Dropshipping is every marketer’s dream. With it, you don’t have to source raw materials, produce, or ship anything. All you do is find a product (or several) you think would be a hit. From here, you put your marketing skills and customer relationship skills to the test. Using Amazon, eBay, or your own platform, you start to sell. 

Then your dropshipping partner handles the rest. You don’t have to coordinate suppliers, ensure timely production, or even slap a shipping label on a box. Your partner does all that. 

It’s a win-win. Manufacturers can sell more of their products and don’t have to deal with any hassle. We’ve actually reviewed several dropshipping tools, including Spocket, Volusion, and Funnel Genie.

Salehoo is another competitor in this crowded dropshipping space, but they offer a few different complementing dropshipping tools that are worth a look. 

We took some time to look at their biggest hit, Salehoo Directory, which connects you with thousands of suppliers worldwide and provides many different ways to help you get started with dropshipping. 

Are you ready to start dropshipping? Find out what you need to know in this Salehoo review. 

What Is Salehoo?

Salehoo comes in three different flavors: Dropship, Directory, and Educate. Each presents you with a different piece of the dropshipping puzzle.

Most prospective users will have the hardest time deciding with Dropship or Directory is the right tool for them. They each have their advantages, but here’s a clear breakdown: 

  • Dropship: designed for people who already have Shopify platforms, focused on products available on AliExpress, very easy to use but limited product selection and flexibility. 
  • Directory:  connects you to 8,000+ trusted Salehoo partners from around the world. More than a directory, you also get Salehoo Labs, which is an excellent market research tool. Also, with it, you can sell on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and other platforms. 

This added flexibility and huge supplier network are why we opted for Salehoo Directory. However, you may also be interested in getting both as they work together very well. 

Salehoo Products

How To Get Started With Salehoo 

Unfortunately, Salehoo does not offer a free trial or free version of what they provide. That’s why we are providing these reviews for you to get a sense of whether it’s worth it to invest or not! 

Should you decide to go with Salehoo, it is incredibly simple to use. Sign up with your email, provide your payment details, and you can start using it right away. 

Salehoo Getting Started

They even have some helpful guides for those who are brand new to the dropshipping world. But if you really aren’t sure if you want to pay for it just yet, you can check out some of the other dropshipping tools we’ve reviewed that do have free trials before you commit. 

How Much Does Salehoo Cost? 

This is another area where it might be easy to let the price make your decision for which plan you get. On its surface, Directory seems more expensive since you can only get an Annual Plan for $67 or Lifetime for $127. 

Salehoo Pricing

On the other hand, Dropship starts from $27/month or $270/year. But you have to realize the huge value you are getting out of the Directory plan. The number of suppliers it connects you to alone is worth the $67. You have effectively endless wholesalers and suppliers to choose from. 

And let’s put these numbers in perspective. Plans from other drop shippers hover around $99/month, which doesn’t even give you such a huge vendor list. 

Get Started With Salehoo Now GET STARTED

Salehoo Features

We focused on Directory since it offers more flexibility compared to Dropship. Below are some of the top Salehoo features that we loved.

1. Salehoo Directory 

This is what you’re paying for. The Salehoo Directory is massive, and this really sets it apart from competitors. In the past, if you wanted to set up a dropshipping operation, you’d have to do your own research to try and figure suitable partners for you. 

The Directory provides you with contact information and average response time, all the products they sell, and useful details to ensure you find the right fit for you. 

Salehoo Directory

This is also its biggest advantage over other dropshipping platforms that tend to limit you to a fairly small selection of curated sellers—which can be found for newbies but make it difficult to stand out.

2. Salehoo Labs 

Dropshipping isn’t like the old school way of building a great product and then trying to convince the world to buy it. You are completely removed from the entire product ideation, creation, and distribution process. 

What this means is that the whole idea of dropshipping is to sell what works. Of course, you align your interests to top sellers in your preferred categories, but if you are mainly driven by profit, then you need to pay attention to the numbers before anything else. 

That’s what’s so cool about Salehoo Labs. You can use it to discover what these top products are, how well they are selling, and how you can put your own spin on them. 

This is an excellent place for you to start your dropshipping journey. Spend a few hours getting a feel of what’s working, and use other helpful tools like Compare Products and Product Trends to really understand what you need to know. 

Salehoo Labs

3. Resources 

The resources are anything and everything you need to know about dropshipping. It includes guides on how to sell on eBay and Amazon, how to start your own online store, and much more. 

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There’s also a community of users where you can connect to get helpful tips, vet suppliers a little more and generally enhance your skills. 

Alongside Salehoo Labs, you’ll want to spend some time here before making your first foray into the dropshipping world. Even if you’re a drop shipping pro, you’ll definitely find the forums a helpful place to get a sense of Salehoo’s vendor partners. 

Salehoo Product Trends

Who Should Use Salehoo?

The one thing that no Salehoo plan offers is an integrated platform for you to sell. For example, with Funnel Genie, you don’t even need your own website. You can do everything from there. 

This shouldn’t be a deal-breaker as many drop shippers will prefer to sell directly on eBay or Amazon, but it is worth noting. It all depends on you and what type of approach you want to take. 

For example, if you market on social media, it can be convenient to have a free built-in site. Still, others might prefer a dedicated Shopify site. Spend some time doing your homework to find the best approach for you.

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Is Salehoo Worth It? 

Absolutely. Don’t let the $67 upfront cost turn you away from a great product. Remember, most other platforms start at that price per month!

$67 annually is less than $6 a month to access a huge array of useful resources, even if you do end up using another dropshipping tool. 

What’s also great about Salehoo compared to other Dropshipping tools is that it just feels more legit. For example, Funnel Genie may be successful, but the entire site layout seems kind of scammy. 

Salehoo is nice and streamlined and just an overall great user experience. 

Salehoo Pros

  • Huge vendor list to choose from 
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to contact suppliers 
  • Straightforward to use 
  • Excellent for dropshipping research 
  • Tons of resources to help you get started/troubleshoot 
  • Good UI 
  • Complements well with other dropshipping tools 
  • Works across platforms 

Salehoo Cons 

  • No free trial 
  • Cheapest option for Directory starts from $67 annually, which can be high for newbies

Salehoo Alternatives

Salehoo vs. Volusion 

Volusion is a great all-in-one dropshipping tool. It’s also really affordable, starting at $29/month. Since it’s all-inclusive, it is a great place for newbies to start. The downside is that at lower pricing tiers, you have fewer product options. 

Salehoo vs. Oberlo

A lot of people compare Salehoo and Oberlo and try to choose one over another. But they are actually compliments and not rivals. 

Oberlo is a dropshipping tool owned by Shopify. Oberlo does a great job of syncing your products to your online store and also updating inventory. Salehoo, on the other hand, is more aimed at the research side for identifying which products. If you can afford it, aim to use both. It’s a winning combination!  

Salehoo Review
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Salehoo is an easy-to-use tool for dropshipping businesses. Its aim is to help online sellers find profitable products from certified, low-cost suppliers. It features a unique market research tool that can help optimize search results to find better products and view market trends. Salehoo also offers a wholesale company research tool for finding trustworthy, low-cost suppliers. So, does it truly have everything your dropshipping business needs? Find out with our complete Salehoo review!