Why Promote Real Estate Affiliate Programs?

Nothing screams wealth building like real estate, and promoting real estate products as an affiliate marketer is no exception. According to Forbes, the total value of all residential homes in the US in 2018 was 31.8 trillion, with home values gaining 1.95 trillion dollars in 2018 alone. The housing market is at an all time high, and where there is money to make in an industry, there is money to make promoting that industry.

There is, however, one hitch.

Real estate is such a profitable niche that competition is stiff, meaning that if you want to earn money as an affiliate in this niche, you first need to spend some time and do your research. If you want to be able to compete with sites like Zillow, Trulia and Redfin, you’ll want to strategize carefully and find a way to share your content either by leveraging local SEO or by focusing on one of the many sub-niches within the larger real estate umbrella.

Once you choose your strategy, here is a top ten list of real estate affiliate programs that pulls from throughout the industry to get you started.

Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs

BirdDog Bot

BirdDog Bot Affiliate Program

Birddog Bot is software targeted at real estate investors that allows users to filter real estate deals based on a predetermined subset of qualifications. You can filter by things like city and housing type, or course, but Birddog Bot also allows users to filter by financial determinants. In other words, this software is designed to search large listing sites like Zillow and find properties that meet your criteria for a sound real estate investment.

Why you should promote this product: With websites like BiggerPockets on the rise and interest rates remaining low, real estate investing has never been more appealing. And with the generous 50% recurring commission that affiliates earn, paired with the product’s average sale price of $328.40, you would only need a few clicks to start seeing some substantial profits. You can also sign up through Clickbank and other affiliate networks, which makes getting started with BirdDog Bot fast and simple!



Vrbo is a rental website that allows users to rent out their space or rent a space for a vacation. They have over 2 million vacation rentals available from city apartments to cabins to luxury homes.

Why you should promote this product: Vrbo aims to connect homeowners with families and other vacation goers to provide a better experience than a hotel for each customers trip. FlexOffers runs Vrbo’s affiliate program; they offer a 7-day cookie period as well as $16 per listing and 1.6% of bookings. Simply sign up with FlexOffers and join Vrbo to start earning!



The product offers real estate investors an opportunity to do everything related to property management—from filing 1099s at tax time to accepting payments from tenants—with one piece of software. Buildium has experienced consistent growth since it was founded in 2004, and with people using the software in over 46 countries worldwide, it is safe to say we can expect that growth to continue.

Why You Should Promote This: Software as a service is a hot industry in general, and Buildium has proved that it is going to be around for a while. The service solves real problems that landlords face every day, which means it is sure to generate demand. And with subscription fees as expensive as $150 a month and the opportunity to earn a recurring 28% commission, this property management tool could generate some serious wealth for affiliates who promote it!

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ForeclosureSearch Affiliate Program

Foreclosuresearch.ca is a listing site for foreclosed properties in Canada. Users pay a subscription fee and in turn they are given access to the contact information for the listing agents of foreclosure properties.

This is useful for buyers who want to find an awesome deal on a piece of real estate, but don’t have the time to put into developing a deal pipeline. The site is also rich in resources for learning more about buying foreclosed properties. ForeclosureSearch.ca is a less intimidating entry point to purchasing foreclosed properties than, say, heading down to the courthouse steps.

Why You Should Promote This: ForeclosureSearch.ca can save valuable time and effort combing through listing sites in search of discounted properties. That means that affiliates can start earning commissions quickly!

  • Sign Up:http://foreclosuresearch.ca/affiliates/
  • Cookie: 30 days
  • Commission: 75%, recurring

Homeowner Referral Network

Homeowner Referral Network Affiliate Program

Homeowner Referral Network (HRN) was built around the idea that homeowners wanted access to more reliable contractors and that contractors would rather build and paint and repair than spend their time marketing their services. This company offers a service similar to Angie’s List, but rather than accepting payment from contractors to run advertisements, HRN takes commissions from contractors after the work has been completed and the contractor has been paid.

Why You Should Promote This: If your audience already works in real estate and has an existing list of industry contacts to leverage, HRN offers a practical and easily implemented business opportunity for them. HRN offers a high commission, even for the online real estate world, and they offer a variety of marketing tools to showcase their affiliate links. 

  • Sign Up:https://hrnbiz.com/category/hrn-affiliate-program/
  • Cookie: You’ll have to sign up to find out
  • Commission: $100-$325 per a sale

Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express Affiliate Marketing Program

Real Estate Express is a real estate agent training company. Agents can not only complete their pre-licensing training through Real Estate Express but can also continue their education by choosing from a broad selection of post-licensing courses. With over 200,000 real estate agents licensed by Real Estate Express in over 30 states, Real Estate Express has a broad reach.

Why You Should Promote This: With this exceptional cookie length and generous commission, Real Estate Express is offering a very real opportunity to profit every time somebody in your audience decides to finally take the plunge and become a licensed real estate agent. And with Real Estate Express supplying you with banners and other marketing products to choose from, all you have to do is promote the product. 


Foreclosure Affiliate Marketing Program

Foreclosure.com allows home buyers to search for foreclosed on properties before they hit the mass market at the city, county and state level. The site differentiates itself from other foreclosed property websites by refreshing twice a day, every day, which makes it a great go-to for investors and homebuyers who are serious about jumping on the best deals. The site offers a robust help section and live customer support, making it a great resource for both seasoned investors and first time homebuyers.

Why You Should Promote This: Foreclosure properties offer a great pathway to affordable homeownership in both good economies and bad, and with the long cookie life and generous commission, Foreclosure.com is an excellent affiliate program for you if you are well positioned with an audience who is serious about real estate investing, regardless of experience level.

Deal Check

Deal Check Affiliate Marketing Program

Deal Check is ranked in the top five real estate investing apps in five different countries. This app is useful to property managers, agents and investors to analyze how fairly priced a property is. The app can generate a list of comparable properties, make financial projections, and import data from public records to help investors get the best possible deal.

Why You Should Promote This: With an affiliate dashboard where you can track which link postings are most successful and a broad array of marketing banners and buttons for affiliates to use, this company makes it easy to successfully promote their product. The commission rate is lower than BirdDog Bot, but 30% is still a generous commission. Subscriptions to DealCheck range from $7-$15, which means you’ll need to get quite a high volume of sign ups to make this profitable. Considering this company is growing at 247% annually, though, that shouldn’t be hard to do!

Corporate Housing By Owner

Corporate Housing By Owner Affiliate Marketing Program

Corporate Housing By Owner (CHBO) is a listing site where property owners can market their corporate rentals. CHBO is an excellent opportunity to connect with desirable rental markets like medical travelers, short-term military renters, and people traveling for business. Property owners pay a small fee each month—less than $20—for the ability to post a description and photos of their rental property.

Why You Should Promote This: Corporate housing is a 3.82-billion dollar industry, and CHBO supplies affiliates with banners and ads to make marketing this product easy.  


Referez Affiliate Marketing Program

Referez.com allows real estate agents with high website traffic to refer customers to other in-network agents in different geographic locations and receive a referral fee for doing so. For example, if Shelia is a top agent in the Denver, CO area and she has an awesome website, she can easily redirect traffic to regionally placed real estate agents and earn an extra 20% for each closing that results from one of her referrals.

Why You Should Promote This: Referez is an excellent product to promote if you are well positioned within the real estate agent space. Although the company makes money by taking 10% of the total referral fee a receiving agent pays, the bulk of that fee goes directly to the referring agent. This makes Referez a cool, win-win situation for agents, wherein more experienced agents can help support and nurture agents who are just starting their careers.

  • Sign Up:https://www.referz.com/teamwork/
  • Cookie: You’ll have to sign up to find out
  • Commission: 20% per closing


Homeaway Affiliate Marketing Program

Homeaway offers a listing site for over 2 million vacation rentals. The site works like Airbnb, except that Homeaway, unlike Airbnb, exclusively targets travelers who wish to have an entire property to their selves. On Homeaway, there’s nobody renting out his roommate’s bedroom while he’s at Burning Man. If this sounds a lot like VRBO, it’s because Homeaway acquired VRBO a few years back. This site doesn’t offer nearly as generous a commission as many of the others on this list, but it does offer a service with broad appeal and it’s commission structure is targeted at both attracting property owners to list their properties and on attracting travelers to book a stay.   

Why You Should Promote This: You should promote this is you have at least 1,000 monthly visitors to your site and have an audience who is interested in managing their properties to get the absolute most value. Homeaway has global reach—it is part of the Expedia brand family—and despite the relatively low payouts, the potential to do volume definitely exists. 

Get Started Today as a Real Estate Affiliate Marketer

Real estate is a profitable niche, and because of that profitability, your ability to find and focus on the right niche will control your level of success. Almost everything on this list is a software product of some kind, which means that margins are large enough to permit generous commissions. That means that real estate affiliates who post either on social media or on their website or blog can make serious money online within this niche. 

This niche will take more work than most to break into, but once you’re in, the earning potential is almost limitless. 

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