It seems like they’re everywhere these days… Glinting in the daylight and gathering the sun’s energy.

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular. They save on electricity and reduce fossil fuel consumption. In a nutshell, they offer a win-win for consumers and the planet.

But wait, there’s a third win too: as an affiliate who promotes solar panels, you’ll get to bask in the glow of passive income. That’s why we put together this collection of the best solar affiliate programs.

Let’s dive in!

1. GoGreen Solar

GoGreen Solar Affiliate Program

Quick math…what’s 3% of $890? The answer is solid green cash in your pocket!

GoGreen Solar’s affiliate program has an average order value of $890. Plus, it runs on Share-A-Sale: one of the most trusted affiliate management networks in the biz. As an affiliate, you’ll get access to informational materials and reporting tools.

The best part, however, is that you’ll benefit from their well above average order values. At the same time, customers get a price-match guarantee, financing options, and free shipping on orders over $150.

Their hottest selling products are…

  • Solar Panels
  • Complete Grid-Tie Solar Panel Kits
  • Inverters/Solar Racking Hardware

All-in-all, it’s a win-win-win!

Program Details

2. SunPower


SunPower is a solar power company that aims to help customers find a solar solution, at an affordable price. Tehy provide solar energy panels for homeowners, businesses, government, homebuilders, and anyone else interested in adding this kind of energy saver to their location. They include access to a design studio, where customers can build their own system online to see exactly how it would look and work. They also provide online estimates, virtual consultations, and are already used by a variety of large and well-known businesses.

With their simple, safe, and savings-centered process for adding solar panels to any home or business, SunPower can be a successful affiliate program option for any promoter within the solar energy business. Additionally, they offer a generous commission at $75 per lead with a cookie period of 45 days. Their program is run through ShareASale, simply sign up and join the SunPower affiliate program to start promoting.

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3. Overland Solar

Overland Solar Affiliate Program

Overland Solar produces portable solar systems for the outdoor, military, and RV markets. So if you have a blog about camping, the outdoors, RV life, or travel, they could be a great program for you.

Commissions are 10-15% and most products are in the hundreds of dollars. When it all shakes out, their average cart value is $300+. Weave their products into your RV blog and turn on the money tap!

Program Details

4. Inergy

Inergy Affiliate Program

Inergy sells a portable solar-powered charging station, and it’s one of the fastest-charging and longest-lasting in its class. It’s perfect for off-grid living in a campervan or a cabin in the woods.

But what about that commision? 10% with an average order of $1850, a.k.a. $185 per sale.

Granted, you have to take into consideration that these are not quick impulse buys, which means Inergy’s affiliate program is best for people who have an established following and/or warm leads. However, if you have authority in the RV and camping niche, then by all means jump on board.

Program Details

  • Sign Up:
  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie: 30 days

5. Pick My Solar

Pick My Solar Affiliate Program

Pick My Solar makes a living on friendly service, free advice, and stress-free sales tactics. If you want to make sure your audience doesn’t have to deal with pushy salesmen, then they’re a great option.

Do any of these categories describe you?

  • Green energy blog
  • Home design content
  • A modern audience that will appreciate the 100% online experience

It’s also worth noting that Pick My Solar is powered by Google Sunroof, which ads to the hipness of this modern, savvy brand.

Program Details

  • Sign Up:
  • Commission: they have four-tiered system. Tier One: $100 per confirmed project & $0 per confirmed interest; Tier Two: $125 per confirmed project & $3 per confirmed interest. Tier Three: $160 per confirmed project & $5 per confirmed interest. Tier Four: $200 per confirmed project & $7 per confirmed interest. Affiliates progress up the tiers based on number of referrals.
  • Cookie: 30 days

6. Biolite

Biolite Affiliate Program

Not everyone out there is looking to put solar panels on their roof! For those who just want to cook, charge, and cast some light while on foot, Biolite is the way to go. They sell stoves, power systems, and lighting systems for off-grid use, and many of there kits combine these functions.

There are two major markets for these:

  • Camping
  • Outdoor sports like hunting and snowboarding
  • Emergency preparedness and survivalists

When you really break it down, these are some huge markets to leverage. Everyone should have an emergency kit, and survivalists are always rabid for new, innovative gear.

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Affiliates get a sweet deal on all their products, so you can actually buy them and endorse them. You’ll also get to preview new products before they launch.

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7. DayOne Gear

DayOne Gear Solar Affiliate Program

If you’re in the emergency preparedness or survivalist niche, then you should do well with DayOne Gear. In addition to solar power kits, they also sell survival kits, emergency gear, long-term food storage, solar power kits, and first aid products.

Their line of solar-powered gear includes solar laptop chargers, small panel kits, and solar power backpacks. And with a 365-day cookie, you’ll have plenty of time to warm up your audience for some upsells.

Prepare you audience for disasters and prepare you bank account for some serious earnings.

Program Details

  • Sign Up:
  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie: 365 days

8. SunJack

Sunjack Affiliate Program

SunJack is consumer-friendly and affiliate-friendly. This nifty portable solar charger keeps you powered-up no matter where you are. Charge your phones, tablets, GoPros, JawBone devices, and any other (small) electronics you can think of.

Depending on your following, you can sell SunJack to…

  • Survivalists
  • Travelers
  • Military personnel
  • Hunters
  • Backpackers

SunJack partners with Share-A-Sale to manage their affiliate program, so you’ll have to create an account with them and search for Sunjack to join.

Program Details

  • Sign Up: (search for SunJack in the “Merchants” section)
  • Commission: 20%
  • Cookie: 30 days

9. The Home Depot

Home Depot Affiliate Program

There are a couple sweet things about referring traffic to Home Depot. For one, they carry some huge brand recognition, which makes converting a whole lot easier.

Secondly, they sell such a wide range of products that there are plenty of opportunities for upsells. This is brilliant because if your customer doesn’t buy a solar product and buys something else instead, you’ll still get paid. In any case, they stock a wide range of solar products that make homes more energy efficient.

Home Depot has both an American and a Canadian affiliate program. Depending on your audience, it may make sense to join and link to both.

Overall, Home Depot is an excellent match if you have a DIY audience. The only downside is that the cookie lasts just 24 hours, so you’ll have to convert fast.

Program Details

10. Solar Direct

Solar Direct Solar Affiliate Program

Solar Direct is a three-tiered referral program where you get paid to grow help grow their affiliate army. This means that you make money on the sales and commissions of all the affiliates you recruit, and all of the affiliates that your affiliates recruit.

Solar Direct supplies you with how-to guides and tools to create custom text and image links for any product.

This program is a great fit if you have a following of aspiring affiliate marketers. Customers get to choose from over 600 high-quality solar products, plus they also sell pools, spas, and heating accessories.

Program Details

  • Sign Up:
  • Commission: Three-tiered system: 5% on all qualifying affiliate sales, 2% on sales from affiliates that you recruited, 1% on all affiliates sales from the affiliates that your affiliates recruited
  • Cookie: Unknown

11. Goal Zero

Goal Zero Solar Affiliate Program

Goal Zero sells robust, portable solar charging units. Ideally, your audience will resonate with their charitable mission as well, which is to bring portable, reliable electricity to people in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Their affiliate program is powered by the Pepperjam affiliate network. And they offer a 5% commision with an average sale of $350.

All-in-all, Goal Zero can be a profitable and charitable program to endorse.

Program Details

Go Green And Earn Green

The solar power industry is only going to keep growing, and it’s a great time to get in on the ground floor as an affiliate.

Depending on your audience, you can promote everything from a small and inexpensive solar charger to a full-on solar power kit. Go green and earn some green at the same time!

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