Video is effective. How effective? 92% of marketers use it as part of their strategy. Let’s take a look at the biggest example—YouTube. The growing YouTube ad industry generated over $15 billion in revenue last year. That’s about 10% of Google’s entire earnings for the year!

There’s a lot to love about video. More than anything, however, it’s engaging, and people tend to pay closer attention to it than other types of media.

Unfortunately, producing great video content isn’t easy. While you can source text and images from just about anywhere, video requires work. Whether you decide to create footage yourself or outsource it, that alone is expensive. But then you have to edit and promote it.

Magisto can’t do everything. But this smart editor does make the process of putting together great videos much easier. You simply upload footage and use the drag-and-drop editor to create videos to use in your web, social, and email campaigns.

If you’ve wanted to get into video content, but were worried about time and expense, then Magisto might be what you’ve been waiting for. Discover everything you need to know in this ultimate Magisto review.

What Is Magisto?

Magisto has been around since 2010, growing into a video editing platform both for individuals and marketing professionals. It’s actually a product of the famous video platform Vimeo. Available as both a web and mobile app, it includes a drag-and-drop editor, effects, licensed music, and more that you can use.

The secret behind it all is the Magisto AI, which simplifies the video editing process and allows you to quickly create engaging products that you can scale across your channels. The coolest feature is the AI engine that automatically selects the most exciting parts of your raw footage and apply professional techniques for you, really cutting down on editing time.

You can even shoot from your smartphone, and Magisto can work its magic via its mobile app, as well as publish from anywhere.

Magisto plans start from just $4.99/month for annual plans while its $69.99/month Business plan includes analytics, email marketing tools, and more.

If you’re looking for an easy, convenient, and affordable platform for video marketing, there are few options as good as Magisto.

Magisto Features

  • Video editor
  • AI-driven
  • Templates
  • Drag-and-drop
  • Media library
  • Analytics
  • Branding
  • Mobile app
  • Cloud storage
  • Social sharing

Getting Started With Magisto

Magisto offers a basic free plan with limited access to its features. In addition, it offers a 7-day free trial on all of its premium plans—though you will have to provide your credit card.

To check out any of these options, you’ll need to sign up with Google or Facebook or your email address. Go ahead and try out one of the paid options so you can get a better look at what Magisto can do. Don’t worry; you can cancel any time before the 7-days are up and not be charged. Even if you do decide not to go with Magisto, you’ll also still be able to access any video content you created.

After signup, you can then start making videos. Everything is super straight forward. You can upload media you have on your computer as well as in Google Drive to start putting together your next masterpiece.

Magisto Getting Started

Magisto Pricing

With the Magisto free plan, you do get some limited access to the platform including:

  • Access to the 3-step video editor
  • Videos up to 1:15 minutes long
  • Use 10 photos and 10 video clips
  • Aces Editing Style
  • Some social sharing

It’s a nice look at some of what the software can do, but you’ll have to update to one of the paid plans to really see what it can do:

  • Premium: $9.99/month or $59.88 annually
    • Make videos up to 10min long
    • Full access to Magisto’s editor
    • Premium editing styles
    • Unlimited downloads
  • Professional: $19.99/month or $119.88 annually
    •  Everything in Premium
    •  Includes 3+ million full-HD iStock video clips and photos
    •  Advanced editing features
    •  Make videos up to 10 min. long
    •  Professional editing styles
    •  1080p HD Downloads
    •  Customize brand colors & fonts
    •  Add your own logo and text
    •  Commercially licensed music*
    •  Plus, Vimeo Pro
  • Business: $69.99/month or $419.88 annually
    •  Everything in Professional
    •  Styles optimized for business marketing & advertising
    •  Easily export to Facebook Ads Manager
    •  Email marketing tools
    •  Embed videos on any website
    •  Video analytics
    •  Priority customer support
    •  Commercial use for third parties
    •  Plus, Vimeo Business
Magisto Pricing

In terms of cost, Magisto is in the middle of the pack. For example, Animoto also offers a free plan as well as a Professional Plan that starts at $34/month. Likewise, Adobe Spark has a free plan and a monthly plan at $5.99/month when paid regularly.

Magisto Main Features

Everything in Magisto revolves around the Editor. With it, you can both create videos from scratch or use pre-made templates to assemble striking marketing materials.

Magisto makes all of this as easy as possible with the 3-step editor:

  • Step 1: Upload media
  • Step 2: Choose video editing style and accompanying music from the library
  • Step 3: Publish and share

You’ll also be able to optimize your video for specific sharing channels (i.e., social, email, web, etc.). Here are some of the key Magisto features to familiarize yourself with:

1. Template Library

Magisto has a 50+ template library in a variety of categories like “announce,” “promote your business,” and inspire. And the templates are flexible, so you can find plenty of ways to customize them to fit exactly what you need them to do.

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Magisto Templates

2. Editing Style

This is one of the really cool Magisto features. Using Magisto’s AI, you can customize how your footage will appear along with the secondary colors of your theme. You can select to optimize for specific platforms like Facebook and YouTube, as well as add your own branding.

Magisto Editing Style

3.  Soundtrack

Music brings videos to life. As someone new to video editing, you might not realize that FB and other platforms will pull your videos if you use copyrighted content. Fortunately, Magisto gives you access to 1,000+ free songs you can use spanning a ton of different categories. And if you do have the rights to any tracks, you can easily upload them if you wish.

Magisto Music

4. Mobile Apps

With Magisto’s iOS and Android apps, you can take Magisto’s powerful video editing software with you anywhere. Best of all, you can turn your smartphone into the camera and capture, edit, and publish footage all from one convenient place.

The mobile apps are so popular that Magisto has over 100 million users! It even won the Apple 2019 Storyteller app of the year award. So, whether you decide to go with Magisto for your marketing needs or not, you still might want to check this out!

Magisto Mobile

5. Sharing & Integrations

Since Magisto is Vimeo-owned, you have the option of hosting your video there as well as directly sharing and embedding it across a variety of channels. It’s not only compatible with Facebook, YouTube, and other social channels, but through embedding also syncs up with email marketing services like Constant Contact and MailChimp, along with HubSpot and Facebook and Instagram marketing partners.

Magisto Sharing

Who Should Use Magisto?

Magisto is the perfect tool for anybody looking to use video to grow the online brand. It’s easy to use, comes with cool templates and editing software, and is affordable. That’s why it has so many individual users.

For marketers, however, there is even more to love. Above all, the ability to seamlessly share videos across channels makes it a good addition to the marketing toolbelt. One feature that truly stands out is the ability to send videos via Magisto directly to email contacts across Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and other platforms.

Likewise, there isn’t much of a learning curve. Just about anybody can get the hang of using it after about 30 minutes.

The one downside is that there’s not a whole lot of deep customization, editing, and other effects you can do with it. But this is not video editing software for professionals. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make a cool video, then this is it. If you want to get granular, then look elsewhere.

Is Magisto Worth It?

Magisto can’t do everything. You still have to source footage either by shooting it yourself or hiring somebody else to capture. You’ll also have to market it. Magisto, however, does do a good chunk of the heavy lifting. It takes the raw footage and assembles it into something flashy that you can use for your campaigns, saving you countless hours.

The bottom line is that if you’re looking for a light investment into the world of video marketing, you can’t do much better than Magisto. In addition to the free trial, the monthly premium plans are affordable enough for you to try it out and see how well video works for you before you settle in for an annual commitment.


  • AI makes editing videos a breeze
  • Large music catalog to choose from
  • Excellent mobile app
  • Easy-to-use
  • Web app works quickly and smoothly
  • Video editing styles make putting a cool video together a breeze
  • Affordable
  • Great branding tools
  • Tons of features available for marketers
  • Powerful sharing features


  • Video analytics only available in the most expensive plan
  • Not super customizable
  • No image editing support

Magisto Alternatives

There are a wide variety of alternative video editing tools out there. We mentioned Adobe Spark and Animoto, which both have similar functionality as Magisto. However, if you want a solution that includes not only some video editing but also photos and graphics, you should check out Crello.

What Is Crello?

Crello is a visual editor that makes it easy for anybody to create a wide variety of different visuals for your social, web, emails, and offline platforms.

It’s easy to use and similarly includes a drag-and-drop editor along with a 12,000,000-template library. Crello also has a great free plan along with premium options from just $7.99/month.

Crello isn’t as video-focused as Magisto. You don’t get the cool style editor, but it still is very useful and arguably more useful since you can use it for a wider array of deliverables.

Since Crello and Magisto both offer free options, give them both a try to see which one better fits your marketing needs.

Magisto: The Bottom Line

Overall, Magisto is a solid and affordable video editing platform. It makes it easy for anybody to assemble professional-looking videos you can deploy across your marketing channels. If you’re interested in adding more video into your campaigns, then be sure to check it out.

Magisto Review
  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Support
  • Overall


Magisto is a technology company founded in 2009 with a focus on providing artificial intelligence technology in order to make video editing fast and simple. Magisto smart video editor claims to transform the video and photos you shoot into polished short videos with emotion and excitement. It includes features like soundtracks, a template library, and more. Can Magisto help you make excellent videos? Read our review of Magisto and find out.