Social media is important – we all know that. However, scheduling content can be just as difficult and tiresome as coming up with awesome ideas for social media posts themselves.

To streamline your social media marketing approach, it’s time that you consider using some of the best social media scheduling tools.

A good social media management tool will serve as much more than just an option to help you line up posts. The perfect social media management tools will improve and streamline your entire social media management process, making you much more efficient so that you have more time to push out awesome content – and to develop strong, lasting connections with your audience and customers in real-time.

Social Media Scheduling

So what are you waiting for? Each business will have a different social media approach -and, therefore, a different social media scheduling tool that works for them. But as you begin your search, it’s a good idea to keep a few of the top contenders in mind.

In this guide, we’ve gathered up some of the best social media scheduling tools you can consider on your journey to a better approach to social media – and a rock-solid marketing strategy.

Best Social Media Scheduling Tools

Are you looking to change the way you work with your many social accounts? If so, consider using one of these scheduling tools to overhaul your social media calendar.

1. Hootsuite

Best Scheduling Tool for Social Media-Hootsuite

Hootsuite is often considered one of the best social media scheduling tools, but it goes beyond just posting content.

With Hootsuite, you’ll have access to a comprehensive solution for social media management across multiple social accounts. Just about every single one of the major social media platforms is accessible with this tool.

This platform has a unique social monitoring feature that will let you search and filter multiple social media accounts to find brand mentions, demographic information, and insights. You can schedule content from multiple profiles across multiple social media sites. That way, you can make sure your social media marketing efforts are timed and targeted exactly where they need to be.

It offers analytics for social media performance, too, so it’s easy for you to see how well your posts are doing.

2. MeetEdgar

Best Scheduling Tool for Social Media-Meetedgar

MeetEdgar is a social media management app that is compatible with Chrome, iOS, and the web. It’s designed to be used to schedule posts on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

This social media scheduling platform doesn’t offer analytics like many of the other ones we’ll tell you about on this list – but that’s not really what it’s for. Instead, this is one of the best social media scheduling apps if you’re interested in bulk importing content for a variety of social media networks.

It’s a fully automated program that will let you do everything from finding quote-worthy text from links to composing updates to go along with them. IT can even generate variations on past updates, letting you recycle and publish posts without running the risk of duplicating content.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth look at MeetEdgar, check out our complete MeetEdgar review here.

3. Later

Best Scheduling Tool for Social Media-Later

Later is another scheduling app that’s great for Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. However, you can only use it to post images and visual content.

The beauty of Later is that it is free to use. You can count a full Facebook page, Twitter account, and Pinterest account as part of your media scheduling profile. With the free plan, you’ll get this one “social set” that allows you to schedule up to 30 posts.

4. Onlypult

Best Scheduling Tool for Social Media-Onlypult

Onlypult is one of the newer tools out there to help you schedule posts and manage your social media scheduling – but it’s a real up-and-comer that you need to consider.

It is compatible with a long list of social media platforms, letting you schedule posts for platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, GMB, OK, VK, Tumblr, Telegram, Pinterest, WordPress, and more.

Want a closer look at this social media scheduling tool? Check out our full review of Onlypult here.

5. Sprout Social

Best Scheduling Tool for Social Media-Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the top social media scheduling tools you can consider. From small businesses to large agencies, just about everyone raves about how simple this social media management tool is to use.

With Sprout Social, you can jump back and forth between different social media networks, so you don’t have to have multiple social media management tools for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and so on. You can publish simultaneously for a more organized approach.

Plus, Sprout Social offers a variety of analytics tools so that you can not only schedule social media posts but also track the analytics of each post across multiple social media channels. That way, you can tweak your strategy as needed moving forward.

Check out our complete review of Sprout Social if you’re looking to learn more about this tool.

6. Post Planner

Best Scheduling Tool for Social Media-Post Planner

Post Planner is one of the best social media scheduling tools out there, but it can also help with content curation. It will curate posts based on keywords and hashtags, helping you figure out relevant bits of information to post to keep your audience engaged and hooked to your brand.

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7. CoSchedule

Best Scheduling Tool for Social Media- CoSchedule

CoSchedule is another great option if you want to save time on all of your social media efforts. This tool is great for teams, letting you integrate with your company’s blog via WordPress. You can publish and push content to social media platforms simultaneously.

There’s even an integrated Top Content Report that will keep track of the engagement and social shares on all the social networks you’re tapped into.

8. Feedly

Best Scheduling Tool for Social Media-Feedly

If you’re looking for a social media tool that will do more than just schedule and post content, you might want to consider Feedly. This social media management tool will help with content curation along with just posting.

Feedly is one of the most unique social media tools because it automatically curates content rather than waiting for you to plug in the data. You won’t have to scramble to find news or relevant pieces of information to fill your feed- Feedly will do it for you!

9. Airtable

Best Scheduling Tool for Social Media-Airtable

Airtable can be used for managing your social media accounts as well as any other tasks you need to organize, simplify, and manage.

This unique social media management software combines content planning and social media so that you can not only plan future content but figure out ways to promote them across multiple accounts. It’s a comprehensive calendar and a social media poster, rolled all into one.

10. Tweetdeck

Best Scheduling Tool for Social Media-Tweetdeck

If you’re focusing primarily on your social media calendar for Twitter and you aren’t interested in a tool that will let you manage multiple accounts, Tweetdeck is the way to go.

This social media management platform is a relatively straightforward scheduling tool that will let you line up tweets across multiple accounts. Easy peasy!

11. Planable

Best Scheduling Tool for Social Media-Planable

Planable is just like many of the other social media scheduling tools on this list, but it emphasizes social media marketing across an entire team of collaborators. IT has a unique commenting and approval system for scheduling posts so that all of your team members can fine-tune the content before it goes live.

12. Sked Social

Best Scheduling Tool for Social Media-Sked Social

Formerly known as Schedugram, this is a social media scheduler that is meant to be used specifically for fine-tuning your social media strategy on Instagram.

It will let you prepare photos, hashtags, and captions for repeated use. It has a real-time, drag-and-drop format so that it’s easy to adjust your posts as needed.

13. Buffer

Best Scheduling Tool for Social Media-Buffer

Buffer is an excellent tool that you can use to post to your favorite social media platforms while also analyzing the results. Its major benefit is that, compared to other social media scheduling tools, it is super easy to use. You don’t have to be a “techie” in order to navigate it!

Buffer has a “Top Post” icon that will allow you to compare different forms of content – that way; you can see what works best for each network. It allows for seamless Google Analytics integration so you can track your progress with all of your marketing teams and networks, too.

14. SEMrush

Best Scheduling Tool for Social Media-SEMrush

SEMrush is a social media management app that is known for being an inclusive SEO software platform with multiple potential uses- but it also incorporates useful tools for social media management across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more.

With SEMrush, you can schedule posts to your various social media platforms and access all of your media library in one place. It’s efficient and easy to use, even letting you manage ads across Instagram, Facebook, the Audience Network, and Facebook Messenger.

15. Sendible

Best Scheduling Tool for Social Media-Sendible

Sendible is one of the best post schedulers out there if you are working with an entire team. You can use all kinds of scheduling, calendar, and queuing tools to post – plus, you can preview and customize posts on each individual platform with ease. It might be the best social media scheduling tool out there for large agencies!

How Do You Schedule Social Media Content?

Scheduling social media content can be challenging. It requires a great deal of creativity, planning, and organizational skills. If you’re working by yourself without a team or with limited resources, it can be super challenging to come up with a new social media posting (especially for multiple accounts) every day.

Creating a content calendar for yourself can help, especially if you have specific goals in mind that you’d like to tackle. However, one of the best ways to improve your social media performance is to curate and schedule content with a social media scheduler like the ones we’ve discussed in this post.

There’s no single best social media content planning tool for everyone – but trust us when we say, this is something you’ll want to consider for sure. Social media scheduling is the best way to take your company’s performance across all social networks from “blah” to “bravo!”