Few things in marketing require more precision than social media. Unlike SEO, which is a little less time-sensitive, the difference between publishing a post at 8:00 and 8:05 could mean the difference between your audience seeing a post or it never landing in front of them. 

PromoRepublic is a social media management solution targeted at agencies, freelancers, and small businesses to better create and manage content from one convenient dashboard.

What sets it apart from other management tools is definitely the content library, which provides over 100,000 templates and content suggestions relevant to your target audience. PromoRepublic also includes a graphics editor, AI scheduling tool, and more. 

With so many social media marketing managers out there, like Hootsuite and CoSchedule, it can be hard to know which is right for you. To figure out which you need, you have to learn more. In this review, we’ll dive into the main features of PromoRepublic, its competitors, and we’ll help you understand if their app is the right call for you.  

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What Is PromoRepublic?

PromoRepublic is one of the newer kids on the block of social media management software. The company only began in 2014 and gained traction through participating in a variety of startup accelerators. In just a few years, they’ve managed to grab large user bases in both Europe and the US. 

Over 4.5 million posts have now been created with their tools. PromoRepublic originally debuted as an Instagram solution, but now includes support for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, and other platforms. 

PromoRepublic offers users a variety of features and tools across social media networks. It also includes a graphics editor, Google My Business Support, and its greatest strength, content creation software. You can browse sample posts and find the perfect template for your next campaign making idea research a breeze.  

All of this is packed into an easy-to-use web app that also includes analytics and ROI insights that tell you just how well your posts are doing. PromoRepublic is affordable, too—plans start at only $9 per month.  

Getting Started With PromoRepublic

PromoRepublic does offer a free trial period, so you don’t have to pay anything upfront. You begin by setting up your account. After logging in, you connect the social profiles you want to use PromoRepublic for. The Standard Plan allows for up to 10 accounts that include personal profile, business page, or groups across different social media platforms. 

From here, choose the most relevant industry for you. PromoRepublic includes 17 different options that cover a broad spectrum of fields, from health and food to marketing, and more. 

Don’t worry; your selection doesn’t limit you to only one industry. You can still explore content from across the entire library. It is only used to give you more refined content suggestions. 

Next, browse the content library, select a template, and build your post. You can publish immediately or schedule for later based on the best time for you to publish. 

PromoRepublic Tools: 

  • Content development
  • Unlimited scheduling
  • Social listening tools
  • Post idea library
  • White label tools
  • Graphic editor
  • Built-in Holiday calendar

PromoRepublic Pricing

PromoRepublic’s plans starts at just $9. It has tools for freelancers up to enterprise-grade solutions for large marketing agencies and brands. These are the four main PromoRepublic plans: 

Solo (billed $9/mo)Standard (billed $49/mo)Professional (billed $99/mo)Business (billed $499/mo)
AI-driven scheduling to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TwitterAI-driven scheduling to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google My BusinessAI-driven scheduling to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google My BusinessAI-driven scheduling to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google My Business
Library with 100,000 post ideas and visual templates10 social media profiles30 social media profiles150 social media profiles
Built-in Graphics EditorLibrary with 100,000 post ideas and visual templatesLibrary with 100,000 post ideas and visual templatesBranded Content Storage
Basic statisticsBuilt-in Graphics EditorBuilt-in Graphics EditorBuilt-in Graphics Editor
BoostingBasic statisticsBasic statisticsBuilt-in Localization Tool
SupportBoostingBoostingBasic statistics
Workspaces (2 team members)Workspaces (15 team members or clients)Boosting and campaigns
SupportApproval flowWorkspaces (75 team members)
DiscussionsApproval flow

Promo Republic also has an enterprise plan with customized pricing. It includes all of the Business plan tools plus: 

  • Custom amount of social media profiles
  • Custom Content Storage
  • Built-in Graphics Editor
  • Built-in Localization Tool
  • Statistics and reporting
  • Boosting and campaigns
  • Custom Workflow
  • Dashboards
  • Custom adoption program
  • Priority support
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What Are PromoRepublic’s Main Features?

PromoRepublic is packed with many fantastic features. Here are some of the main things you can do with their app: 

1. Content Organizer 

This is the main PromoRepublic feature. You can browse from their catalog of 100,000 gorgeous visuals with preloaded headlines crafted by PromoRepublic’s skilled team of designers and writers. 

It has everything you need to create great posts, including the Post Ideas library with templates that span across 17 industries, including Health, Marketing, Beauty, etc. 

Promo Republic Content Organizer

2. Events Calendar 

It’s not always easy coming up with creative post ideas. And, as marketers, sometimes, you just need to get something out there even if it’s just for the sake of user engagement. 

The events calendar includes 3,000 different post ideas based on each day of the year. You’ll get suggestions like historical dates, holidays, celebrity birthdays, and other ways to diversify your content. So, you’ll never run out of ways to make a relevant post to your users. 

PromoRepublic Events Calendar

3. Graphics Editor

The Graphics Editors makes it easy to create stunning images from scratch—no design expertise necessary! Simply upload the photo you want to use along with accompanying elements like logos, banners, and fonts. From here, you start editing to create the perfect-looking post. 

The tools are robust and can get into very fine detail. While it’s no match for Photoshop, you’ll be happy at how much you can do and how quickly you can do it. 

PromoRepublic Graphics Editor

4. Calendar 

The calendar is where you can put PromoRepublic’s time-saving tools to work. Two of the best features are Time Slots and Autopilot. With them, Promo Republic’s AI algorithm predicts the best time for posting, recommends content types, and makes your job a whole lot easier in not only creating but scheduling posts. 

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You can manage everything from the dashboard and even shift to a single-view layout so you can clearly see the same posts published across several accounts. 

PromoRepublic Calendar

5. Collaboration Tools

PromoRepublic makes it easy for agencies to run social media across companies. Workspace allows you to set permissions, manage pages, and create posting schedules. 

PromoRepublic also included white label tools that make it easier for you to work directly with your clients so they can make changes directly to the campaigns as needed. Best of all, you can manage all your different clients from one place without them ever knowing it! 

PromoRepublic Collaboration Tools

6. Mobile App 

PromoRepublic has a mobile app for both Android and iOS. It’s not perfect, and you’ll definitely not be able to ditch your laptop for your smartphone. 

But it is an excellent way to keep up with campaigns while you’re on the go. It includes these features: 

  • Upload photos directly from your computer
  • Graphics Editor to create your branded posts
  • Push posts to your phone for easy uploading to Instagram 
  • Plan and review posts in the Content Calendar
  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts
PromoRepublic Mobile App

7. ROI Statistics 

With any software solution, you’re going to ask yourself, “is this worth it?” Promo Republic makes it easy to see how well their app is working for you. You can see how many followers you’ve lost or gained, engagement rates, and even track how well your Facebook ad spend has been doing. 

PromoRepublic ROI

What Problems Does Promo Republic Solve? 

Problem #1: Not Knowing What To Post 

Whether you’re a small business or a marketing agency, there’ll be times you just run out of ideas. PromoRepublic’s greatest strength is its content organizer. Whether you need a one-off quick post or you’re trying to start a new campaign, they have the tools to help you get started. 

Problem #2: How To Achieve Scale 

Young agencies looking to scale face the challenge of creating exciting, unique content. In every sector, the competition on social media is fierce. PromoRepublic can help you quickly and easily scale amazing looking portfolios. 

Problem #3: Collaboration Between Creators

For a successful campaign, you need efficient communication and collaboration between writers, designers, and media personnel. With PromoRepublic, you have one easy to use workspace that all these forces can build amazing posts in real-time. 

Problem #4: Achieving Consistent Posting

Consistency is the backbone of a successful social media campaign. Creating compelling content regularly, however, can be a serious challenge. Promo Republic’s content and scheduling tools simplify the process giving you what you need for not just consistent but also optimized posting. 

PromoRepublic Alternatives 

PromoRepublic is often compared to Buffer and Sprout Social. Both are also great tools for refining social media strategy, but their focuses are a little different. Likewise, neither are as inexpensive as PromoRepublic, which may make them less suitable for freelancers and smaller agencies. 

What Is Buffer? 

Buffer helps you organize and share content across your social media channels. It’s user-friendly, relatively affordable, and great for driving traffic and increasing engagement with your audience. 

What Is Sprout Social? 

Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media management, analytics, customer successor, and marketing solution. They work with larger digital agencies and major brands to create successful and unique campaigns for start to finish. This robust functionality does come at a price, however, with plans from $99/month. 

PromoRepublicBufferSprout Social 
Built-In Graphics EditorShare content across10 Social ProfilesAnalytics
White Label platformTeam MembersAutomated Publishing
Content approval flowDetailed AnalyticsContact Management
AI-driven schedulingUp to 100 posts and tweetsContent Management
Social media reporting toolTwitter-focusedConversion Tracking
Post Ideas library Customer Targeting
Statistics Keyword Filtering
Multi-Account Management
Post Scheduling
From $9/month From $15/month From $99/month per user

Is PromoRepublic Worth It?  

Small businesses and freelancers can benefit from PromoRepublic. If you don’t have the budget for a team of designers and writers, their solutions are not only practical but also affordable. 

At the same time, PromoRepublic’s Pro tools are designed for marketing agencies to save time, money, and collaborate better. At all levels, from the smallest solopreneurs to the biggest agency, you can get immense value out of PromoRepublic. 

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  • Built-in design tools 
  • 100,000 customizable templates
  • Scheduler 
  • Easy to use 
  • Affordable
  • Mobile app 
  • Facebook ROI 
  • A la carte feature pricing available 
  • Great customer support 
  • Best time to post recommendations
  • Collaborate feature for working with clients 
  • Share posts across accounts 
  • Free trial 


  • Mobile app functionality is limited
  • Limited analytics and reports
  • No direct posting in Instagram 
  • Professional designers may find features to be limiting 

PromoRepublic: The Bottom Line

PromoRepublic helps agencies and businesses of any size create fantastic social media campaigns. The graphics editor, scheduler, AI tools, and templates make PromoRepublic the one tool you need across all your social media management.  

It’s affordable with plans starting at $9 while still having robust enough features in higher-tiered plans for enterprise use. Overall, it’s an excellent option for beginners, small teams, and those trying to maximize their marketing budgets.

PromoRepublic Review
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  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Support


If you’re in the social media marketing space, you know how important it can be to have a good social media management tool. Maybe you’re considering PromoRepublic as yours? PromoRepublic is a social media management solution that claims to help users create and manage content in a better way from one single dashboard. Does PromoRepublic measure up? Read our review of PromoRepublic and learn the answer to that question and more.