Contrary to what anybody might say, Facebook isn’t dead. And while Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms have made impressive strides, they’ll likely never truly be in the same stadium as the social media juggernaut. How can you compete with over 2 billion users! 

Not only that, but it also has some of the best ad tools out there. So regardless of whether your niche is Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or whatever else, no marketing strategy is complete without at least some energy and resources focused on it. Best of all, Facebook typically has the lowest cost of acquisition compared to the other platforms.

Now, in comes MobileMonkey to sweeten the pot further! With MobileMonkey, you can get even more ROI out of your Facebook campaigns. This integrated marketing chatbot is a powerful and intuitive engagement tool you can use to drive more traffic and conversion, whether on your website or directly in your Facebook store. 

Find out what you need to know in this comprehensive MobileMonkey review!

What is MobileMonkey? 

MobileMonkey was founded in 2017 by the fairly famous marketing guru Larry Kim. It positions itself as the “world’s best Facebook Messenger marketing platform.” 

It does this by making it easy to build Chatbot, execute marketing automations, and more, all without knowing any code. With it, you can do message blasts, create drip campaigns and engage your audience in numerous other ways. 

It’s some pretty good praise as well. It’s been endorsed by Neil Patel as well as key leaders at SEMrush and Backlinko. 

MobileMonkey Features

  • AI
  • Analytics
  • Channels
  • Customers Targeting
  • Customization Interface
  • Lead Generation
  • Live Chat
  • Profiles
  • Sales Conversion
  • Sequencing
  • SMS marketing 
  • Social Media
  • Voice Assistants

How To Use MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey offers a limited free-forever plan that you can get started trying now. Unlike other SaaS tools, to sign up and try it out, you’ll have to sign up with your Facebook and link it to your business account. 

This process can be a little cumbersome so give it some time. After you do so, you’ll be able to begin checking out the app for yourself. If you’ve set up chatbots on your website before or have used other Facebook marketing tools, it will feel very familiar. 

From here, you can then begin setting up your Chatbot, segmenting your audience, and taking advantage of other tools. If you get lost, there are plenty of helpful resources within the app and on the blog. 

MobileMonkey Dashboard

MobileMonkey Pricing

MobileMonkey’s free plan is enough to get a sense of what a chatbot can do for you and whether the platform is a good fit for you. You’ll get access to 1000 messages/month, basic sequences, and keywords. 

Moving up to pro from $21.75/month unlocks more features, including 2,000 messages and a wide variety of other tools, including SMS options, scheduled blasts, API access, and Zapier integration. 

You can get a further breakdown of the differences between the plans here

MobileMonkey Pricing

We found the Pro plan is an affordable and good start for most marketers and businesses trying to do more with their Facebook ad campaigns. 

MobileMonkey Features

There’s so much you can do with MobileMonkey. Here are a few of our favorite features that are worth checking out: 

1. Chat Blaster 

Chat Blaster takes what you love from the world of email marketing and applies it to social. With it, you can segment your audience (or target all of them) and send messages that encourage engagement. The key is keeping it concise and focused on a strong CTA. 

With your pro, you’ll also be able to set up drip campaigns so you can periodically re-engage with your users. This alone can be worth the upgrade, especially for those in eCommerce. 

MobileMonkey Chat Blaster

2. Chat Bots 

Chatbots are effective and getting smarter all the time. They are such an effective tool for quick answers while freeing up your team to more important things. 

With MobileMonkey, you can easily build a conversational chatbot designed around answering FAQs. What cool, though, is that MobileMonkey also includes AI technology, so your bot will get smarter and improve conversational skills the more it’s used. 

MobileMonkey Chatbot

3. Websites and SMS 

In the past, MobileMonkey was somewhat limited to just what it could do on Facebook. Now, you can deploy it to both your website and SMS. 

Best of all, you can clone bots, chat blasts, and other elements, so you don’t have to redo any of your work.

MobileMonkey SMS

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Likewise, all the other great features are there, including scheduling, campaign analytics, and everything you need. 

Who Should Use MobileMonkey? 

Chatbots aren’t the future. They are vital tools you need to start using now. That’s why they are virtually omnipresent on any site you go to nowadays. 

One of the biggest digital marketing rules is you have to take advantage of every engagement tool you have available. You’ll also have customers who prefer email, live chat (which MobileMonkey also does), or old-fashioned phone calls. 

But people are increasingly growing comfortable with chatbots. And why wouldn’t they? With AI, they are smarter than ever. 

On the whole, if Facebook marketing is an important part of your strategy, then Mobile Monkey is for you. The same also goes for if you need a solid and affordable chatbot option for your site. 

Is MobileMonkey Worth It? 

Mobile Monkey isn’t quite as cheap as some of the other chatbots out there. But many of these will only work on a website and not on social media. 

What we love about Mobile Monkey is its versatility, easy-to-use interface, and ever-expanding feature list. And it’s still significantly cheaper than other options out there, like Zendesk. 


  • Affordable 
  • Free plan 
  • Easy to use. 
  • Great feature set 
  • Can maximize your Facebook ad ROI
  • Analytics even for SMS campaigns
  • Integrations 
  • Bots get smarter over time


  • Bit of a learning curve for those who’ve never created a bot before

MobileMonkey Alternatives

These days chatbot builders are everywhere. We’re most familiar with the biggest names out there, like Zendesk. 

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you are new though to the world of chatbots, then we recommend ConversioBot. 

MobileMonkey vs. ConversioBot


ConversioBot is a straightforward and feature-rich chatbot builder. While it doesn’t have the same Facebook support, it is incredibly affordable. You can get it for under $30, and instead of a monthly cost, you pay a one-time fee for an unlimited number of manual chatbots and/or up-to 30,000 conversations. As great as MobileMonkey is, it’s the perfect toe in the water to see if the approach is right for you. 

MobileMonkey vs. Sendinblue 


If you’re drawn to MobileMonkey because of SMS marketing, you might want to consider Sendinblue. Sendinblue is primarily an email marketing platform that’s now branched out into CRM and SMS marketing. 

But in terms of keeping your lists all in one place and integrating your campaigns, it’s an excellent and affordable option. Likewise, similar to ConversioBot, it’s not mutually exclusive to MobileMonkey. You can still use MobileMonkey for Facebook or double your potential by integrating MobileMonkey with Sendinblue via Zapier.

MobileMonkey Review: The Verdict 

MobileMonkey is a solid tool for getting more engagement from your Facebook, website, and SMS campaigns. The chatbot builder, messenger blasts, analytics, and other tools make, and its affordable price tag makes it a solid option for most marketers out there. Give the free forever plan a shot for yourself and see what MobileMonkey can do for you.

MobileMonkey Review
  • Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Value
  • Support
  • Overall


MobileMonkey is a marketing chatbot and messaging platform that offers marketing, sales, and customer support via mobile platforms like Facebook and Twitter. MobileMonkey includes features and tools such as the ability to easily create chatbots, automations, message blasts, drip campaigns, and more. Can this chatbot do it all? Find out in our complete review of MobileMonkey!