Affiliate marketing is a great and lucrative way to earn money through your website or blog. But while there are several perks to affiliate marketing, it can also be a treacherous and confusing space to navigate. This is why the support of an affiliate network is extremely important when one is venturing into affiliate marketing, especially if it is somebody inexperienced. The following is a review of Pepperjam, an affiliate marketing network that supposedly has great things to offer:

About Pepperjam

Pepperjam Review

Pepperjam is a company that derives its name from marketing jarred jam. In the 20 years since the company has been in the market, it has seen dynamic changes occur which only means that the company has had to reinvent itself many times over in order to stay relevant.

As a player in the market, Pepperjam observed the turn of the decade when digital marketing was fast gaining ground. The company has since taken it upon itself to focus on solving industry problems. Through this endeavor emerged an affiliate marketing system that attempted to be transparent and wanted to build a solid network that would facilitate more effective marketing.

While Pepperjam’s journey began with jam, it has come a long way in becoming “commerce creators”. The company has attempted to create its legacy as one that embodies the personalized over the impersonal. It has wide experience in the market and is a good platform for new affiliates to explore the space.

Pepperjam Offers

Pepperjam has a wide variety of options for both publishers and advertisers. As an affiliate, you are sure to find something that is in keeping with your niche. The platform has tied up with a variety of different companies and brands, ranging from shoes to flowers. Some of the popular brands Pepperjam has partnered with include:

  • Puma (Shoes, Sports Apparel)
  • Cole Haan (Shoes, Bags, Accessories)
  • Bonobos (Men’s Clothing)
  • Nordstrom Rack (Clothing and Accessories)
  • MSC Industrial Supply Co. (Industrial Equipment)
  • Bath & Body Works (Personal Care)
  • Tarte (Cosmetics)
  • Ace Hardware (Hardware Retail)
  • Serena & Lily (Home Decor)

Pepperjam Offers

The company also has a few preferred agencies that you may like to know about. Some of the preferred agencies include:

  • AKDM
  • Revel Interactive
  • Smarter Chaos
  • BlueCherry Group
  • DuMont Project
  • ForwardPMX

Range of Offers

Pepperjam Offers

With Pepperjam, you are expected to find several different opportunities as an affiliate. As mentioned above, there are a range of different advertisers that have entrusted the responsibility of finding affiliates to Pepperjam. You may have noted that many of these brands and advertisers are big names in their respective industries. One of Pepperjam’s trademark affiliate programs is the Ascend affiliate program. Whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, the technology of the affiliate program is extremely easy to navigate for everyone. The program is able to offer its partners with crucial data about advertisers which helps them make better choices. The advertiser data also helps the platform recruit better partners for the appropriate advertisers. The affiliate program also offers complete access to the data, to both publishers and advertisers.

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As has been mentioned in the section above, there are a variety of offers that affiliates can choose from. Some of the popular brands have been named above but that is only a compressed version of the brands and advertisers that work with Pepperjam. You can take a look at a more comprehensive list here.

Quality of Offers

While the quality of each of the offers will differ depending on what each advertiser or brand has negotiated with the partner, the quality is really determined by the affiliate network. The Ascend Affiliate Program changes the game for affiliate marketing and offers a variety of benefits to publishers. For starters, the Ascend program leverages crucial advertiser data and preferences and organizes the network such that the most lucrative and appropriate partnerships are established.

The easy access to the data is facilitated by the use of standardized dashboards and fully integrated custom reporting. The program has the ability to provide “actionable insights” that helps publishers as well as advertisers to devise strategies that will guarantee wins and optimize profits.

Pepperjam Premier Offers

You can also customize your commission strategy so that it is in line with your chosen attribution model. You can select a commission model based on full dynamic, fractional, first preferred and last click capabilities. You can finally incorporate affiliate offers into your cross-channel efforts on the whole. The platform also has an always-on monitoring and enforcement solution that is sure to make sure that there is minimum loss of revenue. You will also be able to protect your investments across social, search, domain and code.

Pepperjam Payouts

Pepperjam Payouts

There are a few different facets even to Pepperjam’s payment model. For example, you can opt for Dynamic Commissioning, a model which is able to reinvent the affiliate’s regular payment structure of the last click. This structure allows the affiliate to explore new opportunities. The affiliate will be able to earn a commission at a deeper level than just on individual items or orders.

This model is able to make the traditional payment structure more dynamic and multi-faceted. Publishers will be encouraged not only to drive higher sales but will also be expected to facilitate higher AOV, more purchases and bring new customers to the platform. You can find out more about Dynamic Commissioning here.

Other than the USD, publishers can also receive payments and view reporting in CAD, EUR, GBP and AUD.

Publishers can receive payment using PayPal, direct deposits or checks (which are sent to the registered address of the account holder). The payment cycle for publishers is on the 1st and 15th of each month. If there is any locked commission before the cycle begins, it is processed prior to the respective cycle. For example, if the payment is due at the beginning of the month, it will be processed on the 24th of the previous month. If the payment is due in the middle of the month, it will be processed on the 10th of that moment. There is a more detailed overview of how the Pepperjam payment system works here.

Pepperjam Payouts

Pepperjam has readily provided on its website, the word on the street about the company is also largely positive.

Pepperjam offers several benefits to its publishers, like Dynamic Commissioning, actionable attribution, brand monitoring, publisher management, etc. It has also integrated with some popular agencies like Shopify, Magento, Salesforce, WooCommerce, etc. The platform also boasts of generally good customer service and offers publishers perks like Deep Linking, Dynamic Commissioning, etc. The Ascend Affiliate Program also makes it extremely easy for publishers and advertisers to navigate the world of affiliate marketing with ease. It keeps data transparent and allows them to optimize profits and ensure minimal revenue loss.

What Makes Pepperjam Unique?

Pepperjam is Unique

The network stands out because it does not thrust its name into the market just by way of publicity. The company’s worth is not in the number of advertisers it can get on board but the quality of partnerships that can be established between publishers and advertisers. In establishing a good quality partnership, the Ascend Affiliate Program goes to great lengths to ensure both parties are satisfied with the arrangement and can be prepared for all eventualities through a completely transparent system of data leveraging.

There are ways to use that data, by both advertisers and publishers, to create a winning strategy that will ensure profit optimization and reduce revenue loss.

The company also offers dossiers on industry topics like influencers, privacy, etc. In fact, there are a host of posts and blogs published on the website which will bring publishers up to speed with the kind of things they will require to ensure their platform is ready for the holiday season. You can take a look at the posts here.

Pepperjam Application Process

Pepperjam Application Process

The process of application is quite straightforward. To begin with, you need to register yourself as an affiliate with the platform. You will find the registration page when you visit the company’s website. Click on whether you are a ‘Brand’, ‘Publisher’ or ‘Agency’. You can sign up to become a partner here. Once you have registered, you need to find the affiliate programs that are suitable for you. The affiliate dashboard will facilitate this search. You can narrow your search down to the niche you are looking in — the search tool is quite dynamic. Once you find a program you like, you simply need to click on apply and your profile will be sent to the advertiser for review. If you are qualified for the advertiser role, you will be notified within 2-3 business days. 

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From the descriptions and analysis of what Pepperjam has to offer above, there is a clear indication that the company might be doing something right. It has been in the business for nearly two decades and has managed to facilitate some great partnerships for advertisers and publishers. From the cursory analysis above, there seems to be a lot of positives that Pepperjam has to offer. Let us know in your ratings what you thought of Pepperjam.

Pepperjam Review
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Pepperjam is a leading affiliate network that has been around for over 20 years. The network has a wide range of offers, offering partnerships with many well-recognized global brands. Should you sign up for an account? Read our review to find out.

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