A quiet battle has been raging in the world of marketers for years now over one all-important question. What should you put in the bottom right-hand corner of your page? 

Should it be a chatbox? What about a knowledge library? Why not a phone number? How about something else? 

Until now, most sites could only choose one of these options. This meant that they lost out on engagement with users who would prefer another mode of communication. 

That’s where BirdSeed comes in, proposing an easy and effective solution to this dilemma—don’t choose when you can have them all. 

With it, you can easily set up an all-in-one customer engagement panel that includes: 

  • Live Chat
  • Contact Form
  • Email Capture
  • Phone Contact
  • Testimonials 
  • Event Announcements
  • Schedule Meetings
  • Link Launcher
  • Call Request
  • Video Showcase
  • User Feedback
  • Knowledge Library

There are other conversion tools out there, such as Picreel, so how does BirdSeed measure up? In this review, we’ll explore why a tool like BirdSeed is a good idea for anybody engaged in digital marketing. In addition, we’ll also discuss the BirdSeed app, including its main features, pricing, how to use it, and everything else you’ll need to determine whether it’s something you should start using on your web platform. 

What Is BirdSeed? 

BirdSeed is 12 powerful tools rolled into one simple panel that you add to your website. The goal is to be a complete customer engagement platform to both attract new customers as well as maintain relationships with existing ones. 

BirdSeed’s developers founded the company in response to a real problem. They owned a company that helped businesses monitor fleet vehicles. While the site attracted many visitors, less than 5% of them engaged in follow-ups like an email or other form of contact. 

The idea was that even a small increase in conversion rate would significantly improve sales. So, they created a tool to offer options from every stage in the customer cycle giving flexibility to individual preference. 

This is where the name “BirdSeed” comes in. If you want to attract birds to your backyard and want them to stay as long as possible, what do you do? There’s no way of knowing what types of birds will show up. So, you should set out a blend of different seeds to appeal to all of them. 

The result is that the birds will not only stay around longer but remember to come back again in the future. 

That’s what BirdSeed promises to do for your web platform. 

BirdSeed Features

  • Forms 
  • Live chat
  • Team tools
  • Analytics
  • Web script 
  • Data export
  • Reporting
  • Communication dashboard
  • Canned responses

How To Get Started With BirdSeed

BirdSeed offers a free forever plan that includes access to all twelve tools. To get started, just confirm your email and set up a password. Once you do this, you’ll be taken to your dashboard. 

Here you’ll see a collection of videos that are worth checking out so you can get the hang of using the app. 

To use any of the BirdSeed tools, you’ll need to copy/paste the BirdSeed tracker seed onto your website into the closing body tab. If you don’t know where to find that, it’s usually in the Customize Tab in your website’s theme editor. Do note, you may want to hold off on doing this until you’ve configured everything. 

BirdSeed Getting Started

Next,  head over to Customize Tools to start setting up your communication panel. You can use as many or as few of the options as you want.  On the right-hand side, you’ll see a preview of what your panel will look like. 

Everything is straightforward, allowing you to create your panel in minutes—all without any design or programming experience.   

BirdSeed Pricing

Did we mention that BirdSeed is free? That’s right for many small businesses, using BirdSeed will be completely free. Plus, it’s not one of those free accounts that skimps out on functionality. With it you’ll have access to: 

  • All 12 Engagement tools 
  • 1 account user 
  • 500 Monthly Unique Visitors 
  • Proactive pop-up messages
  • 1000+ app integrations 
  • 1-month data history
  • Mobile app

For businesses with larger needs, they can upgrade to the affordable BirdSeed paid plans. 

  • BirdSeed Plus – From $29/month, all basic features plus 5 users, unlimited traffic, 1-year data history, no BirdSeed branding
  • BirdSeed Pro – From $79/month,  all Plus features plus 15 users, send Instant Videos in Chat
BirdSeed Pricing Plans

BirdSeed also has agency and enterprise support. Contact them for pricing and more information. 

What You Can Do With BirdSeed

BirdSeed is the perfect combination of a simple but robust tool. Everything about it is very streamlined so both setting it up and using it daily is a breeze.  

Here’s what you’ll be able to do with BirdSeed: 

1. Design Your Engagement Panel

Every site is different. Some people prefer live chat, others want to schedule a call, while others want to see testimonials. 

With BirdSeed, you set up and design your site’s pop-up to have as many or as few of the features as you see fit. Of course, BirdSeed’s general logic is that the more you have, the better it will turn out for conversion rate. 

The best place to begin is in your Panel Settings. Here you can change the style, where it pops up, whether it’s available on mobile and desktop, add your own logo, and more.  

BirdSeed Style Your Panel

2. Set Your Hours 

This is one of the coolest BirdSeed features. By setting hours, you’ll have a distinct panel for when your business is open and when it isn’t.  

With BirdSeed, you can easily set your hours, so customers will know when somebody will be available for live chat or call as well what the other options are during times staff is unavailable. You can even add in breaks during the day, which is really helpful for smaller teams with limited customer support staff. 

BirdSeed Set Your Hours

3. Active Conversations 

You can manage conversations from directly within BirdSeed. Here chats are divided into Active, Assigned, and Unassigned. 

You’ll also get information about the user, including their location on the map, the name provided, IP address, number of visits, and Chat Feedback if they’ve communicated with you before. All of this is super helpful in proactively engaging the visitor. 

BirdSeed Active Conversations

4. Analytics 

Analytics shows the performance of all the daily activities related to your BirdSeed tools. You can track messages, call requests, upcoming meetings, and everything else you need to stay on top of for your engagement strategies to work their best. 

BirdSeed also links up with Google Analytics for you to further improve your site performance. 

BirdSeed Analytics

5. Proactive Messages 

Proactive messages are pop-up messages you can display on certain or all your web pages. This means it automatically displays the message without the user requesting interactions. 

There are plenty of places where this comes in handy. For example, if someone navigates to your billing page, a proactive message like “It looks like you are interested in our products. Chat with us to learn more at any time.” 

As with the other tools, it’s highly customizable. You can choose when it pops up, what types of visitors see it, and more. 

BirdSeed Proactive Messages

6. Manage Users

If you’re on the Plus or Pro plans, you’ll be able to manage team members easily. Here you can assign roles as well as what types of alerts individual users receive. This makes it great for delegating different kinds of communication to specific users. 

BirdSeed also includes a digest of activity that you can set Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Off depending on the users to ensure everybody on your staff is kept in the loop. 

BirdSeed Manage Users

7. Mobile App 

You can do almost everything BirdSeed does on desktop on mobile on both Android and iOS devices.

This is really helpful for small businesses and solopreneurs who may be doing it all by themselves and need access to BirdSeed wherever they are. 

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BirdSeed Mobile App

Who Is BirdSeed Best For?

Solopreneurs and small businesses cannot afford to not have a tool like BirdSeed. Depending on the industry, companies miss out on between 70-90% of potential website leads. 

While you can’t expect to turn every site visitor into a sale, BirdSeed gives you the flexibility to enhance conversion, whether through collecting emails, live chat, FAQ, or one of its other 12 tools. 

Solopreneurs and small businesses generally have two constraints on them—a limited budget and limited time. BirdSeed’s basic plan is not only free but simple enough that anybody can configure a contact panel in under an hour.  

Likewise, the paid plans add on enough features that larger businesses and agencies can sink their teeth into—mainly user management. 

While you may have a tool that does live chat or any other features, the best thing about BirdSeed is you have all of the different forms of contact under one easy to use dashboard. 

This versatility in functionality, coupled with the flexible pricing structure, makes BirdSeed a great solution for anybody involved in website marketing. 

Is BirdSeed Worth It? 

Absolutely. They have a free plan, it’s to use, and looks professional. Even the small BirdSeed logo on the panel is barely noticeable on the Basic plan. 

The value, of course, really comes in when you factor in how much individual tools would cost to add to your site. Even if you find a bargain on live chat, testimonials, and the others, the total monthly cost would add up fast. With BirdSeed, you get flat pricing of $29/month, meaning if it helps you make even a handful more sales than it pays for itself. 

The one area where Birdseed does neglect, however, is slightly larger small businesses. The free plan only covers up to 500 unique visitors a month. 500 visitors really isn’t that many. It would be nice if they had something in between free $29/month and the free tier. 

With that said, however, if you’re on a monthly plan, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. So, if Birdseed isn’t producing the ROI you’d like, then you look elsewhere. 


  • All-in-one tool
  • Easy to use 
  • Customizable 
  • Dashboard 
  • Team management 
  • Free plan
  • Analytics
  • Huge integration list
  • Relatively affordable premium plans 
  • Flexible 


  • Large price jump between free and paid plans
  • Pro plan doesn’t include many additional features over Plus 

BirdSeed Alternatives 

BirdSeed is unique in that it offers so many tools under one dashboard. Still, there are many players in the customer engagement space. 

Zendesk is one of the most popular CRM solutions. It offers a combination of web, email, mobile, and social channels support. It also features integrations and analytics. Plans are relatively affordable too. Single-agent options start at $5/month, while teams are from $19/month. 

While Zendesk is a fantastic solution, the one edge that BirdSeed has over it is a combination of different engagement options under one convenient dashboard. BirdSeed isn’t as integrated into social media, though, which can be a deal-breaker for many businesses. 

Another approach that’s growing more popular these days is Chatbot (from the developers of Live Chat). Chatbot is an AI solution and likely where things will continue trending over the next few years. 

You still need a customer support team, but it definitely can improve efficiency. Chatbot starts at $50/month, which may price it out for smaller firms, but it’s worth it for larger companies to look into if they want to reduce their staff overhead. 

Overall, BirdSeed has an edge on its competitors because it combines robust functionality and affordability, perfectly positioning it both for SMEs, agencies, and major brands. 

BirdSeed: The Bottom Line

If you want to capture more site visitors, few solutions make it easier than the 12-in-1 BirdSeed app. It’s easy to use, offers a free plan, and can give your site the flexibility it needs to connect with more of your audience. Try out BirdSeed’s free plan and see just how much it can do for your marketing needs.

BirdSeed Review
  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Ease Of Use
  • Support


If you’re involved in the digital marketing space, you know a good customer engagement tool can have a large effect on conversion. BirdSeed is 12 tools in one, with the goal of being a complete customer engagement platform. Is BirdSeed right for your website? Read our in-depth review of BirdSeed and learn everything you need to know.