Scheduling social media messages is a necessity in today’s fast-paced digital environment. As nice as it would be to have social media interns monitoring daily trends and posting in real-time, this isn’t feasible for most of us.

I try to schedule social media posts one week at a time. This allows me to “set and forget” this aspect of marketing while also ensuring that the content is still relevant.

Like many social marketers, I use Hootsuite for most of my social media scheduling. The Hootsuite platform is great for scheduling across networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ but it’s definitely lacking when it comes to Instagram.

Many Instagram scheduling apps require you to confirm the post before it goes live. These apps create the post and push it to your phone where you can publish it. This doesn’t take very long, but it’s counterproductive to the “set and forget” approach.

Have no fear, Grum is here.

NOTE: I switched to OnlyPult for Instagram post scheduling. Click here to see why

What is is an incredibly simple Instagram scheduling tool (as you’ll notice from their ‘one-page’ website). The tool allows you to automatically schedule your Instagram posts without having to confirm the posts at a later point. This is really the main point of and the company does a great job of keeping it simple. Don’t expect fancy analytics, trend analysis, or any other fancy features. Simple features means simple (and fair) pricing. Plans start at $4.98 per account and go as low as $2.95 per account.

Grum Co Pricing

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I was able to snag the AppSumo deal awhile back for a lifetime deal, but even the monthly pricing is fair.

Instagram Scheduling With Grum

The Grum user interface is incredibly easy to use. You can switch between the “Timeline” and “Scheduled” tabs to manage your posts. The “Scheduled” layout is nice because it gives a visual representation of how your feed will look when you go live.

We’ll walk through the process real quick using a brand new account.

Grum Dashboard

Simply click to add media or drag your photo in.

Instagram Scheduling

Once you’ve added your image, you have a few basic options. You can set your caption and add emojis right from the desktop.

My favorite feature is the “First Comment.” Grum allows you to automatically add the first comment to your post. This can be a great way to add up to 30 hashtags to increase exposure without stuffing the caption area.

From there, you can either post immediately or schedule for later. There is no confirmation needed after that – the app will take care of everything. If you need to go back at a later point and edit the post, you can do so from the “Scheduled” tab.

Grum allows both photo and video posting.

Bulk Uploading

Currently, Grum doesn’t offer the same type of bulk uploading options as tools like Hootsuite BUT it is still pretty easy to schedule multiple posts at a time. You can drag multiple images/videos into the Grum dashboard and schedule them simultaneously.

Bulk Instagram Scheduling

Does Grum Put Your Account at Risk?

So, the reason why tools like HootSuite required the extra step of having the user publish the post is because of Instagram’s automation rules. I’m not 100% sure how Grum bypasses this. They may manually do the posting as they claim that they do not use the API. I don’t really care how they get it done because it works.

I’ve been using Grum for over a year and haven’t had any issues with Instagram terms violations.

Grum vs. OnlyPult

Back when I started using Grum, it was one of the only tools offering both automatic posting AND the first comment functionality. Since then, a tool called OnlyPult has become more popular. So, which is better?

At the time of this initial review, I was primarily using Grum. I have recently switched all of my Instagram scheduling to OnlyPult. You can read my OnlyPult review to see why.

OnlyPult is slightly more expensive than Grum, but not enough to be a deal breaker. Both tools have free trials so you can feel free to try them both out. Review
  • Scheduler
  • Ease of Use
  • Value


Grum is an Instagram scheduler tool used for automatically scheduling your Instagram photos and videos. The tool is most known for it’s single-click scheduling and first comment feature. Check out this review to see if Grum is a good fit for your social media marketing needs.