These days, social media marketing is all the rage. With it, you can fine-tune your ad spend so that you’re getting the right attention for your business. It’s so effective and popular that seemingly overnight it’s grown into a $100 billion industry. There are tons of social media management tools out there, from Buffer to AccuRanker, so how do you know which one is right for you?

There’s often a lot of back and forth about what is more effective—social media marketing or SEO. Of course, we all know you need both. That’s where Mention comes in—a highly effective web and social media monitoring tool. 

While it’s geared primarily towards social, it’s highly effective in all aspects of digital marketing, including enhancing SEO, driving leads, and promoting customer engagement. 

In this review, we’ll dive into Mention. We’ll discuss its core features, how it stacks up against competitors, and whether it’s the right solution for your marketing needs. 

Let’s dive right in!  

About Mention

Mention does what its names suggest. It monitors both the web and social media to hear what people are saying about you, your business, and your industry. Its core mission is to build better relationships, generate leads, encourage engagements, and safeguard your reputation. 

Regardless of whether you go with Mention or one of its competitors, the importance of this cannot be overstated. The online environment can change an instant—you don’t want ever to be caught off guard. That’s what Mention and other social media marketing tools are here to do. 

We’d love to give Mention a perfect score. It’s almost there but needs a few tweaks here and there. With that said, Mention is always rolling out updates, new features, and improvements, so it’s only a matter of time when it will score 5/5! 

How Mention Works

Mention crawls the web for any mention of you or your brand and instantly notifies you via its app (available in the internet browsers, desktop, and mobile devices). If this is too much information, you can customize Mention to create daily summary alerts to give a snapshot of what each day looks like. 

The reputational importance of this is massive. Imagine if an online user complains about your business on Facebook or Google, and nobody responds. Before you lose prospective customers, you can respond immediately and address the issue. 

Mention isn’t solely limited to you. You can set it to track your competitors to keep an eye on what they’re doing, follow industry trends, and everything else you might want to know. 

Mention Pricing

Compared to other social media marketing apps, Mention is exceptionally affordable. In fact, they even have a basic free plan that is pretty useful. With that said, you’ll need to upgrade to one of their paid options to really make the most out of it—especially if you’re a digital marketing agency or another firm with many clients. 

FeatureFreeStandardProfessional Advanced 
Connected Social Accounts125Unlimited
Web & Social Media Monitoring
Facebook Mentions   
Historical Data   
Automatic Tagging 
Advanced Alerts   
Users 11UnlimitedUnlimited
Mentions Number of mentions per month2503,0005,000100,000+
Price Free$25/month $83/month$450+/month

Note: All paid plans do come with a free trial. The enterprise plan also includes a personalized demo to show you precisely what Mention can do for you. This is often a choice for marketing agencies. 

Mention Features

Depending on which Mention plan you sign up for, you’ll have access to a different feature. We’ll focus on the main ones you can use in the Free, Standard, and Pro plans. 

1. Create Alerts

This is the backbone of mention. You set up alerts for business names, keywords, key players in the industry. You can get alerts sent via email or seen directly within the mobile app. 

You can also set up Boolean alerts. These create a customized search experience using terms like “And, ” ‘Or,” and “Not” to narrow down results. From here, you can narrow alerts to specific countries,  certain types of minions, and more. Mention also uses an algorithm to highlight priority alerts so you can respond quickly and efficiently. 

This is the flexibility you need for truly thorough and effective research. 

Mention Create Alerts

2. Track Mentions

Mention is compatible with a wide variety of platforms. You can track mentions on the most prominent sites including: 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest 
  • Google 
Mention Track Mentions

3. Connect Social Accounts 

Likewise, you can directly connect social accounts to Mention. You’ll be not only able to track mentions but also manage social conversations increasing Mention’s overall functionality.  

Mention is compatible with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It also includes agency tools that allow you to use Facebook Global Pages and manage multiple social accounts in just a few clicks. 

Once connected, you’ll be able to manage everything all in one place. Mention is particularly useful for Twitter because you directly integrate it into the app via Zapier. 

Mention Social Accounts

4. Search For Influencers 

Mention not only keeps an eye on you and your brand but helps you make the right industry connections. They can help you find the ideal influencers relevant to your marketing needs. 

Combined with analytics and report tools, you’ll be able to not only connect with influencers but also monitor campaigns to see how effective they really are. 

Mention has recently rolled out an Influencer Dashboard. It’s currently limited to Twitter but includes useful features to boost your brand like with valuable information like: 

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  • Name and Twitter handle
  • Number of followers and location
  • What topics they’re influential in
  • Their influencer score
  • How many times they’ve mentioned your keywords during the time frame you’re looking at
  • Quick buttons to follow or send a tweet to the influencer
Mention Influencer Dashboard

5. Analytics and Sentiment Reports

Mention tracks performance through a variety of reports. It organizes every mention into a variety of useful categories, including source type, language, importance, sentiment, and location. 

Sentiment Analysis is another key Mention feature. Underneath the Insight Center tab, you’ll see detailed reports that will indicate the positive, negative, and neutral sentiment around the terms your track. 

Mention Sentiment Analysis Tool

6. Mobile App 

Best of all, Mention wraps up these and other features into a variety of different apps. You can access it from your web browser or through its desktop and mobile app (iOS and Android). 

The mobile apps are fully featured so you can do everything from them: 

  • Create alerts
  • Check your brand and set up real-time notifications 
  • Take action on mentions 
  • Prioritize new mentions and filters others out
  • View influential scores
Mention Mobile App

Who Can Benefit From Using Mention? 

With its variety of pricing options, Mention is useful for any business with an online presence. With its free plan, it’s even helpful for people trying to grow attention to simple sites and blogs. 

But make no mistake, Mention’s powerful apps and software are for companies looking to leverage social media marketing to drive engagement and conversion. At the same time, it’s Enterprise is perfect for digital agencies working with a wide variety of different types of clients. 

What sets Mention apart their customer service. They offer customer support even for people on free plans. Their website is also full of tutorials, how-to guides, and posts to help you make the most out of the software. 

And, they’re constantly rolling out new features. Whether you’re a top agency with hundreds of clients or a freelance social media marketing consultant, you can benefit from using Mention. 

Mention Alternatives

The social media marketing space has quickly become crowded, with many competitors offering similar services as Mention. Two companies often compared to Mention are Brand24 and HubSpot Marketing. 


Brand24 is a listening tool monitoring social media platforms and web searches. It includes social metrics as well as insight into positive and negative comments for target keywords. Brand 24 also has helpful collaboration tools and other features. The downside to Brand24 is it more expensive than Mention and doesn’t have the handy Influencer Dashboard. 

HubSpot Marketing 

HubSpot Marketing is one of the biggest players in the industry. It’s an all-on platform that provides everything from marketing to sales and customer success. It also includes a free CRM to help you better design content for social and web. 

While HubSpot is great, as you can imagine, it’s not only pricy but overly complex for tracking social insights. If you’re looking for a simple monitoring tool, HubSpot goes way overboard. HubSpot’s basic plan starts at $50/month, but full features begin at $800/month. 

Feature MentionBrand24HubSpot
Social Tracking
Influencer Dashboard  
Billions of sources  
Web crawl 
Sentiment Analysis 
Advanced Search  
Free Plan 
PriceFrom $29/monthFrom $49/monthFrom $50/month 

Is Mention Worth It? 

Considering they have a decent free plan—then absolutely! But they’re paid plans are really where you can make a difference with your social marketing strategy. And, they’re among the cheapest of all their competitors, not even just Mention and HubSpot Marketing. 

If you want an easy to use, affordable, and effective tool, it’s hard to beat Mention. They even include a free trial for all of their plans, so you have nothing to lose by checking them out for yourself. 


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Integrates easily with social 
  • Includes SEO tools 
  • Finds mentions other tools miss
  • Boolean query
  • Tags & Organizational tools
  • Free plan and free trial
  • API access
  • Mobile app 
  • Can customize mentions 
  • Easy onboarding


  • Customized search can be tricky at first
  • Could have better third-party integration
  • Broad terms can hit term low-priced plan limits quickly
  • No direct IG interface 

Mention: The Bottom Line

Mention is a fantastic social media monitoring tool that is easy to use and can help businesses of all sizes get a better handle on their online reputation, market trends, and more. It’s especially hard to beat their Twitter tools, especially the Influencer Dashboard. 

Overall the UI is smooth, it’s compatible both on mobile and desktop, and it always keeps you informed about your company or the accounts you manage. It would be nice if it had more integration and automation tools, but it’s hard to find fault with a product so affordable. 

But you don’t have to take our word for it. You can try it out for yourself for free to see just how great it really is! 

Mention Review
  • Alerts
  • Influencer Search
  • Reports
  • Support
  • Affordability


If you’re in the social media marketing world you may have heard of Mention. Mention is a web and social media monitoring tool with many unique and interesting features. Is Mention what you’ve been needing? Read our review of Mention and learn more about this social media tool.