What is Quuu Promote?

Quuu is a content curation service that helps business owners schedule content for their social media campaigns. Quuu users can enter a few of their audiences’ interests, choose the frequency of posting, and decide whether they want Quuu to post automatically or after manual approval. Think of this like HootSuite with better content recommendations. All content is hand-reviewed by Quuu’s team (it actually is). So where does Quuu Promote come in?

As mentioned above Quuu is a content curation service. Business owners need content and content creators want their content to be shared. A match has been made.

Quuu Promote allows content creators to submit their content into the Quuu content curation system. If the content is approved, it will be shared by other business owners on social media channels.

How Much Does It Cost?

With Quuu Promote, you pay for each post you want shared. Pricing is based on the popularity of your content’s category, and prices range from $10 to $50 per post. For example, to share a post related to social media marketing would cost $50, whereas a post related to hunting would only cost $10.When your promotion is approved, your content is added to the Quuu recommendations for 30 days.

quuu promote categories

How do You Set It Up?

First things first, you need to sign up here.

After that, you click “Promote a Post” and enter the URL of the post you’d like to share.

Quuu Promote Submit URL

You have the option to craft your message and include a relevant image (optional). You can create different messages for Twitter and longer form social shares (like Facebook and Google+).

I recommend adding your Twitter handle to the message so you can keep track of all of the shares.

Quuu promote Messages

Once you fill everything out, your submission will be manually reviewed. If it is approved, promotion will begin.

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Quuu Promote will provide basic analytics that show how many times a post was shared and clicked.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect?

I’ve generally promoted posts within the $30-$50 categories and typically receive an average of 500 shares (ranging from 300-800).

The amount of clicks you get will vary by niche. It’s also up to you to make your content compelling so people want to click on it.

Here are my results for a campaign in the tech niche:

quuu results - tech niche

Results for a “viral quiz” post:

quuu results - quiz

Results for a post in the”Life Hacks” category:

quuu results - lifehack

Results for a post from Marketing Logiq (2 weeks in):

quuu promote - results

Quuu Promote definitely delivers when it comes to social sharing. That said, you shouldn’t expect too much quality traffic. Most of the people sharing your content are sharing TONS of content on a regular basis.

Here is a screenshot of the Google Analytics from the Marketing Logiq promotion campaign.

quuu promote - google analytics

Is Quuu Promote Worth the Money?

The answer to this question depends on your goal. If you are looking to increase social shares from real account for SEO purposes or other reasons, yes, Quuu definitely delivers.

If you are looking to generate quality traffic, no. You have a lot of better options. For example, the $50 I spent to promote the Marketing Logiq post would have been better spent on a Facebook Ads campaign, Outbrain campaign, or some other low CPC paid advertising promotion.

Granted, I could have put more effort into making my promotion more compelling, however I’ve run many campaigns through Quuu and none of them have delivered the quality traffic I desired.

Quuu Promote Review
  • Value
  • Traffic Generation
  • Ease-of-Use
  • Social Sharing


Quuu Promote is a service that helps brands and bloggers get their content shared by hundreds of social media users in their niches. The service is straightforward, easy-to-use, and effective for certain goals. Read further to see if Quuu Promote is a good match for you.