According to, marketers rate the effectiveness of interactive content at 93%. That’s compared to 70% for static content like blog posts and articles. 

This makes a whole lot of sense. People are naturally drawn to quizzes, calculators, and other forms of interactive content. We’ve all been there. Maybe you’re reading an interesting article only to see a silly-looking quiz on the bottom of the page. You think, “I’m not gonna do that” only to end up sharing your results to “Which Hollywood celebrity is your spirit animal?” with your friends moments later. 

Interactive content is simply a great way to drive user engagement. And that’s where Outgrow comes in. This user-friendly marketing software makes creating quizzes, polls, surveys, calculators, and more an easy process without any design or programming experience. 

With it, you can capture and convert users into customers to improve traffic, sales, and ROI. On top of that, you can use Outgrow to learn more about your audience based on what they input into your quizzes so you can better refine your marketing strategy. 

Nowadays, there are several major players in interactive content space like QZZR, Riddle, and Interact. So how well does Outgrow stack up? Is it a good investment for your marketing budget? Find out in our Outgrow review. 

What Is Outgrow?

Outgrow is the brainchild of two UPenn/Wharton School tech experts who saw an opportunity to deliver better and more accessible interactive content tools to marketers and businesses. Since 2015, they have helped companies big and small drive engagement, including huge names like Adobe, State Farm, Florida Capital Bank, and many others. 

They are now active in 150+ countries and offer a range of solutions ranging from independent freelancers on a tight budget all the way up to Fortune 500 companies. 

Outgrow is cloud-based and includes a wide set of tools. Although the Freelancer plan only has access to quizzes and calculators, their higher-tiered options include assessment, eCommerce recommendations, chatbot, and much more. 

The whole purpose of Outgrow is to make it easy for anybody to create customizable leads forms and CTA that encourage conversions. Outgrow also includes analytics and visualizations and integrates with marketing tools like MailChimp and HubSpot. 

Plans start at $14/month for quiz only, but to get the full range of Outgrow features you’ll need to be on the Essential plan that starts at $95/month if paid annually 

Outgrow Features

  • Interactive Content
  • Quizzes
  • Conditional Messages
  • API
  • Customizable Templates
  • Team Tools 
  • Embedding
  • Lead Segmentation
  • Integrations 
  • Assessments
  • Calculators
  • Surveys
  • Recommendations
  • Real-Time Results
  • Branching Logic
  • Marketing/Sales Integration
  • Funnel Analytics
  • Social Footprint

Getting Started With Outgrow

Outgrow offers a 7-day no credit card and no-strings-attached trial. To get started, all you do is provide your email and create an account password. 

Outgrow walks you through everything you need to know to get started. They even will help you come up with an idea for a quiz if you don’t have one in mind just yet. Then you choose your goal, and Outgrow will help you build a piece of interactive content right away. 

Outgrow Getting Started

If that isn’t for you, you can just head to your dashboard to get familiar with the layout of the software. They also have a really helpful to-do list, so if you’re not sure where to begin or if you’ve missed any steps along the way, you know exactly what’s left to do. 

Take a little time and play around with these features. Check out the sample quizzes and other content. This will help you get a better sense of what content should include. 

Outgrow To Do List

The best thing about Outgrow is from the beginning, you can chart your progress with Outgrow. In any areas where you need improvement, Outgrow uses its algorithm to provide suggestions that will get your content to where it needs to be. 

Outgrow Pricing

Compared to other quiz apps. Outgrow is right in the middle in the pack in terms of affordability with plans starting at $14/month. 

Outgrow Pricing

But here’s the thing, Outgrow is more than just a one-trick pony. It not only creates quizzes but a huge range of other types of interactive content, including chatbots, assessments, giveaways, eCommerce recommendations, and more. 

You can find all of these different tools online, but the individual costs of them, not to mention learning how to use and deploy them, would quickly exceed the $95/month Outgrow Essentials Plan. Take advantage of the free trial period and give all the great features of this plan a shot to see if you can make it work for your budget. 

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Outgrow Main Features

The main thing you’ll do with Outgrow is to develop interactive content. Whether you stick to a Freelancer plan and just have access to Quizzes or upgrade all the way, this is the bread and butter of what Outgrows does: 

1. Designing Interactive Content

Outgrow requires zero programming or design experience for you to create great interactive content. All you have to do is embed it on your site/share to social media once your content is ready to go live. 

Simply select the content type you want to create and then follow the steps to add images, questions, and your own personalized features. 

Outgrow Designing Interactive Content

2. eCommerce Recommendation 

You can find quiz creation apps all over the internet. One of the more unique content types that Outgrow offers are eCommerce recommendations. These combine quiz questions directly with products and services and are available starting from the $25/month freelancer plan in addition to quizzes giving you the freedom to create different types of content. 

You begin by selecting a template and then can connect to your platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce to add products from your store. Next, build and configure, and it will be ready in no time. 

What’s really cool about this is you combine both engagement and products into one convenient package. And, you can also track analytics to see how well this content is working for you. 

Outgrow eCommerce Recommendation

3. Analytics 

On the subject of analytics, they are everywhere in Outgrow. Every content you create has analytics baked into it. But when you head over to the Analytics tab, you’ll get the complete picture of how well your interactive content is working for you, including: 

  • An overview
  • User details
  • Use Funnels
  • Compare (for different quizzes or time periods)
  • Reports
  • Relate (beta correlation tool)

All of this data is exactly what you need to get a better look into your users to see what drives them and how to improve your approach accordingly. 

Outgrow Analytics

4. Performance 

Analytics and performance are two different categories on Outgrow. While Analytics refers to your content, performance refers to how well you’ve used the Outgrow platform. 

This is another absolutely unique feature. Instead of manually going through settings, looking at analytics, and essentially guessing whether Outgrow is worth it for you, Outgrow straight up tells you what you need to do to get more out of using it. 

It includes every stage as well from your account to your ideas, launch process, and promotions. This is what makes it such an amazing option for those who are new to the world of interactive content. Even veteran markets will appreciate having this objective second set of eyes to help them ensure they’re always on the right track. 

Outgrow Performance

5. Integrations 

No matter what software tool you use, integrations are the key to efficacy. Outgrow is built from the ground up and has kept in mind connecting to MailChimp, Magento, Active Campaign, HubSpot, and others. 

With these integrations, you can assign segmented prospects into specific campaigns and team members. And you can do follow-ups all from within Outgrow, including sending personalized emails to prospects. 

Add Zapier into the mix, and you’ll have access to over 1000+ additional integration options. 

Outgrow Integrations

6. Idea Generator 

Let’s face it, sometimes you really need some fresh content, but you can’t come up with a good idea. 

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With the Idea Generator, you can select what type of company you are and the kind of marketing you want to and receive 15+ content suggestions of different types you can use to get started. Then plug into their software, and you’ll have something great in no time at all. 

While you’re there, be sure to check out trending premade templates to make your ideas really pop. 

Outgrow Idea Generator

7. Chatbot 

Chatbots have grown increasingly popular nowadays. If you want one for your site, you’re looking at a minimum of $50/month for just a bot. And that doesn’t even give you access to other types of interactive content. 

While Outgrows bot may not be as sophisticated as Chatbot’s, you can use it to set direct outcomes and answer common questions about your brand. It is highly customizable so you can set it to answer just about anything under the sun, and it works both on desktop and mobile devices. 

Outgrow Chatbot

Who Is Outgrow Best For? 

The more difficult question is, “who is outgrowing not for?” It’s so easy to use that anybody can create a fantastic piece of interactive content in no time at all. 

If you’re an experienced marketer, you may be thinking, “I don’t need so much hand-holding,” but this is what’s great about the software; it provides as much support as you need. If you don’t need the tutorials and tips, then skip it and just go straight to designing content. 

Their pricing structure is flexible enough to allow both freelancers access to quizzes and eCommerce recommendations at $25/month while also providing enterprise and large agencies solutions for big names. 

If you want to take advantage of the opportunities that interactive content—not just quizzes, but calculators, chatbots, assessment, and more— provides from a convenient and easy to use dashboard and wrap this up with fantastic analytics and performance recommendations then Outgrow is absolutely the tool for you. 

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Is Outgrow Worth It? 

There is no question that interactive content is effective. And Outgrow makes it a breeze to create it all without design or programming experience. So, is Outgrow worth it? Absolutely. 

How many other tools also give you direct and actionable advice on how to drive your ROI higher from using them? We’re not just talking about a user form and helpful blog (which Outgrow also has), but stats that show exactly what you need to do. This alone makes an Outgrow worth it. 

The one thing that would be nice, however, is if there were some middle pricing between the Freelancer $25/month with quizzes and eCommerce recommendation plan and the Outgrow Essentials Plan. This is a huge jump in monthly cost. 

If Outgrow could include a la carte pricing for different content forms or an intermediate step to make it more affordable for small businesses or freelancers with slightly larger needs, that would be immensely helpful. But you can still do a lot with the initial plans and use it to drive the ROI necessary to make the Essentials plan affordable for you in the future. 


  • Multiple content types
  • Easy to use 
  • Analytics 
  • Reports
  • Templates 
  • Huge number of integrations 
  • Built for eCommerce 
  • Adds new tools routinely
  • Funnel data 
  • Great support team


  • Wide pricing gap between entry and higher-tiered plans
  • Would be nice if they had a WordPress plugin 

Outgrow Alternatives

As mentioned, there are many different quiz building solutions out there. We’ve discussed QZZR in the past, which is easy to use and create gorgeous quizzes. However, QZZR is extraordinarily expensive, with its main plan costing $199.99/month, and it only does quizzes with no other content types. 

Another great quizzing solution is Interact. It’s overall an excellent quiz tool that offers a free plan and has a large number of integrations. And its pro plan starts at just $53/month. 

You can’t go wrong with either Outgrow or Interact. Interact is definitely a better option if you’re in the middle budget range we mentioned Outgrow was missing above. But Outgrow excels in the additional content types it offers and wide-sweeping analytics. 

QZZR, Interact and Outgrow all offer free trials, so try them out to see which works best for your needs. 

Outgrow: The Verdict

Outgrow is a powerful, robust, and easy-to-use interactive content development solution. It offers a wide variety of content types along with valuable analytics and performance data to track ROI and improve conversions. Overall, it’s an excellent tool useful for the majority of online brands and digital marketers.

Outgrow Review
  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Support


Looking to drive more leads by adding some interactive content to your website or blog? Maybe you’re considering Outgrow as your tool of choice? Outgrow is a marketing software whose aim is to make creating quizzes, polls, surveys, calculators, and other interactive content an easy process. Learn more about this software and if it is right for you in our review of Outgrow.