To attract people to your web and social platforms, you need great visuals. It doesn’t matter how insightful and informative your content is—it needs to be packaged alongside eye-catching materials.

The problem is that videos, photos, and graphics are neither easy nor inexpensive to source. With tight budgets and often tighter deadlines, getting great-looking visuals can be a challenge. This is especially true for companies without in-house design staff.

Fortunately, there are now several apps that can help you enhance the look of your content with zero design or programming experience necessary.

Crello is one of the newer tools out there and offers both a limited free plan and affordable advanced options from $7.99 a month (when billed annually). It’s easy to use and contains a library of 12,000 templates. So, if you have a design in mind, you’ll likely be able to find it there.

Learn everything you need to know about Crello in this review. We’ll dive into its main features, pricing, competitors, and help you decide if it’s the right addition to your marketing tool belt.

What Is Crello?

Crello calls itself a “new visual editor that simplifies the design process for everyone.” The software is easy to use, and just about anybody can make attractive visuals for their web, social, email, or even offline platforms.

The company made its debut in 2016. In a few short years, however, they’ve grown to over 2 million users who’ve created 20+ million plus designs.

Everything in Crello revolves around the drag-and-drop editor, where you can build custom designs from one of 12,000 templates. With these features, you can assemble excellent posts in just a few minutes.

Overall, Crello is an affordable and effective design tool not just for agencies and SMEs but anybody looking to add more dynamic visuals for their brand.

Crello Features

  • Editor
  • Image upload
  • Design tools
  • Create banners
  • Stock image library
  • Template
  • Reporting
  • Heat map
  • Free plan available
  • Ad management

How To Get Started With Crello

Getting started with Crello is quick and easy. Simply enter your email and set an account password. You’ll then be taken to the template library.

Crello Getting Started

You can browse the library or search formats like Instagram, Facebook, or poster, website, or many others. After you do, you can begin editing the template to add your own personal twist.

There aren’t really any onboarding materials since using Crello is so easy to use. If you need any help or design inspirations, however, you can head on over to the blog, which includes tutorials on how to use Crello and a whole lot more.

Crello Pricing

Crello has a life-time free plan along with one paid option. Here’s what each one includes:

  • Basic – Free: 32,000 design templates, 140 million images, personal storage for created designs, one font upload, 100 image uploads,
  • Pro- 7.99/month billed annually or $9.99/monthly: 32,000 templates plus 32,000 video and animations that are refreshed weekly, access to 20,000 photo and design elements, 1000 image upload, unlimited custom fonts, teams
Crello Pricing

Note: Crello offers a 14-day free trial of the Pro plan. To check it out, you have to provide your credit card number, but you cancel at any time before you’re charged if you decide it’s not worth it.

Pricewise, Crello is on the cheaper end of the spectrum. While both Visme and Canva offer free plans as well, they’re paid tiers start at $14/month and $12.99/month, respectively.

Crello Main Features

Crello is a graphic design tool. It lets you create these types of content with ease:

  • Social media posts
  • Blog posts
  • Covers
  • Banners
  • Marketing materials
  • Events
  • Animated designs
  • Advertising
  • Infographics

1. Graphic Editor

After you’ve chosen the format of your design, you can customize it in the graphic editor. You’ll be able to add photos and videos, objects, edit the background. It basically does a lot of what Photoshop can do except without any complex design skills necessary.

Don’t forget to add in some fun animations to your design too!

Crello Graphic Editor

2. Design Library

Crello keeps track of all your saved designs so you can come back to them later. The design library contains any projects you’ve worked on in Crello.

You can add folders, duplicate, and pull existing designs into your new projects.

Crello Design Library

3. Social Media Ads

Social media ads are one of the special Crello feathers that allow you to personalize your social ads. Similar to the steps above, just select an add template and begin customizing it. You can even create multiple pages for multi-panel social ads.

Crello Social Media Ads

4. Mobile App

The mobile apps take all the Crello features and letting you create designs on the go. You’ll have access to the template library, animations, and everything else you need on the iOS version of the app. The Android version is still pretty new, so it doesn’t allow video editing just yet. But they’re adding new features all the time so it will likely catch up soon!

Crello Mobile App

5. Photo Library

Getting photos to go along with your posts can be such a challenge. Crello gives you access to 4,500 free images you can use along with 500,000 premium images on paid plans. In addition, it also has a library of 4.5 million stock images priced at just $0.99. That means you are guaranteed to find the photo you need either free or at a very cheap price.

Crello Photo Library

Who Should Use Crello?

Crello is a great solution to quickly solving the issue of sourcing attractive design materials. If you’re a large agency or brand, it won’t replace an in-house or outsourced team.

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But if you’re an SME, solopreneur, or even an individual looking to boost your brand, then Crello is an effective tool to do that. It’s super easy to use so anybody can put together a design in no time.

Crello is definitely is not for advanced users. You can’t do much real editing of any template or photos like getting into granular details like shadows, lighting, etc. But that’s not who this product is for.

Crello is a quick and dirty solution to create fairly solid designs. This is why most people, even those with plenty of resources, will want this in their back pocket. Is your design team unavailable, and you need a post out asap? Then you’ll be happy you had Crello around.

Is Crello Worth It?

It starts with a free plan, so how couldn’t Crello be worth it? Visuals are essential for any digital marketing strategy. But the average SME doesn’t need a Photoshop expert on staff.

Crello can take care of most everyday marketing tasks. And when you need something more advanced, you can always find a designer to work with.

The other area where Crello scores big on is how quick and easy it is to use. The UI is pleasant, and the site runs smoothly. It even has a mobile app so you can create excellent visuals on the go.

Even if you use one of Crello’s competitors as your go-to design software, you’ll still want to have this app around because you’ll never know when it will come in handy.


  • Huge template and design library
  • Easy to use
  • Free plan
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Premium plan is really affordable
  • Blog has tons of great resources
  • Auto-saves designs
  • Massive image library
  • Solid UI


  • Few advanced features
  • No real analytics

Crello Alternatives

There is a ton of different design software out there. It really depends on what you’re trying to do.

Of course, Photoshop will always be the king of design apps. But most of us don’t have the skills to use it. For that reason, most marketers will be interested in apps like Canva and Visme.

What Is Canva?

You likely already heard of Canva. This design platform goes well beyond graphics to include full presentations, posts, and more. Similar to Crello, it has a massive font, template, illustrations, and image library.

Canva also offers a basic free membership along with a starting plan of $9.99/month making it just a touch pricier than Crello.

If you’re looking for an app with a little more functionality than Crello, but still very user-friendly, then Canva is a solid alternative.

What Is Visme?

Visme is both a data presentation and visualization tool. This means you can not only create graphics with it but also add in a variety of business tools. Visme includes collaboration features, infographic templates, presentations, advanced analytics, and more.

As with Cello and Canva, Visme does offer a free plan and starting options from $14/month. It is a little more expensive, but you get much more robust functionality out of it—particularly support for different file formats once you’re in the higher pricing tiers.

The analytics features give you a much better sense of how well your content is performing compared to what Crello and Canva offer. If you want to create great designs and really make them work for you, then check out Visme.

Canva, Crello, and Visme all offer both free plans and free trials of premium membership, so check them out yourself and see which one fills your needs best.

Crello: The Verdict

If you’re looking for an effective way to incorporate better visuals into your web, email, and social channels, then Crello is the right tool for you. The app offers a free plan, is easy to use, and requires zero design or programming knowledge. So, give Trello a shot for your next social or web post and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Crello Review
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  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Support
  • Overall


Crello is a visual editor whose goal is to simplify the design process. It is designed to be a solution for quickly solving the issue of sourcing attractive design materials. Everything in Crello revolves around the drag-and-drop editor, where you can build custom designs from one of 12,000 templates. Learn more about this visual editor and if it’s the right choice for you in our review of Crello.