The internet is big—like really big. Researchers estimate that all the data held by Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon totals 1200 petabytes. That’s equivalent to 1.2 million terabytes or 1.2 billion gigabytes.

To put this number in perspective, a three-minute song uses about 3 megabytes of data. At 1,200 petabytes, these four companies hold enough data for 400 trillion songs or 2.2 billion years of audio. And this doesn’t even include all the other major and minor players in data storage from Dropbox to a personal server you might have running in the garage.

This is why marketers always emphasize the importance of keywords. The right keywords will connect you to the global audience. The wrong ones will mean your site will rarely, if ever, get discovered. And you can forget about ranking anywhere on Google while you’re at it.

If you want your pages and content to rank highly, then you need the right keyword strategy. Over the last decade, many tools have emerged to help people do just that.

We’ve checked out a few of them in the past, including Keysearch, AccuRanker, and SE Ranking. But Keywords Everywhere is a little different. It’s a web tool that’s much more to the point. It does keywords and nothing else. No SEO, no social. Just keywords.

This freemium chrome extension shows you monthly search volume, CPC, and competition data on Google and 15 other major platforms and search engines.

Keywords Everywhere is a simple, effective, and straightforward way to do better keyword research. Learn more about Keywords Everywhere, how to use it, and more in this review.

What Is Keywords Everywhere?

Keywords Everywhere made its debut in 2011. It’s the product of Axeman Tech Ltd, which has also developed other SEO and keyword tools.

For years, Keywords Everywhere was free, but they went freemium in October 2019 because of an increase in bot activity that would send the software offline for real users.

You can still use it for free, but you won’t be able to access the important meaty data like CPC and competition.

And let’s be honest, the pricing is incredibly reasonable. Packages begin at $10 for 100,000 credits on a pay-as-you-go basis.

So, if you make one Google search and see 20 related keywords with 50 people asking, then it will use 71 credits (Or about 0.007 cents). Unsurprisingly, the average user only spends about $2/month on the platform.

Keywords Everywhere Features

  • Keyword search
  • Page analyzer
  • Keyword import
  • Localization
  • API
  • Multi-language support
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Customization
  • Favorite keywords

How To Get Started With Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere works as a plugin for either Chrome or Firefox. You can either follow the links on their page or find it in your browser’s web store.

The one thing that is a little different about getting it stated, regardless of whether you go with the free or paid plan, is you have to connect its API to your account.

Don’t worry; it’s not complicated. After you give them your email and set an account password, follow the instruction to copy/paste your personal API into your account, and hit validate.

Keywords Everywhere Settings

All-in-all it takes 30 seconds to set up. Then you can purchase a plan or try the free version out.

From here, search Google for one of your keywords and be amazed at the useful data Keywords Everywhere pulls up for you!

Keywords Everywhere Pricing

Keywords Everywhere has a simple pricing structure. If you use the free plan, you’ll have access to the following:

  • Related Keywords
  • People also search for keywords

With all paid plans you get:

  • Monthly search volume
  • Cost per click
  • Competition data
  • Volume data for your keywords

Pricing is simple. You get exactly what you pay for with no discounts for purchasing larger volume plans:

Keywords Everywhere Pricing

What Can You Do With Keywords Everywhere?

Keywords Everywhere gives you data on keywords. The biggest advantage of it is that it saves you time. Instead of researching and comparing on different platforms, you can see search volume and other important information directly on Google just by searching keywords.

Here are the main features you’ll love about Keywords Everywhere:

1. Adjust PPC Campaigns

With Keywords Everywhere, you can quickly see which keywords aren’t worth the cost, allowing you to quickly eliminate them for your campaigns. And, with competition data, you’ll also see neglected and more affordable keywords that you can invest in instead.

Keywords Everywhere Campaigns

2. Page Analyzer

The page analyzer is amazing. You can find all the keywords on any page and check their search volume. It’s another great competitor research tool.

Keywords Everywhere page analyzer

3. Bulk Keyword Upload

The average business may actively target 5 main keywords and hundreds of variations. With Keywords Everywhere, you can bulk upload all of them and track metrics all in one place, saving you loads of time.

Keywords Everywhere import

4. Customization

Google might be king, but you may need data from other search engines. Or you may be running a campaign in a different country. Whether it’s for research or any other purpose, Keywords Everywhere gives you the flexibility to go beyond US results on Google to get a more complete picture.

You can also limit searches on other important channels like Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and more, making it extra helpful for eCommerce platforms.

5. Get Keywords For Page

This feature lets you get the keywords on any web page and track estimated traffic, SERP position, search volume, and other valuable metrics. It even includes a search function so you can see exactly the terms you’re looking for.

While this feature is really cool, the only downside is that it only seems to work on the biggest websites. So, if you’re looking to dig up what your local competition is doing on their pages, you might be out of luck.

Keywords Everywhere Get Keywords For Page

Who Should Use Keywords Everywhere?

There’s a lot to love about Keywords Everywhere. More than anything, its simplicity sets it apart. There’s no bloatware, unnecessary features, or buggy UI to slow you down while you use it. If you want a quick and straightforward way to do keyword research, then forget the fluff and go with this.

Nonetheless, this is a tool for people who already know how to do keyword research. There are no tutorials or how-to manuals on their site. While this isn’t a deal-breaker, just be aware nobody is going to hold your hand and help you get up to speed.

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There is an introductory video that shows how to use the tool, but that’s about it. With that said, you can find plenty of different materials online if you’re marketing a newbie who wants to get into keyword research.

Some people may complain about the lack of features, but this is more of a selling point than anything. It’s affordable and straight to the point. If you want more, then you can spend an extra $25-75 per month (instead of Keyword Everwhere’s pay-per-use pricing structure) and get the bells and whistles that honestly you don’t really need.

The only downside to Keywords Everywhere is that since it’s a plugin, it’s easy to forget you have it turned on. This is a minor gripe, but you can quickly blow through your allotment if you leave it on every time you do a Google search. So be sure to disable it when you don’t need it!

Is Keywords Everywhere Worth It?

Regardless of whether you go with Keywords Everywhere or one of its alternatives, everybody involved in SEM needs a keyword tool. There’s a lot to love about Keywords Everywhere, especially the price.

The main thing you do with it is adjust your PPC campaigns, so you not only get better ROI but also not waste precious dollars on keywords you’ll never rank for.

Ultimately, what makes Keywords Everywhere worth it is how much time it will save you. Even if you have keyword research built-in to another tool you use, you might not get all the data the Keywords Everywhere pulls. Or, if they do, the interface may be a little slow and clumsy.

That’s what makes Keywords Everywhere such a good solution for most marketers. Save time and save money by using this incredibly affordable tool.


  • Browser plugin, so it goes with you everywhere on the web
  • Straightforward
  • Provides valuable data
  • Pay-as-you go pricing
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable
  • Works across 15+ search engines



  • Can be easy to blow through keywords if you forget to disable it during web browsing

Keywords Everywhere Alternatives

We’ve looked into a few keyword tools in the past, including Keysearch, Accuranker, and SE Ranking. All of these offer keyword tracking along with other features:

KeySearch AccuRanker  SE Ranking
Keyword tracker Keyword tracker Keyword tracking
Reporting Advanced reporting Audience management
Competitive Analysis Unlimited domains API
API access Google integration Social
Backlink analysis Landing pages SEO Reports
YouTube tracking Competitor analysis Competitor Tracking
Content Assistant SERP tracking SERP
SEO Audit Google grump Keyword ranking
From $17/month  From $99/month  From $18.60/month 

But the thing you’ll notice is the price difference. All of them have a monthly cost that simply may not be worth it, especially if you already have a dedicated SEO tool in place. This is doubly true for Accuranker, which may give you the most accurate keyword reporting, but it starts at $99/month.

Of these, the one alternative to Keywords Everywhere you should really consider in SE Ranking even if it may be a little more expensive monthly.

Note: All of these keyword tools offer a free trial, so you can try them out for yourself to see which you like best.

What Is SE Ranking?

SE Ranking is an all-purpose SEO web app. You can use it for site audits, backlink monitoring, competitor analysis, and a whole lot more.

It also does everything Keywords Everywhere does, including share search volume, CPC, and page analysis.

Effectively, with SE Ranking, you get a 2 for 1 SEO plus keyword tool. And SE Ranking is really intuitive to use with plenty of onboarding materials, so don’t have to worry about wasting time.

So, if you want something a little more feature-rich than Keywords Everywhere that’s still really affordable, then be sure to check it out.

Keywords Everywhere: The Bottom Line

If you want a simple, effective, and affordable keyword research tool that skips the fluff and directly gives you the data you need for your campaigns to succeed, then be sure to try out Keywords Everywhere.

Keywords Everywhere Review
  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Support
  • Overall


Having the right keyword can bring a huge impact on your business’s sales or exposure. Keywords Everywhere is a browser add-on for Chrome & Firefox that shows search volume, CPC, and competition on multiple websites. Is this extension effective or just another useless app? Find out by reading this review of Keywords Everywhere.