Diet trends usually come in waves, and right now keto is blowing up. Not only that, but it’s well past the “fad” phase and shows no signs of slowing down. This means keto affiliate programs are exploding too, so you might as well catch the wave.

In the U.S., dietary supplements are expected to grow at an annual rate of 7.8% and should reach $194.63 billion by 2025. (1) Although the ketogenic diet is a much smaller piece of the pie, it’s also projected to grow at a steady clip of 5.3% between now and 2024. (2)

And you haven’t even heard the best part yet: Roughly a quarter of those sales happen online.

For affiliate marketers, this is all great news, because keto keywords have a high search volume and low competition. For instance, according to Ahrefs, “keto snacks” has a keyword difficulty of 10 (that’s pretty darn low), and a monthly search volume of 56k (that’s jaw-droppingly high).

At the same time… The industry isn’t quite large enough to attract a ton of big marketers with bottomless budgets, leaving plenty of room for the little guys like you to swoop in and scoop up the dough.  

And to top it all off… There are plenty of competing affiliate programs out there, making it an ideal breeding ground for solid commission rates.

With that said, the nutrition niche isn’t exactly known for colossal commissions like say, ClickFunnels or other SaaS programs. However, you can still make a ton of money if you make enough sales.

One last thing before we get started. These top 10 affiliate programs aren’t in any particular order — they’re all awesome in their own unique ways. In the end, choosing the right program comes down to finding the right match for your audience.

So without further ado, here are the top keto affiliate programs that you can start promoting today.

1. Keto Charge

Keto Charge Affiliate Program

Keto Charge is a supplement provided by FanFuel, one of our favorite supplement affiliate programs. The supplement is well-formulated and the affiliate program offers a few key benefits.

First off, the commission rate is 60%, making for an average commission of $58.26 per order. This commission rate is much higher than the rates of other comparable products.

The cookie window is 90 days, which gives affiliates plenty of time to claim sales.

Lastly, Keto Charge offers recurring commissions. Once you refer a customer, you will get commissions from that customer for life. If a customer ends up ordering monthly, you will get paid a commission for every single order.

Program Details

2. KetoKrate


KetoKrate is a monthly keto snack subscription box. Within these boxes users get a variety of sweet and savory keto foods and snacks as well as coupon savings, VIP access to KetoKrate’s keto shop, and free shipping.

If you’re audience is anywhere near the fitness sphere, KetoKrate is a great option to promote. KetoKrate’s affiliate program is run through ShareASale. They offer $10 per sale and a 30-day cookie period. Simply sign up with ShareASale and get pomoting KetoKrate!

Program Details

3. HighKey


HighKey is a keto snack company that specializes in cookies. HighKey’s products include mini cookies, caramel clusters, protein cereal, and more. HighKey uses a team of foodies and food scientists to develop tasty, yummy, ketogenic friendly snacks, and they even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

With minimal sugar (their chocolate chip mini cookies have ZERO grams), these snacks are the perfect option to promote for any space in the health and wellness industry. Highkey’s affiliate program is run through ShareASale. Simply sign up or log into ShareASale and join the HighKey affiliate program to start earning.

Program Details

4. Perfect Keto

Perfect Keto Affiliate Program

Perfect Keto is one of the biggest brands in the industry. If you’re new to the game, they have a lot of resources to get you rolling. And, if you’re a seasoned vet, they have a ton of promo materials that you can leverage, like…

  • Templates to make your own review posts
  • Best Perfect Keto blog articles to link to
  • Photos and talking points for best-selling products

…and a whole lot more.

They even give you special sales copy for emails and social media. The only catch is that you need at least 5,000 email subscribers, social media followers, or monthly website views to apply.

But if you make the cut, you’ll enjoy some extra perks:

For starters, Perfect Keto’s big brand name boosts the trust factor and warms customers up faster. But wait, there’s more, you’ll get a $50 bonus for every promotional email you send and $25 for every social share. They also run special discounts that you can use to lure buyers. For example, while I was writing this article, they had a 15%-25% discount running on their new Cinnamon Roll Keto Bars.


Which brings me to my final point. Perfect Keto has a ton of high-quality products to promote, including keto coffee, MCT oils, keto snacks, and everything else you need to stay committed to the keto diet.

Program Details

5. Healthful Pursuit

Healthful Pursuit Affiliate Program

Are you in the women’s weight loss niche, or does your audience like meal plans? If so, then Healthful Pursuit is a perfect match.

They don’t sell food, but they do sell keto meal plans, video courses, ebooks, audiobooks, and other keto info products. But even more importantly, they aren’t shy about sharing their profits. How does a 50% commission sound?

Just make sure to target women ages 18+, and you’ll enjoy high conversion rates and ridiculously low refund rates (under 0.5%).

For the right marketer, this really is a dream-of-a-program. The one downside is that they only pay every three months, so you’ll have to wait to count your dough. Other than that, there really aren’t any downsides.

Program Details

6. Omni Keto

Omni Keto Affiliate Program

Omni Keto has a superpower, and it’s called recurring commissions.

When you get someone to subscribe to a monthly box of keto goodies, you’ll get paid 10% for all their future boxes. It’s an ideal model for busy moms with keto families and time-crunched keto entrepreneurs.

The best part is that Omni Keto is actually an umbrella company for multiple brands, including:

  • Keto Delivered (subscription program)
  • Keto One (formerly KetoSoy)
  • Sate (formerly Ketolent)
  • Keto and Co.

…with more to come.

You’ll also have access to blog articles, email copy, graphics, banners, and other promotional materials. When it all shakes out, Omni Keto is a versatile keto affiliate program with recurring commissions.

Program Details

7. BulletProof

BulletProof Affiliate Program

Okay, full disclosure: I’ve been a fan of Dave Asprey and BulletProof for a while, so I’m a tad biased on this one, but… I’m not alone in thinking they’re awesome. Bulletproof has a huge fan base, and you can leverage that as an affiliate.

This legendary keto brand earned its reputation through awesome products and phenomenal marketing, and it’s the perfect brand for riding the keto wave. They’re best known for their Bulletproof coffee, which blends grass-fed butter, MCT oil, and coffee into make a fatty, delicious drink. And believe or not, you can even find Bulletproof coffee copycats in cafes all the way in Bali, Indonesia.

They also have a full line of keto supplements and snacks so your audience will never get bored. To top it all off, Bulletproof has a dedicated support team to help you every step of the way.

The best part though is their epic tracking cookie. That’s right, if customers buy something within four months of clicking your affiliate link, you’ll still get paid.

Not too shabby.

Program Details


KetoGeek Affiliate Program

Do you have at least 5,000+ engaged followers across all platforms? Then Ketogeek wants you to join their affiliate army.

Their lack of product options might seem like a downside at first glance, but this can actually make it more attractive to the right audience.

Here are a few niches that I think could really crush it with Ketogeek:

  • Backpacking
  • Hiking
  • Hunting
  • Camping
  • Climbing
  • Extreme sports of all kinds
  • Survivalists
  • Weight lifting
  • CrossFit

…and anyone else who lives a highly-active keto lifestyle.

Heck, you can probably even target busy entrepreneurs who need a meal on the go. Ketogeek currently only has only two products: Energy Pods and ghee butter. The Energy Pods are perfect for suppressing hunger, refueling after a workout, or taking with you on a hike.

In the world of affiliate marketing, micro-niche products like Ketogeek can do really well. Long tracking cookie? You bet.

Program Details

  • Sign Up:
  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie: 120 days

9. Kiss My Keto

Kiss My Keto Affiliate Program

Whether it’s keto snacks, keto coffee, keto supplements, or ketone testing strips, chances are your keto audience will find what they’re looking for with Kiss My Keto.

Whereas most keto affiliate programs pay only once a month, Kiss My Keto pays bi-weekly. At the same time, they offer a competitive commission rate of up to 20% for qualified affiliates.

They have three affiliate tiers depending on your level of influence:

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  • Reps: bloggers with medium-sized followings (1,000+ social media followers)
  • Influencers: bloggers and influencers with a large following (5,000+ social media followers)
  • Health Professionals: nutritionists, physicians, life coaches, trainers

Get early access to new products, entice your audience with 10% off coupons, and login to their affiliate support to track your performance. They also feature some ready-to-roll keto starter kits and pre-made food bundles that’ll boost your average cart value.

Program Details

10. KetoLogic

KetoLogic Affiliate Program

KetoLogic is a trusted brand with a stellar affiliate program. But most importantly, their products taste great (hey, it’s a food — taste matters). After all, if your affiliate products aren’t awesome, you’re audience will eventually stop following your recommendations.

KetoLogic’s team is dedicated to supporting their customers and affiliates on their keto journey. In other words, if you can drive the traffic, they can finish the sale. Plus, their average cart value is darn near 100 smackeroos. 

But they don’t just sell food, they also sell coaching services, and yep, you can earn commissions on those too. Need more help boosting sales? No problem. KetoLogic has a fancy affiliate widget to install on your site, along with other campaign creatives like banner ads and promo codes.

Program Details

11. Keto AF

Keto AF Affiliate Program

Keto AF is perfect for bodybuilding and fitness niches. Customers get 10% off their first order, and affiliates get a whopping 25% commissions with monthly payouts.

Their product line includes a pre-workout, exogenous ketones, a nootropic, and a sleep aid. They also sell a couple of ebooks on how to get shredded with the keto diet.

If you have an audience of CrossFit athletes, weight lifters, or other competitive athletes, the conversions and payouts with Keto AF can be substantial.

Program Details

12. KetoNatural Pet Foods

KetoNatural Pet Foods

Sometimes our furry friends need a little keto love too, and when they do, you can make money as an affiliate for KetoNatural dog food. It’s less than 3% carbohydrates, whereas most dry pet foods contain between 30% and 70% carbs.

KetoNatural pays a flat $20 fee per sale, but since the bags range from $30-$100, that works out to a 20%-67% commission rate.

Obviously, if you have a dog blog or a dog-centric social media following, then KetoNatural is a perfect match, but regular keto audiences should also convert.  After all, people love their pets, and if they’re truly stoked about the keto diet they’ll want their dogs on it too.

NOTE: roughly 80% of KetoNatural’s customers are women.

Program Details

13. Real Ketones

Real Ketones Affiliate Program

Real Ketones is geared for the true keto nerds out there, so if you cater to a hardcore following of keto-heads, this could be a great fit. Most of their products, which range from supplements to chips, contain exogenous ketones, which can help ease the transition into ketosis.

PRO TIP: if don’t know what any of that means, then this isn’t the right affiliate program for you.

They pay 15% with a 90-day tracking cookie, which is absolutely awesome. And, on a similar note, their premium prices make for higher commissions (one bag of keto chips costs $27.99). They also offer a 10% coupon code to entice buyers.

When it’s all said and done, Real Ketones has one of the highest conversion rates in the industry (despite selling that astronomically expensive bag of chips).

Program Details

Start Promoting Keto Affiliate Programs

Well, that’s the 411 on the top keto affiliate programs of 2019. Commissions tend to hover between 10%-20%, but some pay as much as 50% (like Healthful Pursuit).

In the end, it all depends on who your audience is:

  • Die-hard keto junkies love Real Ketone.
  • Muscle-hungry weightlifters eat up Keto AF.
  • Women 18-and-over can’t get enough of the meal plans from Healthful Pursuit.

And of course, there’s always the persuasive trust factor of companies like Perfect Keto and Bulletproof.

The good news is that people who do the ketogenic diet are usually pretty passionate about it, so if you choose your programs wisely you can do really well.

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