Lots of people try to lose weight… But it’s never that easy. They need help shedding the pounds, and that’s why the weight loss industry (and their affiliate programs) are thriving. In fact, Americans spend upwards of $60 billion a year trying to lose weight.

Since programs usually sell with zero marginal cost, they tend to be generous with their affiliate commissions. That means there’s plenty of opportunity for people like you to promote them, and cash in on the business of losing weight.

Before we get started, I just wanted to mention one quick thing: These affiliate programs aren’t in any particular order. They’re all awesome in their own special ways, and picking the right ones is about finding the best match for your target audience.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the top ten weight loss affiliate programs of 2019!

1. FanFuel

FanFuel Affiliate Program

FanFuel is a supplement company that offers affiliate programs for a range of leading weight loss supplements. You can find affiliate offers for weight loss supplements, fat burners, keto supplements, and more.

The best part of the FanFuel program is that the commission rates are particularly high. Most of the leading offers have commission rates of 40-60%. Compare this to Amazon’s 4% and it’s clear that the commissions can add up quickly.

On top of that, FanFuel uses a 90-day tracking cookie and pays affiliates for recurring sales. Once you refer a customer, that is your customer for life, and you will get a commission on every order they place.

FanFuel utilizes the EverFlow tracking system, making it easy to create tracking links, sub-tracking, and everything else you need to run a successful campaign.

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2. HealthTrader


HealthTrader is a health and wellness affiliate network that provides a wide variety of affiliate programs, including many focused on weight loss. This network not only provides high-quality offers, but also includes resources, widgets, reporting, analytics, and tracking to better help you gain conversions and revenue.

HealthTrader’s affiliate offers include many weight loss supplements such as thyroid support affiliates, Keto diet supplement affiliates, and many more.

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3. MarketHealth


MarketHealth is another top health and beauty affiliate network. This affiliate network aims to ensure that it provides the top payouts and commissions by providing affiliates for best selling health products. MarketHealth includes exclusive and global offers, advanced tracking software, and free resources to provide for your advertising needs.

Affiliate offers on MarketHealth include a large amount of weight loss focused affiliates including ketosis supplement affiliates, cellucite supplement affiliates, and many more.

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4. Bistro MD

Bistro MD Weight Loss Affiliate Program

Bistro MD is a doctor-designed, chef-prepared food delivery plan. This combo makes it a little more high-end and carries a solid trust factor. It’s a great program for diet review websites, health and wellness bloggers, fitness influencers, and coupon distributors. Everything about their site, branding, and marketing screams “GREAT PRODUCT!” And the best part is that customers love it.

At first glance, the 7% commission might seem pretty low, but when you take a closer look Bistro MD affiliates average $16.90 USD per click. That’s a pretty solid average EPC. So, why does it perform so well? Because it’s a quality program that customers are willing to keep paying for time and again. You’ll also have a dedicated program manager, solid promotional offers, attractive banners, a bi-weekly newsletter.

As you can see, there are tons of reasons to give Bistro MD a try.  Pssst…the one downside, however, is that they only offer a $45 flat commission per sale, but they run regularly bonus programs to make up for it.

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5. Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers Affiliate Program

Who hasn’t heard of Weight Watchers? This doctor-recommended weight loss program launched in 2003 and has been the highest-earning weight loss affiliate program on CJ Affiliates for a while now. The only downsides are that it has a flat commission rate of $10 per signup and the cookie lasts only 14 days.

So how is it still a top earner with such a short cookie and low commissions? Because it carries the trust factor of a known brand name, and that makes converting customers a whole lot easier. On top of that, they give their affiliates a lot of tools to succeed, like a dedicated support team and a variety of promo materials. Given the low commission rate though, this program is best for marketers with a large reach who can do a high volume of sales.

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6. Tony Robbins: The Path to Weight Loss

Tony Robbins Affiliate Program

Tony Robbins? Wait, why is he in the weight loss category?

His self help programs are all about improving people’s lives from health to wealth, and that includes losing weight. On a revenue-per-click basis, The Path to Weight Loss is a big earner in the weight loss category, and because the program is priced at $229, the 15% cut ends up being a nice chunk of change. Although most sales happen in the US, Tony’s programs frequently sell in markets all over the world.

But the biggest perk of becoming a Tony affiliate is that his brand name carries a massive amount of weight. He’s the face of the #1 personal development brand of all time (no exageration).

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7. Diet Direct

Diet Direct Affiliate Program

Diet Direct sells all sorts of drinks, bars, and snacks for people who are trying to cut calories. But most importantly, their affiliate program pays recurring commissions.

After earning an initial 10% commission, affiliates still continue to earn 5% on all subsequent sales. It’s the sales that keep on selling! Plus, they average over $100 per sale. Additionally, their products can be a great complement to weight loss education programs like Tony Robbins or Weight Loss Evolved.

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8. Maximum Slim

Maxium Slim Weight Loss

This program includes a range of weight loss supplements from tea and coffee to vitamins and supplements. Their most popular product is their green coffee, which contains herbal extracts that are designed to help you lose weight.

Commissions can be substantial, especially if you have a blog in the women’s fitness niche or are a female social media influencer. It also pairs great with education weight loss courses like Weight Loss Evolved, and meal plan programs like Weight Watchers.

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9. ACE Fitness

Ace Weight Loss Affiliate Program

Ace Fitness has been helping people get fit and lose weight for over 30 years. Do you have an audience of gung-ho health and fitness enthusiasts?

With their diverse range of courses and certifications, Ace is the perfect match for serious health junkies. In fact, over 90,000 health and fitness professionals are already signed up as affiliates.

The only downside is that their commission rate is a little on the low side…

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10. Zotrim

Zotrim Weight Loss Affiliate Program

Zotrim is an herbal weight loss supplement that’s been on the market for over 15+ years and is stocked in major brick-and-mortar stores across the country.

Do you have an international website with traffic in multiple languages? A unique advantage of Zotrim is that it has promo materials in several major languages and currencies. The best part of the program, though, (aside from the 30% commission) is that they have an average conversion rate of 22.7% and an average cart value of $60.03.

If you’re a blogger, they also have a nifty calculator tool where you can estimate your potential earnings based on site traffic. They also have tons of promo materials to request, including before and after photos and infographics.

Program Details

  • Sign Up: https://moreniche.com/offers/zotrim/
  • Commission: 30%
  • Cookie: not available

11. Beach Body

Beach Body Weight Loss Affiliate Program

Get ready to fatten your wallet! Beach Body is a combination of digital and physical products with a little something for everyone who’s trying to get in shape.

The Beach Body Course includes:

  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga
  • Resistance Training
  • Ab Building
  • Nutritional Guidance

It’s literally a buffet of options that can work well with a variety of target audiences.

The catch is that in order to sell their stuff you first have to “become a Beachbody coach.” To become a coach, you’ll have to buy a book for $39.95 that teaches you about their products. You’ll also have to pay an additional $15.95/month to continue selling.

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12. Nutritiously

Nutriciously Weight Loss Affiliate Program

Do you have an audience that’s serious about losing weight and making the transition to veganism? Then Nurtitiously’s affiliate program could be a great match for you. They also recommend having a health and wellness blog with a decent following before you apply.

Keep in mind that due to the number of affiliate requests, they aren’t able to respond to all of them. So if you don’t hear back from them right away, just keep trying—it’ll be worth the wait.

Affiliates and customers alike keep raving about how great the program is. Nutritiously comes equipped with a weight loss guide, cookbook, meal plan, formulas, and worksheets. To top it all off, the commissions are pretty awesome.

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Final Thoughts on Weight Loss Affiliate Programs

Overall, weight loss affiliate programs are an excellent niche to promote for two reasons. First off, they’re evergreen. Fitness trends come and go, but people will always be willing to spend money to lose weight.

Secondly, it actually helps people. If you can encourage someone to join a program, lose weight, and live a healthier life, they’ll thank you for it. So go ahead and take your pick of these programs, throw your weight behind them, and tip the scales in your favor.

PRO TIP: try combining an educational workout program (like Beach Body), a food program (like Diet Direct), and a supplement (like Zotrim). That way you’ll hit the entire industry from all angles. Now get out there and help people shed pounds while you stack commissions.

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