In the rapidly growing world of social media marketing, platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter take center stage. Somehow, Pinterest doesn’t attract as much attention for digital marketers, despite having over 300 million active monthly users

And unlike these other types of social media, there’s a much more organic connection between people’s activity on Pinterest and businesses of all kinds. People set interest boards that directly connect to products and companies of all kinds. That’s why the average value of sales from the platform is $50, much higher than any other social network.

Tailwind has long recognized the value of Pinterest. Since 2011, they’ve been helping businesses create better opportunities from the platform. With Tailwind, you can schedule posts, monitor engagement, magnify your audience, and track analytics all from one tool. 

Is the Tailwind app the right call for your business or agency? In this guide, we’ll provide the ins and outs of the app to help you understand how to use it, its pros and cons, and everything else you need to make an informed decision. 

Note: Tailwind now offers Instagram scheduling and publishing tools, but their services are primarily targeted at Pinterest users. In addition, these services are sold separately with no discount or master plan purchase possible. 

For this review, we’ll focus on what Tailwind does best (Pinterest Marketing), but we’ll also include plenty of information about its Instagram tools too. 

Let’s jump right in! 

Tailwind App Overview

Tailwind traces its origins to the somewhat early days of Pinterest. In 2011, the development team that would launch the company was working on a marketing solution for 

They focused on a very narrow framework—how to identify brides-to-be who use Pinterest—through a series of benchmarks . It was massive success catapulting the site’s conversion rate. From here, they branched out, providing analytics and other services for all types of Pinterest users. 

Now, over 500,000 major global brands and 400 marketing agencies use their services. Big names include Shopify, The Teachers Pay Union, The New York Met Museum, and a whole lot more use Tailwind to increase their Pinterest capabilities. 

Overall, Tailwind focuses on how to maximize the efficacy of the Pinterest platform. With it, you can discover relevant content, create a posting schedule, monitor conversations, expand your audience reach, and track analytics all from an easy to use dashboard. 

Tailwind caters both to small businesses, solopreneurs, and enterprises with a variety of fixed and custom plans available. 

Getting Started With Tailwind

Tailwind offers a free trial. Interestingly, there is no time deadline for the trial. You can schedule up to 100 pins before having to commit to purchasing a plan or not. To continue with Tailwind after the limit, you have to upgrade to a Plus plan for $9.99/month. 

Sign up with the app is super straightforward. From their website, you choose either Signup With Pinterest or Signup With Instagram to connect your social account. Don’t worry; it’s not set in stone. If you want to sign up with your personal account and link your business page later (or vice versa), you can do so easily in the settings. 

Pinterest Tools

  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Pin Scheduling 
  • Content Marketing 
  • Monitoring and Trends 
  • Promotions
  • Content Optimization 
  • Content Recommendations 

Instagram Tools

  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Audience Management Tools 
  • Hashtag Monitoring 
  • Post scheduling
  • User-generated Content Management 
1 Account IncludedInstagram Analytics & Reporting
7-Day History ArchiveInstagram Audience Management
Basic Profile (& Board) MetricsInstagram Hashtag Monitoring
Basic Website InsightsInstagram Listening
Measure Post SuccessInstagram Scheduling
Multi-Account Capability +14.99 month/accountInstagram UGC Content Management
Smart SchedulingFrom $9.99/month
Unlimited Scheduling
5 Tailwind Tribes Membership
30 Monthly Tribe Submissions
250 Active Smart Loop Posts
From $9.99/month

Note: Tailwind also offers robust enterprise and agency tools including: 

  • Full profile and board reporting 
  • Keyword/Hashtag analytics 
  • Influencer Campaigns
  • Measure Pinterest ROI
  • Industry Trends 
  • Content Discovery Engine
  • Dedicated Support 

To learn more about these tools, contract Tailwind directly for a custom quote based on your business size and needs. 

Tailwind Pricing

Tailwind not only includes a free trial but is very affordable. Tailwind starts at just $9.99/month if you purchase an annual plan ($14.99 monthly) 

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Tailwind Core Features

Tailwind is packed with a variety of fantastic tools you can use. Here are some of the main features that really make the app a worthwhile investment: 

Tailwind Pinterest Features 

1. Weekly Summary

Everything happens from this main dashboard. You’ll see what you need, including follower activity, repins, domain pins, and more. 

Tailwind Weekly Summary

2. Content Management

We all know the struggle of Pinterest and only being able to place one pin at a time. With Tailwind, you can upload all your content and once. 

Instead of uploading photos individually to different boards, you take advantage of Tailwind’s useful browser extension that allows you to save images from any website. For example, if you found a great blog post, you can save to Tailwind and then post to several boards immediately. 

Tailwind Content Management

3. Tribes 

Tribes are one of the most unique features of Tailwind and set it apart from other tools. Tribes are different Tailwind user groups who pin content around similar topics. You can join tribes and share content as long as you repin at least one other tribe member. 

Overall, it’s not only a tremendous community-building tool but also an excellent arena for sourcing and trying out new content. 

Tailwind Tribes

4. Publisher 

Manage drafts, schedule pins, create word lists, and more all from one convenient location. You can also use Smart Loops, a premium feature from here. For an additional $4.99 per month, you can unlock Tailwind’s automation features that help you post and engage more efficiently. 

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Tailwind Publisher

5. Insights 

All the analytics you need, and more. You can track how well your profile is performing as well as track website and board insights, organic activity, and referral activity. 

Tailwind Insights

6.  Email Reports 

Tailwind delivers everything you need to know right to your inbox. The report tools clearly summarize how well your account is doing, including actionable insights like repinning higher-performing content or fixing pins that could be doing better. 

Tailwind Report

7. Mobile App 

Tailwind has mobile apps for both iOS and Android. The app is fully functional, including all the publisher and analytics tools you can find in the standard web-based version. 

Tailwind Android App

Tailwind Instagram Tools

There are fewer features for Instagram. Keep an eye on this area as Tailwind is sure to roll out more tools in the future. 

1. Publisher

See your drafts, schedule posts, publish busts, and keep your IG account organized. 

2. Insights

All the analytics you need along with the post inspector, which provides insights to help you craft better posts. 

Tailwind Instagram

Who Is The Tailwind App For? 

Unlike broad social media marketing tools, Tailwind obviously has a more explicit focus on Pinterest. But this is something to pay attention to. Pinterest marketing is on the rise driving 4x higher greater sales than the average digital campaign. 

If you’re looking to break into Pinterest marketing, Tailwind is the perfect tool to help you do it. It’s easy to use, lightweight, and highly affordable. Moreover, they have one of the most open trial policies out of any company. Compare the insights you get with it vs. other apps and see if it’s worth it for you not. 

On the other hand, it’s hard to give as enthusiastic a recommendation about the Instagram tools. There’s nothing wrong with them, and you can use them for a variety of things. But they’re just not as robust as others on the market. This is one area where Tailwind could improve. If they had a combined membership or more features for IG, then it absolutely would be worth it. 

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Is Tailwind Worth It? 

If Pinterest is one of your main social platforms, then absolutely. The app is powerful, easy to use, and packed with features that can help you drive leads, encourage engagement, and make the most out of your account.  

It’s affordable. At $9.99/month, it’s much more accessible to freelancers, solopreneurs, and those on tighter budgets. Finally, it’s useful. There’s a reason why Tailwind has over 500,000 corporate partnerships—because their software works! 


  • Pinterest focused 
  • Very affordable 
  • Detailed analytics 
  • Automation tools available 
  • Tribes are great for connections 
  • Helpful tutorial videos
  • Amazing browser extensions for content management
  • Mobile app
  • Pin inspector to check how well each Pin performs
  • Great hashtag recommendations for IG


  • Instagram features are limited 
  • No way to combine Pinterest and Instagram plans 
  • Not a good option for an all-in-one solution
  • No multi-image post option for IG (a common problem for many social marketing apps though) 

Tailwind App Alternatives

The social media marketing app industry has its fair share of Tailwind competitors. Two of the most prominent are Sprout Social and HubSpot. While both of these are excellent services, you’ll find the most significant drawback to either option is their pricing. 

Sprout Social 

Sprout Social is one of the most prominent players in social media marketing. It’s an all-in-one time not just for Pinterest, but also Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Sprout Social has robust features and supports up to 10 social profiles, but plans start at $99.99/month per user. 

HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot isn’t just a big name in social marketing, but a giant in the overall digital marketing arena. It includes SEO, email marketing, customer success, and social marketing tools. As great as it is though, HubSpot is a little less geared towards social and more focused on website marketing opportunities. 

Overall, HubSpot is a great enterprise solution but may be outside the reach of small businesses and freelancers. 

TailwindSprout Social
HubSpot Marketing
Pinterest TrackingAnalyticsSocial Tracking
AnalyticsAutomated PublishingInfluencer Dashboard
7-day history archiveContact ManagementBillions of sources
ReportingContent ManagementWeb crawl
Basic Content MarketingConversion TrackingSentiment Analysis
Content OptimizationCustomer TargetingEmail Marketing
Pinterest Monitoring & TrendsKeyword FilteringReports
Can Add Multiple AccountsMulti-Account ManagementAdvanced Search
SchedulingPost SchedulingFree Plan (but limited)
From $9.99/monthFrom $99/month per userFrom $50/month

Tailwind: The Bottom Line

The Tailwind app isn’t going to fill all your social media marketing needs, but that’s not what it’s designed to do. More than anything, Tailwind is a Pinterest solution. Between simplifying posting, valuable insights, discovering industry connections and more, it’s hard to beat the overall functionality and affordability of the Tailwind app. 

Whether you’ve used Pinterest for years or interested in exploring it for your next campaign, take Tailwind along with for a spin. You won’t regret it! 

Tailwind App Review
  • Pinterest Tools
  • Analytics
  • Ease of Use
  • Support
  • Affordability


Looking for a marketing tool and happen upon the Tailwind App? Tailwind is an app designed for Pinterest and Instagram that features automation tools, hashtag recommendations, and more. So, does the Tailwind App stand up to all its claims? Read our review of Tailwind App and find out.