For many people, dropshipping is one of those techie words like “cryptocurrency” or “Bitcoin.” We see and hear it all the time but may not understand exactly what it means. 

On the surface, dropshipping is one of those things that sounds a little too good to be true. You can market and distribute products to customers without any actual inventory or logistics channels of your own. And people have made tons of money doing it! 

As you might imagine, in reality, things are a little more complicated than that. But with the right approach, you can make a tidy profit from dropshipping. 

Just like cryptocurrency, the best time to have gotten started with dropshipping was 5-10 years ago. Nowadays, competition is fierce, and success requires a clear plan of action and the right combination of a solid network, software tools, and a little bit of luck. 

Funnel Genie’s goal is to be that one tool you need for eCommerce success by being an all-in-one dropshipping platform. It is designed to be a one-stop-shop for everything you need to execute your dropshipping businesses. In addition to the cash you earn from sales, you’ll also get money from any leads you generate. 

Funnel Genie is the product of Giancarlo Barraza, who’s also known as Coach Giani. Coach Giani has made millions in eCommerce and dropshipping and even has a loyal following of fans around the globe who tune in regularly to hear his thoughts. 

In this Funnel Genie review, we’ll explore everything you need to know. We’ll explain to you what it is, how much it costs, its main features, and whether it’s a right call for somebody in the dropshipping business. By the time you’re finished reading this, you’ll be able to decide whether Funnel Genie is the right tool for you. 

Note: While using Funnel Genie, you’ll also often see the name “Product Genie.” Both of these refer to the same platform. Product Genie is the product research part of it, while Funnel Genie is where you build your funnels. 

What Is Funnel Genie?

Funnel Genie is an all-in-one sales funnel for both eCommerce and dropshipping. It allows you to do all of this without building a website from scratch. 

Imagine if you could create an eCommerce funnel without all the extra work. All you do is select a product, launch the funnel, and start promoting it. Doesn’t that sound fantastic? That’s exactly what Funnel Genie does for you. 

In the process, Funnel Genie cuts out the stress of having to deal with: 

  • Suppliers 
  • Websites 
  • Product delivery/returns 
  • Sourcing quality products
  • Payment gateways 

Funnel Genie also will pay you for any customers leads who show interest in your products. In effect, most of the hardest parts of dropshipping are done for you so you can focus on marketing and leave the rest to Funnel Genie. 

However, one of the key features that sets Funnel Genie apart is its focus on cash-on-delivery (COD) payments. In this approach, customers pay for products upon their delivery instead of upfront with a credit card. 

In our online shopping world, this may seem counterintuitive since you can easily authorize charges in advance. But Funnel Genie’s philosophy is this market is oversaturated and full of associated disadvantages like chargebacks, high CPM, and payment holds.  To ensure the safety of transactions, all shipping goes through Funnel Genie’s courier network, which manages the COD payments. 

With the COD framework, Funnel Genie claims you can get your money in a week while unlocking opportunities both in the US and in different countries. 

Funnel Genie Features

  • Drag and drop editor
  • Product research 
  • Web app
  • Scalable for traffic fluctuations 
  • Funnel templates
  • Merchant integration
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Email campaigns
  • Order metrics
  • Funnel leads 
  • Mobile app

Getting Started With Funnel Genie

Funnel Genie offers a one-week free trial but you will need to provide your credit card or PayPal details and your address to use it. 

If you want to just check out the free trial before committing, watch out for this landing page.

Funnel Genie Upgrade Account

It will prompt you to upgrade your account several times before you see the small box on the bottom to keep your account that it is. You’ll then be directed to create a password where you’ll finally be taken to your dashboard. 

The dashboard has a useful video that will walk you through how to use the app. You should definitely check it out as well as the Facebook group which has over 8,000 members. 

After this, you’re ready to start researching products and developing your funnel. With Funnel Genie, it’s really up to you. You can choose a product you’re interested in, one that looks like it has good potential or whatever you think will be the best fit for your strategy. 

Funnel Genie Pricing

Funnel Genie has a couple of plan options. The basic one is $97.97/month with a money back guarantee. It includes:

  • Customizable landing page
  • One-click upsells
  • Sales page
  • Drag and drop template editor
  • Targeting and demographics
  • Triggered customer emails
  • Order metrics 
  • Funnel leads 

As you noticed, while navigating to your free trial, you saw they also try to upsell you to a $297.97 plan per month. This plan adds a few more features but mainly includes the ability to dropship to the Middle East. Although this may seem like a step increase, it gives access into an area where many dropshippers can’t market because of the cost, essentially giving you a larger pool of customers.

Which plan is right for you depends a lot on the products you intend to market and your resources. But it’s a good idea to use the Facebook Group and see the success of other dropshippers before signing up for the more expensive plan. 

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What Can You Do With Funnel Genie? 

The whole point of Funnel Genie is to be the one-stop-shop for everything you need to dropship like a pro. Here’s what you’ll do with it: 

1. Search Products

With this feature, you can research the types of products you want to market. Funnel Genie has 12 main product categories from Beauty and Cosmetics, Toys, Tools, and more. 

This is an excellent place to get your feet wet and see what’s selling in different locations along with the average profits made on them. 

You can then tap the heart button to save any product you like to use for your funnel later. 

Funnel Genie Search Products

2. Hot Products 

As the name suggests, Hot Products are those that are selling well right now. This is another great avenue for research. 

After selecting a product, you can then see more info about it, including its recommended selling price, demographics, and template design you can use for your page. 

If you like the product, you can push it to Shopify or create a funnel in just a few seconds. 

Funnel Genie Hot Products

3. Brandable 

Savvy brand markets will love this section. This a selection of all the products you can attach your own branding to. It spans across all the categories giving you tons of flexibility. 

Again, you get key analytics like product strength, average profit, and other valuable information that will set you one the right track for success. 

Funnel Genie Brandable

4. Funnel Genie 

All of these product tools are great, but isn’t the whole point of this app to create funnels? After you’ve done your research, you can start building your funnels with Funnel Genie. 

Funnel Genie does almost everything for you. They’ll host the page, and they give you templates, all you need to do is fill in the blanks. 

The editor is straightforward to use so you can set up a page in a few minutes. After you hit Save & Publish, your site should be live within a few hours. 

Funnel Genie Funnel Genie

5. Payouts 

One of the biggest hassles that people have with dropshipping is getting their payouts. It can sometimes even be months before a charge is finally authorized. 

Funnel Genie gets one dashboard where you can track sales, customers, payment status, and payout. 

To get paid, you just need to enter your TransferWise details or set up an account. If you’re unfamiliar with TransferWise, it’s a money transfer service that operates in 30+ countries and generally has lower fees than PayPal. 

Funnel Genie Payouts

6. Training

Funnel Genie is all about imparting the knowledge of Coach Giani to you. While this may feel a little overwhelming at first, it’s pretty helpful. There is a reason why he has made millions. 

The site is packed with different ways to make the most out of your account, from training how to exactly use the tools to even how to create Facebook ads. 

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It’s really helpful to check these out from time to time. Even if you’re a dropshipping pro, you never know what valuable gem you might find. 

Funnel Genie Training

Who Is Funnel Genie For? 

If you’re looking to crack the code on dropshipping, Funnel Genie is a good place to start. Even if you’re not sure about it as a long-term solution, it’s a good place to get an introduction to the world and learn how it works. 

Dropshipping can feel like a scam at times, but it is a real business. You get what you put into it. 

Funnel Genie isn’t a magic ticket, but it does make the whole process a lot easier. With it, you don’t even need your website or Shopify store to get started, which makes a foray into dropshipping much more affordable for the average person. 

Retailers with their own products will want to look elsewhere. Funnel Genie only features products vetted for its platform. Likewise, more experienced drop shippers may find the lack of product flexibility and the focus on cash on delivery too limited for their needs. 

Overall, if you want to start dropshipping with minimal investment, Funnel Genie is a great place to start. But those with more advanced needs may want to look elsewhere. 

Is Funnel Genie Worth It? 

Dropshipping is more competitive than ever. It’s not the get rich quick scheme it appears like at first glance. Getting involved with it is a lot of work and can be a fairly significant investment. 

Funnel Genie simplifies everything for you. They curate the products, host your web pages, or push content to Shopify for you, track analytics, and more. And you also get access to a tremendous amount of onboarding knowledge and community support. 

That all seems like a pretty good bargain starting at $97.97 a month, especially if you consider that hosting a web page by itself costs $10-20/month. Funnel Genie also has no contract, meaning you cancel your subscription anytime if it isn’t working for you. 

You have nothing to lose by giving the free trial a shot and seeing if Funnel Genie is right for you. 

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  • No need to invest in inventory
  • Logistics taken care of for you
  • Potential to reach untapped markets
  • Payouts released weekly
  • Mobile app
  • No need for Shopify or personal website
  • 24/7 support 
  • Facebook Pixel and Google integration
  • Easy to use
  • Easy product research 
  • Templates 


  • COD only 
  • Can only sell from their product list 
  • Some products are outdated 
  • The site rules like mandatory FB group signup can be a little overwhelming 

Funnel Genie Alternatives

There is a wide variety of different funnel and sales builder tools out there. For many who are new to the arena, Genie will be the right choice because of how easy it is to set up an eCommerce business. 

One of the most popular alternatives to Funnel Genie is ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels makes it easy to create a website and set up funnels. With over 100,000 users, it offers a wide variety of tools to do everything you need to market, sell, and deliver products. 

The one disadvantage is that ClickFunnels doesn’t have shipping built-in. You’ll have to integrate something like ShipStation or another shipping service. But you will have more product flexibility and regular payments instead of COD. ClickFunnels pricing starts at $97/month, which is the same as Funnel Genie. 

If you have a dropshipping platform that gives you greater flexibility and is a little more tailored toward experienced drop shippers, it’s a solid option. 

One other option worth looking into is GetResponse. It’s an eCommerce logistics service that has a greater focus on email marketing. Funnel Genies does offer email marketing to some extent but isn’t as focused on it compared to other solutions. 

Email marketing has one of the highest marketing ROIs, so it’s worth looking into since GetResponse can also help you set up funnels, landing pages, and more. Pricing starts at $15/month. However, similar to ClickFunnels, GetResponse is a better tool for intermediate to advanced dropshippers. 

Funnel Genie: The Verdict

Funnel Genie is an excellent introduction in the world of dropshipping. It provides everything you need to create a sales funnel and start earning cash from it quickly. As a start-to-finish dropshipping platform, you won’t find many options as comprehensive and easy to use as it. 

Funnel Genie Review
  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Support


If you’re involved in the dropshipping world, you may be interested in Funnel Genie. Funnel Genie is an all-in-one sales funnel for eCommerce and dropshipping. Their goal is to allow you to be able to create an eCommerce funnel without having to build a website from the ground up. Read our review of Funnel Genie and see if they are right for you before you buy.