Insurance is big money and it affects so many different aspects of life. From an affiliate standpoint, the upside is that you can link it to a lot of different audiences. It could be travel, healthcare, or household insurance. With a little creativity, you can find an angle to pitch to your audience and let the affiliate money roll in.

So, below are the best insurance affiliate programs. Find the right one for you and get earning!

1. World Nomads

World Nomads Insurance Affiliate Program

World Nomads offers extremely flexible insurance for the modern traveler. They even let you edit your plan in the middle of a trip. This really suits young travelers who like to keep their plans open, so if you have a travel blog or a hot travel Instagram account, then you should be golden.

The 10% commission with a 30-day cookie is pretty standard but respectable.

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2. Hippo


Hippo is a homeowners insurance company that aims to provide smarter insurance. They not only provide homeowners insurance, but also complimentary smart home devices, home-care services, and advanced technology for home protection. Hippo is popular within the insurance industry and is reviewed highly.

Hippo’s affiliate program is run through ShareASale and offers $25 per lead as well as a generous 90-day cookie period. To begin, simply create or login into your ShareASale account, sign up for Hippo, and start earning.

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3. Allstate


Allstate is definitely well-known when it comes to the insurance industry. Allstate offers a large variety of insurances including auto, home, motorcycle, off-road, renters, and term life insurance. They also provide users with the ability to bundle multiple insurances and save more money.

The Allstate affiliate program is run through FlexOffers. Simply sign up or login to your FlexOffers account and get earning from Allstate.

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4. Haven Life

Haven Life

Haven Life offers life insurance that is easy, affordable, and dependable. This insurance company offers term life insurance as well as annuities. They aim to provide excellent customer service, have a partnership with MassMutual, and are highly reviewed and well-known.

FlexOffers hosts the Haven Life affiliate program, making signing up and getting started a simple process. Additionally, Haven Life offers a pretty solid commission at $24 per lead with a 30-day cookie period.

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5. Coverwallet


Coverwallet offers commercial insurance for businesses. It aims to provide all that one may need to keep their company protected and safe. In addition to commercial insurance, Coverwallet also personalizes insurance plans, provides skilled advisors, and includes a smart digital wallet for policy management.

Coverwallet’s affiliate program is run through FlexOffers, a well-known affiliate marketing service. This insurance affiliate program includes $24 per lead commissions, access to updated marketing resources, and a 30-day cookie duration period.

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6. eHealth

eHealth Affiliate Program

It’s all in the name: eHealth is on online health insurance service that has done away with brick-and-mortar operations.

You’ll make $10 per dental insurance application, $50 per health plan application, and $75 per small business health insurance application. You can also score a $50 fee for referring people to their individual and family medical health insurance plan. This can be a great match for anyone working in the health niche.

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Coverwallet Affiliate Program

CoverWallet offers small business insurance from leading commercial insurance carriers in an efficient, transparent, and digital way. This is a great fit if you produce business-related content.

Every small business needs insurance, and CoverWallet fits the vibe of modern digital businesses nicely. It’s ideal if you’re targeting SaaS companies as they’ll be more likely to resonate with the online setup.

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8. Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel Affiliate Program

We already discussed World Nomads for travel insurance, but that really targets a young, modern traveler. More traditional people will be more likely to plan ahead and prefer a large company with a reputation they can trust.

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As a major worldwide insurance company, Allianz is a great fit for this kind of audience. You can earn great referral fees by letting people know about Allianz. Got a blog about cruise ship travel? Bingo! Or maybe you have a website about a particular destination, like the Carribean, then you could promote Allianz as a reliable insurance provider for that area.

There are a lot of possibilities by leveraging their big brand name.

Program Details

9. Insurance Affiliate Programs can be a great fit for bloggers in the health niche, and the $50 fee should put a smile on your face.

The platform’s key feature is that it allows users to search for the best dental insurance in their area. This makes it relevant to regional blogs as well.

It’s also worth mentioning that the site is available in Spanish too.

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10. Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance Affiliate Program

If you create content related to pets, then you can earn cash for recommending Embrace Pet Insurance. They offer purrfectly reasonable commissions of $36 per sign up. Affiliates receive monthly updates, newsletters, and shareable pet health content.

Share it with your pet-loving audience and earn a sweet commission. Everybody wins!

Program Details

11. Esurance

Esurance Affiliate Program

Esurance specialises in auto insurance. With that said, they offer several other types of insurance as well.

Their affiliate program runs through the CJ affiliate platform, which pays out every month. They provide banners and logos to add to your website, plus they’re fully mobile-friendly, which can help win-over younger audiences. As long as your audience understands and trusts paperless systems, then Esurance could be a great option.

The $100 commission is a little on the low side, but all you have to do is get them to request a quote to get paid.

Program Details

12. Go Health

Go Health Insurance Affiliate Program

Go Health is a brand new personal insurance affiliate program on Click Junction that pays $4 per quote. That means you don’t need to get people to actually buy the insurance in order to get paid.

If you have a blog in the finance, business, or home/family niche, then Go Health could be a solid option. They even offer support to help with explaining the different type of plans to potential customers.

Program Details

13. USAA

Usaa Insurance Affiliate Program

For any niche that overlaps with the military, USAA is the insurance to promote. They specialise in credit cards but offer a full suite of insurance options, and they strive to support military personnel throughout their careers.

You’ll need to search “USAA” on to sign up. They offer affiliates $5 for a rental insurance lead, $10 for an auto insurance lead, and $25 for an enterprise deposit lead. They also pay out higher commissions to high-performing affiliates.

Assuming that your content meshes with the military vibes of USAA, this could be a great program for you.

Program Details

  • Sign Up: (search for USAA)
  • Commission: $1-$25 depending on the type of lead
  • Cookie: 30 days

14. Netquote

Netquote Insurance Affiliate Program

Last but not least is Netquote… This company has been providing insurance quotes since 1989. Essentially, they connect insurance hunters with insurance providers and share their own commissions with affiliates like you.

They offer a wide range of insurance types and pay their affiliates for all of them. Standard rates range from $2.50 for standard life insurance to $11 for preferred auto insurance. They also pay out bonuses based on performance and offer a $20 commission for every new insurance agent you enroll.

Program Details

Choosing The Right Insurance Affiliate Program

Insurance is a trillion dollar industry in the U.S. alone. With a pie that big, all you need is a little slice to do well.

If you can find just one or two of these insurance affiliate programs that make sense for your audience, you’ll be set.

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