Coupon affiliate lists are a confusing territory to navigate. While standard affiliate market arrangements work directly with a website owner or affiliate, in the case of coupon affiliate marketing, the relationship between the website owner and the advertiser is different. The interactions are not one to one and advertisers often have to interact with a whole affiliate network marketing network instead of an individual or a specific brand.

A coupon affiliate marketing career or preoccupation would require an affiliate to tie up with an affiliate network from where one’s promo code can be sent out to large coupon websites. The promo code is the cipher through which an affiliate will earn money.  Commission Junction, Impact Radius, etc. are some of the few names that are popular as affiliate networks. The following are some of the best coupon affiliate programs one can find on the internet and should consider seriously as an affiliate.

ShopHer Media

ShopHer Media is an affiliate network designed specifically for influencers with an audience of frugal shoppers. The network has been around for a long time, making them one of the more trustworthy companies to work with (I’ve actually received checks from them).

ShopHer Media has over 100 different offers related to saving money online.

They also have a few tools specifically for promoting coupons. You can easily create coupon links, galleries, and widgets with one click.

ShopHer Media Coupon Tools

Here’s an example of one of the coupon tools in action:

ShopHer Media Coupon Tool

offers affiliate programs is a coupon affiliate list that provides coupons from a variety of different niches. If you are a blogger and write or work in a specific niche, there is a good chance that you will find coupons on that pertain to your niche. The platform has coupons from Samsung, Walmart, Verizon, Dell, etc. These are only some of the popular names that are associated with the platform. There are also coupons from restaurants and popular food places. When customers click on a merchant link on and make a purchase, the platform is eligible for some commission. also has a great working partnership with affiliate networks like CJ Affiliate, Impact Radius, Rakuten, ShareASale, etc.

savings affiliate program is another platform that provides coupons of a wide variety. The platform’s website is designed such that customers can take a look at deals based on what is on the top trend on any given day. Regardless of the niche that you are working in, has something to offer to everyone. Your readers and audiences will find coupons for themselves on the platform, no matter how varied their interests are. As an influencer, you will have access to affiliate links for a variety of products, from, quite literally, hundreds of different stores. Affiliates can also earn money each time a customer prints one of’s printable coupons through their affiliate link. 

Rakuten Affiliate Program

rakuten affiliate program

Rakuten was formerly known as Ebates and is a very popular name in the coupons affiliate market. Rakuten also has a variety of different brands that advertise with the platform. Some of the popular names that are featured on the platform are Banana Republic, eBay, Walmart, Hudson’s Bay, Dell, etc, to name a few. As an affiliate, you will also get access to social media promotions, offers and exclusive giveaways. You will also be provided with a homepage hero banner, homepage right retail, as well as featured deals. Based on the niche that you are operating in, you may also get a category logo sponsor for your website.


honey affiliate program

Honey is a platform that finds and presents its customers with the best deals around the internet. The platform has a wide variety of retailers featured on it. Whether a customer is looking to shop at Macy’s or just wants to order a pizza, there is something for everyone on this platform. Affiliates with Honey are referred to as Honey Ambassadors. If you have an active digital presence, you can easily sign up to be an affiliate with Honey. As a customer, when somebody saves products in their cart, the platform automatically finds the best possible deal or offer and applies it to the product. An affiliate will be able to direct their audience or readers to this kind of privileged treatment and it can only mean good things for their own brand.


ibotta affiliate program

Ibotta is a mobile app that users can download for free on Android and iOS. It is a platform that allows customers to get real cash back in-store as well as online. All they have to do is take a photo of the receipt through the app and they can receive a cash back on their purchase. This is a coupon app that functions differently from a website. One can make payments through the Ibotta app and avail discounts. Conversely, one can also make the purchase separately and claim the discount or cash back on the app later. As an affiliate, you would benefit a lot from promoting this coupon app as your audience and readers would certainly take to the convenience of this app.

coupons brandcaster affiliate program creates a unique opportunity for affiliates and influencers to earn money by promoting popular offers and coupons from brand partners. You can sign up for the affiliate program immediately, as long as you have an established web presence or a website, and you reside in the United States. is one of the leading digital promotion platforms. It drives thousands of digital coupons and represents more than 2,000 brands. The platform has offers for specialty retailers, groceries, restaurants, etc. Affiliates are also not confined to promoting the offers in any one way. This is a flexible program that offers great freedom to its partners. With, affiliates will be able to monetize every visit to their site with integrated ads. 


retailmenot affiliate program

RetailMeNot is another platform that hosts a wide variety of offers from different brands and industries. The platform also has a way of filtering different types of coupons based on category. So there are different lists for pet coupons, for in-store coupons, for online promo codes, etc. There are also specialty pages for Black Friday Deals, Halloween Deals, Cyber Monday Deals, etc. These categories also show how many coupons were redeemed successfully on any given day. Users can also vote for the coupons that worked for them and downvote the ones that did not. This is a great platform for affiliates to partner with and to post affiliate coupons. 


dealsplus affiliate program

There is hardly any brand in the world that is not featured on DealsPlus. From Kohl’s to Old Navy to Ulta Beauty, DealsPlus boasts of a variety of different brands and promotional offers. You can also submit coupons to the platform. DealsPlus is a great platform for affiliates to be associated with as it sees a huge footfall as it is and your association with the platform will make you more trusted. One can also add any deals, coupons and links from other sites onto this site.


techbargains affiliate program

TechBargains, as the name of the platform dictates, is one of the best places to find exciting deals on technical gadgets and items. From smartphones to television sets, even to LED bulbs, TechBargains is a good place for enthusiasts to find exciting deals. The platform also has tie-ups and contacts with some of the leading stores like Amazon, Dell, Microsoft Stores. 

Slickdeals Affiliate Program

slickdeals affiliate program

Slickdeals, as the name very clearly suggests, is a platform that can provide the slickest of deals. Be it deals on apparel, on computers, credit cards, groceries, etc. There are also Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Deals that customers can avail through affiliates or otherwise. This is a coupon forum site so a lot of discussion around the coupon is initiated and carried out by the user. As an affiliate, there are several perks of being associated with Slickdeal, the first of which is to have access to a wide variety of brands. 

Start Promoting Coupon Affiliate Programs Today!

The names that have been mentioned above are some of the most popular coupon affiliate sites or lifts. Almost all platforms that have been mentioned above offer a wide range of products and also a wide range of offers and promotions. Being a coupon affiliate can be confusing at times as most standard affiliate programs simply requires one to put the link on their website. As a coupon affiliate, one will be able to browse through a variety of different offers and promos and can encourage their readers to pick any one or all. Each time a customer makes a purchase through an affiliate website, the affiliate is eligible for a commission. The commission rate for each of these programs is variable and neither is the cookie window for each of these apparent. However, these are still programs to be a part of. A member or a working association with any of these websites is a good place to start for any affiliate marketer.