SE Ranking is a pretty bold name for any company to use. It’s the equivalent of using SEO, social media marketing, or any other popular digital marketing term as your brand. It’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself, especially with so many SEO tools out there, such as Raven Tools and Surfer SEO. Fortunately, SE Ranking easily stands up to the task and then some. 

While it is one of the newer players out there, it’s quickly become an integral tool for agencies and large brands like Bed Bath & Beyond, Zapier, and Trust Pilot. 

As an SEO professional, finding the right keyword tracking tool is a top priority. From its affordability, depth of features, and ease of use, there are many reasons why SE Ranking should be your keyword ranking tool of choice. 

In this review, we dive into everything you need to know about SE Ranking to help you determine whether it’s a good fit for your digital marketing needs. 

What Is SE Ranking?

SE Ranking (i.e., search engine ranking) is a broad, multi-aspect web-based marketing platform used by over 12,000 companies and 4,000 agencies globally. It offers more than just keyword ranking but also SEO audits, competitor analysis, website ranking, and more. 

Although it’s not as comprehensive as SEMrush or HubSpot, it’s pretty impressive how much of your digital marketing needs you can take care of in this highly affordable solution (plans start as low as $18.60/month). It’s also easy to use while also including enough for advanced SEO options for pros to fine-tune campaigns. 

SE Ranking Features

  • Keyword Suggestion Tool
  • Keyword Grouping
  • Backlinks Monitoring
  • Keyword Research
  • White Label
  • Marketing plan
  • Position Tracking
  • Competitor Research
  • SEO Reporting Tools
  • User Role Permissions
  • API
  • On-Page SEO Audit
  • Keyword Rank Tracking
  • Website Audit
  • Keyword Grouper
  • Social Media Management
  • Lead Generator
  • Page Changing Monitoring

Getting Started With SE Ranking

SE Ranking includes a free trial, so you can check it out for 14 days and really get a taste of what it can do. Best of all, you don’t have to give them a credit card—only your email address and phone number—to sign up. 

After you create a password and sign in, you’ll go immediately to the Dashboard. Here you create, monitor, and edit campaigns in real-time. You can add your website and get started checking your rankings right away.

From here, you can view Reports where you can generate detailed analytics for your team along with Tools that will help you perform SEO Tasks. 

Unlike other ranking tools, SE ranking has a basic built-in tutorial to get you familiar with it, which really reduces the onboarding time—especially if you already have experience with this type of software. 

SE Ranking Pricing

SE Ranking has three main plans separated at different price points based on how often you need updates to your keyword rankings. The most affordable plan starts at $18.60/month for weekly rankings checks. The same plan with daily updates costs $31/month: 

Optimum Plus Enterprise
Backlink CheckerBacklink CheckerWebsite Audit for 250,000 pages
Keyword GrouperKeyword GrouperMonitor 75,000 backlinks
SEO/PPC Competitor ResearchSEO/PPC Competitor ResearchBacklink Checker
On-Page Checker for 150 pagesOn-Page Checker for 450 pagesKeyword Grouper
Marketing PlanMarketing PlanSEO/PPC Competitor Research
Custom SEO ReportingCustom SEO ReportingOn-Page Checker for 750 pages
Social Media Analytics and ManagementSocial Media Analytics and ManagementMarketing Plan
SubaccountsSubaccountsCustom SEO Reporting
Monitor Pages for Changes: 100Social Media Analytics and Management
SEO/PPC Database Expansion: 10,000Subaccounts
SEO/PPC DATABASEMonitor Pages for Changes: 250
EXPANSION: 10,000SEO/PPC Database Expansion: 25,000
White labelWhite label
From: $18.60/month weekly keyword updatesFrom $42.50/month for weeklyFrom $90/month for weekly
$24.80 every three days updates$56.80 every three days$120 every three days
$31.month daily updates$71/month daily$151/daily

If you’re not sure which plan is the right fit for you, SE Ranking has a calculator on their site that will tell you the right one based on the number of sites you manage and the frequency of site queries. You can also upgrade your plan at any time from within the dashboard. 

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SE Ranking Features

SE Ranking can help you do a better job of so many things in the digital marketing landscape. It’s great for both small and large projects, including quick audits to check SEO errors, competitor analysis, and more. 

Here are some of the features of SE Ranking you should be sure not to miss: 

1. Improved Search Engine Optimization 

SEO is the whole reason why you use something like SE Ranking in the first place. SE Ranking includes a variety of SEO tools you configure precisely for your needs. 

You can perform keyword rank tracking, page change monitoring, backlinking monitoring, and other valuable actions. It also has newbie tools that include SEO best practices and how-to guides to help you get better campaigns off the ground. 

SE Ranking SEO

2. Competitor Analysis 

All SEO software solutions offer competitor analysis, but SE Ranking isn’t only easy to use, but also includes deep insights on what the competition is doing well. You can use it to discover new keywords (both short-tail and long-tail), track rankings with perfect accuracy, and see the types of ads your competitors are running for both paid and organic search. 

SE Ranking Detailed Competitor Anaylsis

3. B2B Features 

SE Ranking is a perfect multi-use tool. It’s as customizable as you want it to be and even includes white label tools so you can better collaborate with clients, track campaigns, and more. 

The Plus and Enterprise plans also include API compatibility so you can connect SE ranking across your business platform. 

SE Ranking B2B Features

4. Social Media Management 

Unlike other SEO platforms, SE Ranking also features social media management tools. This is another one of the reasons it’s such a great value. It includes scheduled publishing, brand monitoring. 

The only downside is that it currently only integrates with Facebook and Twitter. However,  Instagram and LinkedIn support are apparently coming soon.  

SE Ranking Social Media Management

5. Marketing Plan 

Marketing Plan takes all of the insights gathered across your web and social platform and creates a cohesive and easy to follow plan that will improve SEO, engagement, and conversion. 

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It also includes common mistakes that people make and other things you should consider while managing digital marketing campaigns. Although this feature is particularly helpful for newbies, it’s even useful for pros to help them stay on top of things—especially if they’re managing multiple brand strategies at one time. 

SE Ranking Marketing Plan

6. Keyword Ranking 

Even though SE Ranking is a comprehensive SEO solution, we couldn’t skip the main thing it does—accurately track keywords. As any digital marketer knows, out-of-date information about rankings has a terrible impact on campaigns. 

SE Ranking features one of the most accurate keyword ranking solutions on the market. That is what you’re really paying for. Whether you choose daily, once every three days, or weekly keyword updates, staying on top of this information is essential for all campaigns. 

You’ll have to figure out which is the best plan for your needs. Fortunately, you can sample daily updates during the trial period and see if it’s really necessary or if you can get away with a less frequent, but more affordable option. 

SE Ranking Keyword Ranking

Who Is SE Ranking Best For? 

SE Ranking should be in the hands of every digital marketer. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never created a campaign before or have launched some of the most successful in history, SE Ranking has something for you. 

With that said, if social media is a big part of your strategy (which it should be!), you’ll find SE Ranking’s tools to be a little lacking, especially since it only includes Facebook and Twitter integration. It’s important to remember that it’s an SEO tool with some social media management functionality, but not a dedicated social marketing solution. 

You’ll likely want to invest in something like Sprout Social or Promo Republic, but it is still really handy to have SEO plus Twitter and Facebook under one dashboard. 

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Is SE Ranking Worth It? 

Absolutely. The accurate keyword tracking feature alone is worth the $18 or $31/month you pay for the Optimum Plan. Other popular keyword trackers start at $99/month and have nowhere near the robust functionality as SE Ranking. 

And this is not just where SE ranking really shines. It is a full-featured digital marketing tool that includes not only SEO but also social media management and marketing guidance. Compared to other companies that do this like SEMrush (starts at $99.95) or HubSpot Marketing (starts at $50 for basic plan), it’s a real bargain! 


  • Comprehensive SEO tools 
  • Easy to use 
  • Affordable 
  • Marketing plan 
  • Competitor analysis 
  • On-page tutorials for new users 
  • Social media management 
  • Accurately track rankings 
  • Detailed and customizable reports 


  • Fetching new site data is a little slow 
  • Can’t see rankings for at least a day 
  • More how-to’s and webinars would be helpful 
  • No content research feature
  • Limited social integration 

SE Ranking Alternatives

It depends on what you’re looking for. There are plenty of dedicated keyword tracking apps out there that do an excellent job monitoring keywords but not much else. Or you may want a more comprehensive solution that includes not only keyword tracking, but also SEO. 

What’s nice about SE ranking is you get the best of both worlds with it. It does a really excellent job with keywords but has a lot of other great SEO features. Usually, the other options, especially the more affordable ones, sacrifice one for these for the other. 

And, SE Ranking is affordably priced, meaning you get all of this without breaking the bank. Two options worth looking into though are AccuRanker and SEMrush. 

What Is AccuRanker? 

AccuRanker is primarily a keyword tracking tool. As their name suggests, they focus on accurately reporting keyword ranking. They automatically update all keywords every 24 hours. You can also track search results around the world to make sure your local SEO campaigns have what they need to rank highly. 

AccuRanker includes additional SEO tools that are okay, but you’re mostly paying for the keywords. Pricing starts at $99, which can be difficult for freelancers and smaller agencies to afford. 

What Is SEMrush? 

SEMrush is widely considered one of the best overall SEO tools available. It’s one of the biggest names out there and includes all the tools you need for fantastic on-page SEO and a whole lot more. 

SEMrush does everything SE ranking can like backlink analysis, site audits, and keyword ranking. It also features more social integrations than SE ranking, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. But it is pricey; plans start at $99/month. 

SE RankingAccuRanker SEMrush
Keyword suggestions Keyword trackerKeyword tracking
On-page SEO AudioAdvanced reportingAudience management
Backlink MonitoringUnlimited domainsAPI
SEO Reports Google integrationSocial 
APILanding pagesSEO Reports
Competitor ResearchCompetitor analysisCompetitor Tracking
Keyword Rank tracking SERP trackingSERP 
White label Google grumpKeyword ranking
From $18.60/monthFrom $99/month From $18.60/month 

The Bottom Line: Is SE Ranking Worth It? 

If you’re looking for an easy to use, accurate, and detailed all-in-one SEO solution, then SE Ranking should definitely be on your list. Check out their free trial now to see if it’s the right fit for you!

SE Ranking Review
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  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Support


Any SEO professional will tell you, having the right SEO tool can make or break you. SE Ranking is an SEO marketing platform that offers a good amount of features, such as keyword ranking, competitor analysis, SEO audits, and more. Does SE Ranking have everything you need? Read our review of SE Ranking and learn the answer to that question and more.