If you want to build a successful affiliate marketing businesses, lead generation is crucial.

Organic search results and paid promotions are great, but there’s almost nothing better than having a healthy list of email subscribers who are ready to hear about the affiliate products or programs you’ve got to offer. Reaching out to people personally through email marketing campaigns will help to skyrocket your conversion rate and boost the overall value that your site provides to readers.

Both well-established and startup affiliate marketing websites alike can have struggles when it comes to building a great list of leads to reach out to. Enter LeadQuizzes, a website that offers lead generation and audience quiz software to help you generate leads while learning about your audience at the same time.

Wildly popular internet personality Neil Patel claims to have increased his leads by 500% with LeadQuizzes, and he’s not alone. A number of other brands and internet personalities have used LeadQuizzes and have seen reportedly great results. With such a valuable proposition and so many success stories, we couldn’t help but try out LeadQuizzes.

Without further ado, here are our thoughts on LeadQuizzes: does it deliver on its promises? Keep reading to find out.

What is LeadQuizzes?

LeadQuizzes Homepage

In essence, LeadQuizzes is an online tool that allows you to create surveys, quizzes, and other forms of lead magnets to help you grow your customer base and turn your audience into a solid group of loyal readers. They’ve also got a handy WordPress plugin for those who’d rather not embed code into their site manually. If you’re an affiliate marketer, that quite simply translates into more money for you, which we think is pretty awesome.

LeadQuizzes offers a number of premade templates, but you can also make your own. They also offer a tracking code that you can embed into your site to get a better read on what your visitors are doing and how your lead magnets are working.

Though it comes off as a simple plugin, LeadQuizzes has a hefty number of integrations and use cases that many affiliate marketers will likely find handy as they continue their quest to get more leads, and, consequently, make more money. Is LeadQuizzes the one affiliate marketing tool that marketers need to generate more leads? We’ve done some intensive testing and compiled our thoughts. Read below to find out how good LeadQuizzes really is.

How Much Does LeadQuizzes Cost?

LeadQuizzes Pricing

LeadQuizzes is fairly straightforward with its pricing, and offers multiple pricing tiers so that affiliate marketers with just a website or two won’t have to get a more expensive plan allowing for dozens of sites.

If you just want LeadQuizzes for a single site, you’ll be paying $29 per month. For five websites, the price comes in at $67, and if you’re really a prolific affiliate marketers and you want LeadQuizzes for more than five sites, you’ll have to contact them to discuss a customized enterprise plan that best fits your business goals.

On the whole, LeadQuizzes isn’t very expensive for what it provides. There are plenty of cheaper (or even free) quiz and survey makers out there for sites, but they don’t offer the same depth or breadth of features that LeadQuizzes does.


Though it may come across as simple at first – just a basic survey and quiz maker – LeadQuizzes goes a whole lot deeper than that. The quiz making tools are great, but LeadQuizzes takes things a step further and gives businesses the marketing, promotion, and analytics tools they need to make sure their lead magnets are the best they can be.

Create Quizzes and Surveys

LeadQuizzes Createpage

Likely the main, and most obvious, feature of LeadQuizzes is the survey and quiz making tool. This dynamic tool allows marketers to create engaging and useful lead magnets that should, ideally, draw people in and keep them interested in the site.

When you make an account with LeadQuizzes, the first thing you’ll be prompted to do (after putting in your website URL) will be to create a quiz or survey. There are plenty of templates available, and for many businesses, the numerous templates are all it takes to create a powerful lead magnet.

For the purposes of this review, however, we opted to create a quiz of our own.

LeadQuizzes Namequiz

As seen above, you’ll first be prompted to create a quiz and give it a name. Once you do that, it’s simply a matter of creating your quiz. You’ll be taken to the content builder screen, which offers a lot of features but still somehow manages to come off as easy-to-use–which it is.

LeadQuizzes Content Builder

The content builder page gives you a ton of options when it comes to building your perfect lead magnet, and you can customize everything from the display, type of lead magnet, font, color, and a whole host of other customization options that give businesses and affiliate marketers the tools they need to create a great lead magnet.

We went through the process and created a fairly simple lead magnet for the purposes of this demonstration, with a simple question and then a required email field.

Clicking over to the “Share” tab, we’re able to copy and paste the HTML embed code so that we can embed the lead magnet onto our site! There are a few things to note here; first, it’s recommended you install LeadQuizzes’ tracking code on each page of your site that you’ll be embedding a lead magnet. This allows you to track the performance of your leads and see what’s working and what’s not. Secondly, we’d highly recommend that you install LeadQuizzes’ WordPress plugin, which we’ll go over later, if you have a WordPress site. It makes embedding leads just that much easier.

Here’s a look at what our simple LeadQuizzes test quiz looked like on a live site:

LeadQuizzes Test1

This is the cover page; LeadQuizzes will prompt you to make one when you go to create a quiz, and it’s the first thing your readers are going to see. Though we don’t have one here, we’d strongly recommend adding an image to entice your readers into engaging with the lead magnet!

LeadQuizzes Test2

Once a reader clicks the call to action button for this quiz, they’ll be taken to this next screen where we’ve put together a very basic (and common) question. After answering that, readers will be taken to an email input page here:

LeadQuizzes Test3

This is most definitely not what your lead magnets should look like, and if you tried to put a lead magnet like this on your site there’s a good chance you wouldn’t see any increase in leads or visitors. That being said, this is just an example of a customizable framework that affiliate marketers can use to generate hundreds of thousands of leads for their site.

With a wide range of customization options, LeadQuizzes makes itself a very useful tool for affiliate marketers looking to create a stunning lead magnet that can be easily embedded into their site.


The “reports” section on LeadQuizzes’ site will give you all the statistics you need about how well your lead magnets are performing. When you open it up, it’ll look something like this:

LeadQuizzes Analytics

Hopefully your dashboard of leads will be a little more filled with activity than ours is currently, but that’s what it will look like. As is evident, there’s plenty of data for you to peruse.

This is extremely important for affiliate marketers (or any type of online business), because this data will help marketers to understand what’s working and what’s not for their audiences. This certainly helps with lead generation itself, but it also has applications across the entire business. If you know what your audience connects and engages with, you can create not just more engaging leads, but more engaging content across the board, providing better site value for your readers and increasing the chance of you making some money.

Integrations With a Ton of Plugins and Applications

LeadQuizzes Integration

If a custom quiz builder and a host of analytics features wasn’t enough, LeadQuizzes also offers integrations with key programs often used by affiliate marketers, such as Mailchimp, Facebook Pixel, and many others, as seen in the photo above.

Integrations with these platforms allows business owners and websites to unlock the full potential of their marketing lead magnets, integrating LeadQuizzes content seamlessly with all of these platforms.

If you’re an affiliate marketer using any of the above platforms, LeadQuizzes is most certainly worth a look at, even if just for its streamlined integration features that make lead generation significantly easier and more effective. What’s more, there are dozens of upcoming integrations that LeadQuizzes plans to implement, meaning that the future only holds good things for those who make use of LeadQuizzes integrations.

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WordPress Plugin

A relatively new (and very useful) feature of LeadQuizzes is its WordPress plugin. No longer d0es LeadQuizzes solely function on their website, but WordPress users can now make use of easy integration with the LeadQuizzes plugin. When you first launch the plugin, the home screen will look pretty dull, but that’s because this is a bare-bones plugin.

LeadQuizzes WordPress

Click “Add New”, and you’ll get taken to another page where you can paste the link to a LeadQuizzes lead magnet that you’ve created. Just a note for new users: when you make a quiz on LeadQuizzes, it’ll give you a link that you can use to preview the quiz. That link is what you’ll want to paste into the WordPress plugin here.

LeadQuizzes Add New Quizz

Once you’ve pasted in that link, your quiz has now been added to your ever-growing (hopefully) arsenal of lead magnets. From there, you can make use of the plugin to orchestrate easy placement of your favorite lead magnets into your post, onto elements of your site, and much more.

In total, LeadQuizzes’ WordPress plugin is a life-saver for WordPress users who want easy integration as well as the ability to have all of their lead magnets in one place.

Great Uses for LeadQuizzes

There are a ton of different ways that businesses and affiliate marketers can make use of LeadQuizzes, but here are a few of our favorites.

Generate More Leads (Obviously)

Though it might seem obvious, generating more leads is, truly, the biggest and most apparent use for LeadQuizzes. It comes packed with tons of tools and integrations to make sure that your lead generation game is at its best, and with big-name users like Neil Patel, you can be sure it does actually work.

Affiliate marketers should be happy to see the number of features and use cases here, and it’s truly one of the best pieces of software around for marketers looking to get more leads.

Learn About Your Audience

A secondary use for LeadQuizzes is its analytics features, which allow you to track different lead magnets and learn what your audience responds to and engages with. Though this can help you create better lead magnets, it is also excellent to apply on a broad level across your entire site.

Knowing what your audience likes and doesn’t like is key to producing better content that converts, and LeadQuizzes is great for doing just that.

Use Integrations to Centralize Your Lead Magnets

LeadQuizzes makes life a lot easier for those creating lead magnets, quizzes, and other similar items within programs like MailChimp. Instead of having to find random plugins to create separate quizzes for these, with LeadQuizzes you’ll be able to keep everything centralized, meaning that you can smoothly integrate similar lead magnets across all different types of platforms while simultaneously managing them from a central location.

It might sound complicated, but in reality things get a lot less confusing when you’re able to manage everything from one piece of software like LeadQuizzes.


LeadQuizzes has taken quiz and survey making and taken it to an entirely new level with its analytics and integration features. However, there are certainly some alternatives out there that some affiliate marketers may be able to make use of, especially if they’re not looking for every single feature that LeadQuizzes provides.

Quiz Maker and Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker are two wildly popular – and free – WordPress plugins that are definite alternatives to LeadQuizzes. If you’re an affiliate marketer using WordPress who just needs some quizzes or surveys, these would likely be a far better option than something like LeadQuizzes. However, they don’t provide all the same features that LeadQuizzes does, so if you’re looking for something a little complex, you may want to stay away from these ones.

Is LeadQuizzes Worth the Money?

LeadQuizzes is an in-depth lead generation tool that delivers on its promises, and it is a great piece of software for the right person. Not everyone needs all of the features that LeadQuizzes provides, and for those looking for something simple, there are plenty of free applications and plugins available.

However, affiliate marketers looking for an in-depth lead magnet creator with numerous integrations should be pleased with LeadQuizzes, and its price point makes it accessible to pretty much everyone.

Pros and Cons


  • Good price for the features offered
  • Depth of tools offered
  • Integrations with other platforms
  • WordPress plugin


  • Lack of great tutorials available
  • Cheaper plugins available with some similar features
Leadquizzes Review
  • Value for the Money
  • Ease of Use
  • Depth of Features
  • Integration Capability


Leadquizzes is a marketing platform that takes a unique approach to lead generation. The tool offers marketers the ability to create custom quizzes to qualify and categorize new leads. Is it worth the money? Read our review to find out.

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