Nowadays, one name really dominates the video conferencing industry, and that’s Zoom. It’s definitely become the Google of the arena. But there are tons of other great options out there that have actually been around longer and offer even more features than the sudden elephant in the room.

ClickMeeting is one example. Since 2011, this browser-based web platform specifically focused on webinars and training systems. It packs a variety of great tools to make creating engaging webinars, both intuitive and cost-effective.

ClickMeeting also offers these great services to firms of all sizes, from the tiniest SMEs up to multinational conglomerates. It’s a platform for everyone to engage their audience, connect with colleagues, and generate sales, and it’s super easy-to-use as well.

What’s up with ClickMeeting? Is it a suitable replacement for Zoom? Dive into everything you need to know in this ultimate ClickMeeting review.

What Is ClickMeeting?

ClickMeeting has been around for nearly a decade now. It was originally a product of the email marketing team behind GetResponse before becoming a separate entity a few years back.

ClickMeeting primarily focuses on webinars. However, you can also use it as a video conferencing solution. It offers a breadth of features including on-demand webinars, waiting rooms, webinar monetization, and analytics to give you a better sense of what you’re doing right and where there is room for growth.

ClickMeeting offers a flexible pricing structure, starting at $25/month based on the number of attendees you have additional features you need like more storage and team members. Webinar rooms can accommodate up to four presenters and 1000 attendees at the same time.

ClickMeeting Features

  • Webinars
  • Analytics
  • Event management
  • Monetization
  • Polls & surveys
  • Branding
  • Q&A
  • Screen sharing
  • Integrations
  • Live chat

Getting Started With ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting offers a free 30-day, no credit card required free trial. To sign up, provide your email, set an account password, and answer a few easy questions like your page name and other preferences.

After confirming your email address, you’ll be taken to your dashboard. There’s a helpful progress bar which will assist you in all the remaining steps for account creation. The first thing they focus on is setting up a webinar right away since that is the thrust of the software.

You can also configure other settings, including a personal avatar, meeting length, and other requirements. Unlike other apps, you don’t get a personalized dial-in number, but you can choose from a list of numbers in the US and around the world.

All-in-all, the software is fairly intuitive, and the UI is pleasant, not feeling too corporate or dated, making it great for a daily conferencing solution.

ClickMeeting Getting Started

ClickMeeting Pricing

ClickMeeting pricing starts at $30/month (or $25/month billed annually) for the Live Plan. With it, you get unlimited cameras, 4 meetings, 25 cameras in meetings, and 1 GB of file storage.

The Automated Plan at $45/month (or $40/month billed annually) ups your recording storage, file storage, and multi-users as well as unlocks a host of other advanced features.

Pricing is really broken down by the number of users you have. Up to 50 users will keep you at $30/month for the Live Plan, but jumping from 50-100 costs 60/month.

ClickMeeting Pricing

ClickMeeting is not the most affordable conferring software out there. Still, if you’re looking for a dedicated solution, it’s very reasonably priced, particularly for small businesses. On the other hand, personal users may prefer sticking to Zoom since it does offer a limited free plan.

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ClickMeeting Features

ClickMeeting is packed with tons of great features, especially for those looking to monetize their webinars. Setting up and customizing webinars is a breeze. You can even design the waiting room, add your branding, and set registration rules all within a few seconds.

Here are some of the other ClickMeeting features you’ll enjoy:

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1. Pre-Webinar Engagement

You can begin interacting with the audience before the webinar even begins. ClickMeeting offers a waiting room where you can give your users an agenda of what to expect, share important files, and ensure everyone is on the same page before things get started.

ClickMeeting PreWebinar

2. Monetize Your Webinars

This is where ClickMeeting is really useful for course creators and digital entrepreneurs. Paid webinars are built right into the software, and you can easily charge for webinars, set fees, and manage payments all from one place and get paid directly via PayPal.

ClickMeeting Paid Webinar

3. Automated Webinar

This is one of the coolest ClickMeeting features. You can pre-record webinars and set it to play at pre-set intervals. At the same time, however, you can still engage your audience with polls, surveys, and other ways to keep their attention. You can even watch the whole webinar as it streams as you prep for a Q&A session.

Automation is pretty specific too. You can set to publish a notice automatically on social media, send follow-up messages, and even set up invitations for your next event.

ClickMeeting Automated Webinar

4. Integration

ClickMeeting integrates with a ton of different software, helping your schedule, design, market, and analyze your webinar better. It features direct integrations with Google, YouTube, HubSpot, Facebook Pixel, and another 1,500 apps via Zapier. You can even set it up to share your desktop so you can directly share files on your computer.

In addition, ClickMeeting also offers an API key to further maximize what you can do with it.

ClickMeeting Integrations

5. Meetings

Somewhat ironically, ClickMeeting doesn’t actually do meetings very well. They’re great at webinars. But they do provide some meeting functionality. You can schedule a planned meeting with up to five team members, colleagues, etc. or set a live meeting.

However, they do offer most of the same webinar tools even for these meetings, including the waiting room, registration, and even automation. If you have a big team, you’ll still need something more robust like Google Meet, but it’s a nice additional feature to have around.

ClickMeeting Meeting

Who Should Use ClickMeeting?

ClickMeeting consistently wins awards as the top video conferencing solution for small businesses. Likewise, webinar marketers shouldn’t pass up this great software. If you’re looking for a solid platform loading with tons of features, can handle live and automated webinars, and makes it easy to monetize your content, then this is it.

These types of users are the ideal fit for ClickMeeting:

  • Course creators
  • Webinar marketers
  • Small businesses looking to demo products and services
  • Those wanting to hold large online events including summits
  • If you need additional tools like whiteboards, waiting rooms, polls, and surveys, special offers, live chat, and other features.

However, if you’re conferring needs are fairly small, like if you’re just trying to keep your team in the loop, you should go with a more affordable alternative like Zoom instead.

Get A 30-Day Free Trial Of ClickMeeting GET STARTED NOW

Is ClickMeeting Worth It?

It all depends on how you use ClickMeeting. ClickMeeting has everything you need to build your digital platform and grow your brand via webinars and conferencing. This is definitely an exploding market that has a ton of potential.

$25/month may seem kind of steep, but you also get all of these amazing features along with it. We haven’t even touched real-time translation, chat moderation, CTAs, event landing pages, and the mobile.

You undoubtedly used Zoom by now, so check out ClickMeeting instead and take advantage of the 30-day free trial to see if it’s worth it for your needs or not.


  • 30-day free trial
  • Easy to use
  • Great UI
  • Excellent automation tools
  • Can host events with up to 1000 people
  • Browser-based
  • Mobile app
  • No download required to use
  • Features analytic tools
  • Can monetize webinars
  • Flexible pricing structure
  • Plenty of customization and branding tools


  • A little pricey considering it mainly does webinars and only limited meeting functionality
  • No phone support
  • Export quality could be better

ClickMeeting Alternatives

There are tons of different conferencing, webinars, and meeting apps out there. This is doubly true now that Microsoft and Google have seriously joined the raise with their software. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the ClickMeeting alternatives and what they’re best suited for:

  • Zoom– great for small businesses and personal use
  • GoToMeeting- perfect for SMBs with standalone needs
  • Microsoft Teams- best for large teams and those looking for tons of features specifically tight integration with Office 365.
  • Zoho Meeting – best for a budget, but limited functionality
  • RingCentral – excellent for international conferencing, great value as well including a wide-sweeping free plan
  • Google Meet – also perfect for large teams especially those powered by Google Drive

All of these services offer either free plans or free trials, so check them out to see the best fit for you.

ClickMeeting: The Verdict

With a large variety of features, video chats with five people, dial-in, and VoIP options, ClickMeeting enables you to create engaging webinars, encourage participation, and do much more. The UI is easy-to-use and pleasant, and the pricing is affordable. If your small business or web marketer, be sure to check out this great software.

ClickMeeting Review
  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Support


ClickMeeting is a webinar software and e-learning tool founded by Simon Grabowski. The web-based solution aims to cover the entire webinar process — from preparation to presentation, as well as interaction and follow-up. The user interface of ClickMeeting includes interactive tools and features with the goal of making webinars engaging for attendees and cost-effective for organizers. ClickMeeting also allows for the ability to customize user-facing elements. Read our review to know more about ClickMeeting and find out if it is worth the try.