While affiliate marketing has really begun to get a fan following amongst website owners, CPA marketing seems to be a step up in terms of how an affiliate can earn more. CPA, which stands for cost per action, is used by advertisers when they want any particular leads. The affiliates get paid when the user visiting your website clicks on the link and completes a certain action. Companies like Peerfly come in as intermediaries where they give advertisers access to publishers or affiliates while giving these affiliates access to a wide range of offers from advertisers. If you are a website owner who wants to register for some great affiliate programs using the Peerfly platform, it may be helpful to gauge whether or not it is worth your time and effort.

About Peerfly

Peerfly Home Page

Peerfly has not been in the picture for as long as some of the major players in the realm of affiliate marketing networks, having been founded as recently as 2009, but that does not take away from the popularity that the platform has garnered in the 10 years that it has been up and running. With its headquarters at Alachua, Florida, the company has a small and dedicated team that has enabled Peerfly to create a niche for itself outside of what is considered the norm for affiliate networks.

Peerfly works on the basis of CPA or cost per action instead of the traditional cost per sale model that is used by most affiliate networks. This means that you can get paid if a user clicks on the link on your website and completes an action instead of having to complete a purchase. Peerfly has won a large number of accolades in the field, including the runners up position as the ‘Best CPA Network’ in the past.

What Type of Netwrok is It?

Peerfly has a unique model of functioning. As was mentioned in the section before, the commissions are based on a cost per action format. This means that you get paid every time the user completes an action that is not necessarily a purchase — a method of lead generation. With close to 2,000 merchants and around 8,000 offers up for grabs, there are a large number of opportunities that you can avail of when you join the platform.

There are multiple types of commissions offered by Peerfly, which include CPA (cost per action), CPL (cost per lead) and CPS (cost per sale). Depending on what kind of offer you take up, you may be eligible for commissions for the leads you generate, the actions that are completed or the purchases that are made by users on your website. The offers cover a wide range of fields, from health, fashion and e-commerce to photography, business to business and so much more.

Peerfly Offers

Peerfly Range of Offers

Peerfly has a wide range of offers that are up for grabs. If you are a publisher who wants to enroll in affiliate programs to get the maximum level of commissions, you can choose multiple offers put out by different merchants. All of these offers do not need to be along the same lines. Some may have a wider commission ranges, while others may have smaller margins, but that will be discussed in further detail in the next section, which talks about the quality of offers put out by Peerfly.

Peerfly’s range of offers is very extensive. If you are a website owner, you can pick and choose the offers that suit the tone of your website or publishing platform, and then seek approval from the advertisers by completing your verification on the platform. In order to maximize the commissions that you are earning, it is recommended that you opt for a wider range of offers and put them together. In addition to this, you can take part in a bunch of different contests or enjoy some fantastic incentives that can help boost the revenue you are earning.

Quality of Offers

As is the case with most offers put out by affiliate marketing networks, Peerfly has a wide range of offers, all of which differ in terms of quality. While some may have lower margins of commissions, it may be easier to earn revenue through these. At the same time, there are offers that give you up to 30% in commissions, but it may be more difficult to make the cut for these offers. The entire business model that Peerfly pursues is working towards maximizing payouts — details of which will be discussed in the next section — for the clients by minimizing the commission that goes to the company.

According to the company, Peerfly puts out a guarantee that it will match or offer you more in terms of the payout than any other competing networks that you could compare to the company. In addition to the offers put out by the company, it also gives new members training in affiliate marketing, which can be extremely helpful when you first start out in the realm.

Peerfly Payouts (Terms and Options)

Peerfly Payouts

Peerfly puts out the company’s payout rules and regulations in a straightforward manner on the website. For example, the minimum payout amount is lower than most other similar platforms, starting at $50 as the base. The timeframe for payout stands at net 30, net 15 or even weekly payments, but you need to check the details with the affiliate manager assigned to you. This manager is of great help, especially when you are unclear about the details.

Peerfly offers multiple payment methods to its clients. This includes payment through checks, bank wire, PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon Gift Card (only for US-based clients), Payoneer, as well as ACH (again only for US clients).

Can You Trust Peerfly?

Peerfly Trustworthiness

Peerfly’s reputation in the realm of affiliate marketing networks is impressive, with the company looking to provide impeccable yet personalized service to clients. The company lays great emphasis on giving publishers a very wholesome look into what the best offers for them are. The payouts are regular, with the option of choosing what is the frequency at which you want the money to be paid. As was mentioned in the section before, you can opt from between one of the many different payment methods offered by the company.

Keep in mind that your account can be suspended for a couple of reasons. In the first case, the account may be suspended after a significant inactive period but you could always contact the publisher support team to get it back on. In the second case, your account could be deactivated or suspended because the platform has detected some fraudulent activity on the website. In this case, you can approach the company’s compliance.

How Does Peerfly Stand Out?

When it comes to affiliate marketing networks, Peerfly truly stands out in terms of customer service and offers put out by merchants. First and foremost, the platform is open to people from all across the world. This means that you could be sitting in a remote location on the other end of the globe and still be eligible for the commission. In case you are able to complete the verification process, you will be able to earn a good amount of revenue from the different offers that you opt for. While the number of offers may be lower than the ones put out by others in the field, the reliability factor is of great importance.

Application Process

Peerfly Application Process

Before going into the details of the application process, it is important to state that the company itself states that the application process for the offers is quite extensive and difficult to complete. In the initial phase, you will be required to fill in all the basic personal details that the company asks for. This will include your name, address, website details as well as information on the marketing tactics that you have employed in the process.

Keep in mind that you need to complete your verification process in order to be able to carry out any affiliate marketing tasks with Peerfly. This is also one of the main reasons why the company is a market leader in the realm of affiliate marketing. Their exceptional track record can also be attributed to the more stringent verification process that the company has in place for the affiliates that sign up for the platform. The company acknowledges that fraudulent practices are a norm in the industry, and the rules are in place to avoid such issues. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to earn revenue from your website, especially when it comes to websites that are getting a decent amount of traction. As long as your account isn’t inactive or you aren’t indulging in fraudulent activities, you can use platforms like Peerfly to monetize the views and clicks that you get on your website. Affiliate marketing needs to be undertaken with a degree of caution, but in the end, you stand to make up a stable source of income without actually doing much work that could count as an effort on top of your regular activities.

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Peerfly is a leading affiliate network for CPA offers. The network is ideal for simple email submits and pay-per-lead offers. Is it worth your time? Read our review to find out.

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