You’ve probably noticed that seemingly every website has a chatbot over the last few years, so you can quickly and easily access the information you’re looking for. 

And even though many of them will show a picture of a person and their name, you know that it’s actually a robot messaging you. 

Robot or human, it doesn’t matter. Chatbots are incredibly effective. On average, they can increase sales by 30%. But their true value comes in saving you and your team heaps of time. 

IBM estimates that AI chatbots can successfully answer approximately 80% of all routine questions. Think about how many emails, phone calls, and messages can be eliminated to free you up focusing on more important things. 

That’s why we wanted to take a look at one of the leading AI chatbots, ConversioBot. In this ConversioBot review, we detail its main features, pricing, and ways to use it to maximize your ROI. 

In short, we’re very pro chatbot. But is ConversioBot the right fit for you? Find out below in our ConversioBot review! 

What Is ConversioBot? 

ConversioBot is chatbot building software. With it, you don’t need to know a single line of code to add a highly responsive and personalized chatbot to your site. 

Regardless of whether you opt for ConversioBot or one of its competitors, we can’t overstate chatbots’ value. 

These days, many people prefer to reach out to businesses via messages instead of emails or phone calls. And they expect a quick response. 

The advantage of a chatbot is that you don’t have to have a dedicated team member (or team members) always on alert 24/7 for a customer request. 

For best effect, you can use them to answer simple questions, and once something gets too complicated, you can automatically elevate the dialog to live support. 

ConversioBot Getting Started

Overall, ConversioBot is easy to set up, comes with a ton of useful resources, and generally affordable, making it a solid option for those looking to add AI chatbots to their site. 

How Much Does ConversioBot Cost? 

ConversioBot starts from $37, but you can find promo codes online to get that down to as low as $27.75 plus tax. 

There is a difference in plans, however. The basic ConversioBot plan includes support for unlimited manual chatbots and/or 30,000 conversations.

But you do have to do some work. You’ll have to manually add responses and questions built around your business.

Fortunately, the basic plan does include access to 10 free templates that can significantly speed up the process. 

ConversioBot Pricing

There is also an Auto-builder from $49 or Done-for-you by a pro from $97 if you already have a basic plan. 

Both of these affordable options are worth considering if you don’t want to spend hours yourself manually programming the Chatbot and to make sure it really works well. ConversioBot different plans

Does ConversioBot Offer A Free Trial? 

Unfortunately, there is no free trial. But ConversioBot does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you do decide to invest and decide it’s not worth it, you can ask for a refund. 

But you’ll still need some form of a chatbot for your site, so we’d recommend spending your time re-tooling and refining whichever Chatbot you ultimately decide on instead. 

ConversioBot Features

The main thing ConversioBot does is make it easy to build a chatbot. You can do this easily from your dashboard. 

ConversioBot Create Bot

As mentioned, you can use one of the ten free templates to get started or build one from scratch. Either way, it really doesn’t take very long to create a reliable bot. Just give yourself time to experiment and find the right fit. 

Then, you also can program user responses to train the bot on what to expect from users. For example, you might add questions about pricing, features, product details, and out routine things you find yourself frequently answering. 

ConversioBot User Response

Is ConversioBot Effective? 

Conversio Bot analytics

ConversioBot can even answer the question for you. You can select each individual bot and track key metrics like Total Bot Loads, Interactions, and Goals in the analytics section. You can even track mobile and desktop usage to better understand where you’re seeing the most engagement. 

ConversioBot Integrations

Where we see ConversioBot (and chatbots in general) having the most value isn’t necessarily on the customer side, but internally. 

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ConversioBot can connect to the biggest names in marketing tools, from MailChimp and AWeber to Zapier and even Shopify. 

This is the type of automation that can save your company countless working hours. For example, you can have ConversioBot automatically transfer email addresses to your email marketing list to get people started in your sales funnel. 

These are the ConversioBot uses where you’ll really see the best return on investment. 

Should I Use ConversioBot? 

It doesn’t matter where you look; automation is becoming more and more essential. In marketing, it’s an automation arms race.

It’s not just AI chatbots but automated content creation, ad campaigns and more. Overall, there’s a lot to love about ConversioBot. It’s easy to use, affordable and has a range of useful features. 

ConversioBot Training

Is ConversioBot Worth It? 

In terms of pricing, ConversioBot is one of the best deals out there. Most other AI chatbot providers charge between $50-100 per month compared to ConversioBot’s flat fee of around $30 to get started. 

It’s a minimal investment that you can try out and see how well it works for you. If your users don’t end engaging the bot, then it’s a lesson learned on your visitors’ preferences. Or, if you have more advanced needs, you can upgrade to a more feature-rich ConversioBot plan or try out one of their competitors. Either way, ConversioBot is totally worth it. 


  • Easy to create chatbots
  • Some free templates
  • Can track analytics
  • Unlimited chatbots
  • Affordable 
  • Mobile and desktop compatible 
  • Useful training material 
  • Cloud-based 
  • Can white label and sell your own chatbots


  • Only 10 free templates 
  • They are constantly trying to upsell you, which can get a little annoying

ConversioBot Alternatives

A lot of companies are offering AI chatbots. But in some ways, ConversioBot is in a league of its own since it has a flat fee for a manually built bot. 

Most often, ConversioBot is compared to the original Chatbot software. To be honest, Chatbot is a touch smarter, but you’re also paying a whole lot more for it (starting from $50). Or you might want to look at Zendesk, which gives you the support of a real live person for $14/month. 

ChatBot Pricing

Both Chatbot and Zendesk do offer some form of a free trial so look into them as well. But in terms of a low priced, toe-in-the-water approach to AI chatbots, it’s hard to beat the affordability of ConversioBot. 

We also really like BirdSeed. While it’s not an AI chatbot, it does give you the power of eight different on-site engagement tools, and it has a free plan. Read this Birdseed review to get the full story on it. 

ConversioBot: The Bottom Line

AI Chatbots have become essential for today’s websites. If you want to encourage engagement and drive sales, then you better have one on your site. ConversioBot is not only easy to use but affordable, so check it out and see if it’s the right tool for you. 

ConversioBot Review
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ConversioBot is a chatbox builder that helps business owners convert their traffic into leads to generate more profits. This software has an easy to use drag and drop feature to help you build and customize your chatbox for a better customer experience. It is 100% mobile friendly and can be easily integrated into your sales funnels. Would ConversioBot help your business? Find out with our complete ConversioBot review!