task one should take lightly as credit cards are serious business. If not used correctly, one bad credit card move can completely upend someone’s financial equilibrium. As an affiliate, you have the power and responsibility to promote a good product and help people repair their credit if that is required.

The good thing is that there are plenty of options for good and reliable products to be promoted. The names that have been mentioned above are all respected names that are guaranteed to provide customers with a good experience. This, in turn, would mean favorable conversion rates and retention rates for you as an affiliate. So do a little research of your own and see which of these affiliate programs suits you!

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